Cesc sleeps with trophy

It looks as though Cesc Fabregas was content alright about winning his biggest prize ever as a footballer.

Here was Arsenal’s skipper having a time with the World Cup trophy during Spain’s flight back home on Sunday.

image_1 by you.

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15 thoughts on “Cesc sleeps with trophy

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        I didn’t say they were. You said his first major prize.

        What’s not major about the biggest and best club cup competition in the world and the second biggest international tourny in the world.

        Are you saying anyone that doesn’t win the World cup has never won a major prize?!

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      Don’t worry, he changed it from “first major” to “Biggest”.

      Then tried to act like I was wrong saying it wasn’t the biggest.

      Kinda lame thing to do but whatever…

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    felicidades ces fabre.al campeon
    mi deceo es k ganes la premiel ligue to como
    capitan del arsenal la siguiente temporada es
    k tu eres un ejemplo para esos ninos del arsenal ya k si permaneses en londres seras arsenal 4life una legenda como el nombre del tecnico. gracias totales desde califas usa.

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    Arsenal are about to file charges against Barcelona for excessive tapping of a player

    According to sources Arsenal were collecting evidence till now and were hoping to avoid the situation but after the latest escapade they have left Arsenal with no other choice

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    Jason do me a fucking favour and stop posting that daft statement on the american blogs would ya. Come do it on the English ones if you have anything to back it up with

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    Behold our captain,feeling on top of the world and also a picture of a well deserved rest..Cheers!

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