Who really is better – Gibbs or Santos?

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Today’s topic is:

Who really is better – Gibbs or Santos?


Both are currently injured as Arsene Wenger searches for a ‘quick fix’ replacement, but when the dust settles and Andre Santos and Kierran Gibbs are available, who at all should be Arsenal’s No. 1 left-back?

Gael Clichy’s move to Manchester City left that void wide open, and that summer exit might have been delightful for those who felt the Frenchman was declining in form.

But Clichy’s departure has caused a dilemma over who Wenger should deploy at left-back more often – in case the boss opts to use Vermaelen primarily as a centre-back.

Andre Santos can be found wanting in defense sometimes, but he is good as a forward when he attacks. The former Fenerbache man showcases a touch of Brazilian skill and classy finishing in front of goal. And that, for Wenger’s attacking-minded tactics, is always ‘bingo!’. Then there is Gibbs, who is more dynamic as an attacking threat from full-back compared to Clichy – since he does not limit himself to just crosses from the flanks – but the Englishman, truly defends with his pace and that is not always enough to stop the opposition.

Incidentally, since Santos’ arrival happened during Gibbs’ lay-off, both defenders have never been available at the same time for selection.

They have been injured at the same time – with Gibbs the prime ‘Mr. injury-prone’ – but who do you really fancy to be Arsenal’s first choice left-back between the two?

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57 thoughts on “Who really is better – Gibbs or Santos?

  1. We should bring back Pedro Botelho. He’s better and more experienced then Gibbs and also he’s remarkably fit for an Arsenal player. Very rarely injured.

    Massive going forward with lightning pace and terrific technique. Scores the odd goal and two but needs to be more disciplined if he’s going to play for Arsenal. Could be the best left back we’ve had in decades.

    1. Agree with Botelho, why not give him a chance. I can understand that wenger did not want two inexperienced left backs at the club this summer. But now, if he loans another player, whats the point of keeping Botelho.

    2. better than cole? not too sure mate. i hate the bloke but we definitely under estimate how could he was in an arsenal shirt

  2. Santos definitely better.

    Gibbs Would’ve been better had he not got injured all the time. plus he is a tad overrated by us.

  3. Obvious answer there… The brazilian wins it. His experience, flair, style of play being ‘arsenalish’ and resilience outshine Gibbs.

  4. Santos is clearly better, Gibbs never plays he is always injured. Overrated brittish player like so many from the UK.

  5. neither of them can defend but i’d sooner play santos as despite the fact that he is injured now he does seem to have the ability to play 2 games in a row.

  6. Andre Santos is better, he may lack the pace but his skills and eperience are top class. Am sure a season at arsenal, will improve his speed

  7. Definitely Santos…more experienced, looks more robust, better going forward & at least as good as Gibbs at the back.

  8. The reason Santos was bought was to bring some experienced cover for Gibbs who was supposed to step up and take his opportunity. But then he got injured too often and we saw strong indications in Santos that we’d bought a class player and unfortunately for Gibbs that means he’s back where he started as under study. Plus Santos can score. that’s always a bonus

  9. Santos is d best,bcs he have the potensial, esperience, he can defend well and score goals, bt santos can nt run, like gibs, gib is injury player, his inconstitent plyr

  10. without reading any of the other comments I have to go with Santos, his overall game gives us a better outlet to score. he really is a good fullback, not just a defender. his interceptions are excellent…I admit he lacks speed and sometimes gets caught off guide but he is just so much better going forward it adds a whole new dimension to our attacking play. SANTOS all the way.

  11. Santos would have to be my choice. Gets caught out every once in a while however that is the price you pay with a fullback who adds a new dimension in attack and can chip in with a goal or two. Like the idea of seeing what Pedro Botelho can really do for us considering the way Wenger talks that he is our Spanish Gareth Bale. Not watched many Rayo Valecano games I don’t know too much about him. I think what should be done is send Gibbs on a season long loan to see if all of his injuries are truly worth waiting through, and get a Cissokho or Baines or a leftback who is more solid than Santos (as much as I like the Brazilian he does offer me a few heart attack moments) and alternate between the two to suite whatever game we are playing.

  12. obvious experience is the best teacher,old is gold,santos is the best gibbs is injury prone is injury prone yet to prove himself

  13. Gibbs cannot be compared to Santos, which other team in the top six would use Gibbs as a starting left back? Arsene should by another left back because gibbs is not good enough, he should be loaned to another club to get experience, but Arsene hates to have quality through out the squad, he likes to depend on 2 players and when they get injury the team goes through a bad patch. I cant imagine Henry is gonna be the only stop gap signing in this transfer window, Arsene still cant see we are miles behind the top 4 in terms of quality, why is this man so shortsighted.

