Observations from Arsenal’s new first-team photo

If you have not noticed, the club’s official site has today published Arsenal’s first-team photo for the new 2010/11 season.

This annual group picture gives fans some perspective on the club’s staff together as those who choose to glue Arsenal FC on their walls will do so while others who only make observations will go ahead.

Let’s do the latter. And since the word ‘Arsenal’ has seven letters, here are seven indications from the picture above.

* Players keeping their exact spots from last year’s squad photo are Arshavin, Sagna, Rosicky, Bendtner, Van Persie, Fabregas, Clichy, Walcott and all the goalkeepers.

* Van Persie is indeed Arsenal’s assistant captain. Traditionally the two main skippers sit closest to Wenger (look at past photos) and Vermaelen, right next to Fabregas, might also have a case of taking over as third captain from Almunia.

* Frimpong, Lansbury, Eastmond, Emmanuel-Thomas and Nordveit, have all stepped up into the first-team and are likely to be the under-21 supplements to Wenger’s 25-man squad.

* If you are to rightly discount last season’s inclusions of Wilshere, Gibbs, and Merida (who had been named in the first-team squad before) as promoted players from the reserves, then this year’s addition of Frimpong and company is five more youngsters than last year’s zero. Influence of the home-grown rule perhaps?

* Djourou’s lengthy absence means he has been included in the ‘new signings’ section along with Chamakh and Koscielny in the middle.

* Noticed how there are no trophies sitting in front of them like there used to be? It was the same in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and now 2010.

* Aaron Ramsey can be seen.


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39 thoughts on “Observations from Arsenal’s new first-team photo

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      We had one of the best center backs in the Premier League, Sol Cambell, and let him go because we couldn’t negotiate a contract.
      I have to believe any wages he wanted would be cheaper than some of the names we’ve been linked to.
      As far as playing time, as long as he was fit he has to be starting in front of everyone bar Vermaelen

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    Ramsey is, quite clearly, 4th in from the right on the back row between Gibbs and Nordveit…clearly.

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    I hope this is our season !! cant wait to start .. i hope there was another defender near koscielny chamakh and djorouu .. we despratley need one there ;)and thumbs up if you want szczesny as our no 1 !!

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    Thinking optimistically, if you suppose that the first group of players should give us more than last season over a significant period of games then we look really good on paper, apart from the CB and GK. Easily top 4 good. Challenging for the title depends on the other teams. We won’t get 90 points that’s for sure.

    Arshavin (better form)
    Nasri (improved, growing up, motivated)
    Walcott (sharper, more confident, motivated; still weak technically)
    RvP (less injury time)
    Rosicky (sharper form,less injuries)
    Diaby (improved, growing up, good showing at World Cup)
    Denilson (improved, growing up)
    Song (improved, growing up)
    Vela (improved, growing up)

    The players that may have leveled off who are still top players in their positions and could be developing an aura of arrogant invincibility about them
    Sagna, Clichy, Cesc, Vermaelen

    Those who may have leveled off as squad players
    Bendtner, Eboue

    S/o who brings something extra

    Kos, Djourou, The youngsters

    Almunia is good, but not good enough

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    You missed one thing: Our new boys are sat together in the second row, Chamakh, Koscielny and Djourou. Well ok, Djourou’s not new, but he’s “like a new signing”!

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      I think YOU missed something mate. Go back and read:

      “* Djourou’s lengthy absence means he has been included in the ‘new signings’ section along with Chamakh and Koscielny in the middle.”


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    van Persie is more like third captain, not assistant captain… That’s just because Almunia can’t sit right next to Wenger :)

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      Van Persie IS the second captain. You would know if you actually studied your team well.

      You have not noticed much that RVP is the assistant because he was out for most of last season anyway – so it was just Cesc and Almunia.

      But earlier in the season last year when Cesc was occasionally absent, RVP was the one who wore the armband.

      Don’t believe me? Go back and watch the 2-1 defeat at Old Trafford when Cec was absent through injury. Almunia and RVP were both on the field and it was RVP who took the captain’s armband.

      See him in this picture?


      Not to mention, RVP showed captain material with what he did to Diaby there. Tell me another Arsenal player in the current side who can do that (apart from maybe Vermaelen and Cesc).

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    para my tenia ke ser el portero titular
    vito manotas el tiene un stilo parecido al de
    butfoon solo tiene ke agarrar con fianza partido tras portida ok
    y si necesita otro defersor

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    dear…wenger, i am a diehard fan of arsenal n ofcoz ur r my favourite manager of all time. But wit due respect i wud like 2 gv a suggest. We dnt need 2 sign any defender but wat we need is a midfield player like xavi alonso or diego perez. M sure w’r gona win tiz season even champions league. I hope n pray dat ur gona 1 of dem. my big love n support 2 all d players. Asou khriezo here.

    1. 0

      Thanks Asou. It’s good you got in touch through this website because it’s where I always come to communicate with the fans.

      It’s good to hear your views and I’ll try to bring in one of the midfielders you mention. Signing defenders and goalkeepers is overrated anyway.

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    notice how much smaller koscielny looks beside djourou and chamahk…. the boy need to bulk up fast if he is to play against the likes of kevin davies, drogba, rooney, adebayor etc

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    i think vermalen should be first captin already because he shows glimpses of tony adams when he plays as a defender and as a leader. also i would have liked to see 2 more faces in the new signings section of the photo namley shay give/joe hart and anohter decent cb.

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    Van Persie is indeed Arsenal’s assistant captain. Traditionally the two main skippers sit closest to Wenger (look at past photos) and Vermaelen, right next to Fabregas, might also have a case of taking over as third captain from Almunia.

    Going by your logic.. 4th choice captain will be next to VP.

    OH SHI-

    1. 0

      ‘Going by my logic’ you should also reason logically, mate.

      I don’t think there is any such thing as fourth choice captain because if the rare scenario of all three main skippers being absent occurs, any chosen member of the squad can be given the armband.

      Now going by YOUR logic, there are 25 choices of captains in order?

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    I think it’s a shame that a supposedly professional photographer couldn’t level the camera before he took the picture

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