  14. Its andre santos all d way, u dont hav 2 tink abt it. Gibbs shld learn frm d boss. Andre all d way.

  15. Of course, Santos. Have you watched our game since Santos got injured? The most skillful player in a team skill is extremely important. Without Santos, we wouldn’t have beaten Chelsea and with him, we most likely wouldn’t have lost to Man City or Fulham.

  16. gibbs underrated bril player u all probably havent sin him enuf. pace,defensively n u all obvs haven teen him atackin he used 2 b a left winger.CLOSE ONE DHO

  17. I think santos is a bttereftback than the Englishman. Though santos get beaten easily at times, his attacking qualities are incredible, magnificent interns of his contribution to goals for arsenal.

  18. Santos is more experienced, tougher, and classier, he brings something different to the team and scares the shit out of defenders both ours and the oppositions, still not sure why Wenger played him against the Greeks big mistake imo. I think we may be a bit higher in the table now if he had stayed fit. He was settling in really well and getting fitter, and always gives 100%.
    Feel sorry for Gibbs as he is a talented young man, but he would have to do a lot to prove himself now and I fear he will not get the opportunity.

  19. Andre is clearly the best attacking fullback in the league. I’ve watched 5/6 matches of him when he played for Fenerbache and he went forward with more attacking skill then Gervinho, Walcott and Arshavin. He also seemed a lot quicker when he played in Turkey, whilst playing for us I don’t think he achieved the fitness levels he was at in Turkey.

    Defensively he isn’t rock solid but he isn’t a defensive fullback. Look at the damage Dani Alves inflicts on his opponents because of his attacking ability. Santos scored two goals for Arsenal in the short time he played for us and he is a left back. Gervinho scored 4 or 5 goals max for us and look where and how often he plays (Not taking anything away from Gervinho, he is a joy to watch).

    If Wenger was smart he would stick with Santos as our main left back with Sagna on the opposite flank being the more defensive of the two but lacking the attacking prowess of the Brazilian I believe we are evenly balanced.

    Perhaps, Henry, Rosicky, van Persie, Arteta and Santos can guide the young players at Arsenal into having very good technique when striking the ball.

  20. Gibbs is young n talented but he is still a prospect 4 d future and still needs 2 learn more. So y on earth u compare him with a maturd player? Anywayz,santos is very better,jst dat he gets caught sometimes. But after a season nd a little more,he(santos) shld av improvd nd learnt some things abt d EPL,i bet he ll be 1 of d best leftbacks 2 av ever playd in d league. Santos all d way

  21. In my opinion Santos is the better player. In my opinion Vermaelen is a better LB than Gibbs. Sell him while he is still overrated or keep him as a second LB definitely not ready to be a starter.

  22. Gibbs is my first choice, only problem is that he always seems to be injured, so it’s great to have the quality of Santos to come in. Good competition, but when Gibbs is fit he must play!

  23. Santos any day! Gibbs is a non-existent player, he is a myth. “once upon a time, Arsenal FC had a fit LB called Gibbs…” :-)

  24. Both players are good but one is better.At the moment Santos is better with his skills and goal scoring instinct coupled with experience.Gibbs is a player for long term when he would be better because he is arsenal flesh and blood.He is fast and skillful too but been an injury client limits his performance to the bench.

  25. Santos is champions league calibre
    Gibbs good for Carling cup.
    That’s the difference in ability.
    Santos is an extra goalscorer.

  26. Virdict: SANTOS! You can’t compare fast food with real meal. Santos is the real meal. You can see how he has contributed even though he is new. Give him six month to one year in the English Premier League then you will know that he and all his mate signed the same day are not panic buys as the media try to run down the cerdibilty of Arsene. How can they all have international caps, some are captains and yet they are panic buys?

  27. for me though everybody have different opinion on how to rate players. i would prefer us to go for Everton left back which is Baines and sign the player then left santos support then gibbs should be sold

  28. I question whether some of you have seen much of Gibbs at all. He is as well rounded a LB as your likely to see. However it is easy to underate someone you dont see much of. Had it not been for a horrendous run of consecutive injuries over the last 2 years he would have been our undisputed LB and made more appearences for England aswell. My only concern with Gibbs is that injuries tend to take their toll and this could detract from his obvious potential at too early an age.

    In response to the question this blog posses, it is very difficult to compare an attacking fullback with an orthodox one, as what they bring to the team differs. But suffice it to say they are both excellent players who give us different tactical option at LB. Unless one is displaying form which is far greater than the other, I’d like to see their game time dictated by the opposition.

  29. Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder.Neither are particularly good at defending.Santos obviously has the edge from an attacking perspective.I would buy Baines tomorrow and offer cash strapped Everton injury prone Gibbs and some money in exchange for a player who is far more consistent and knows how to play in the Premier League.

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