Best match against Spurs at the Emirates stadium?

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Today’s topic is: was the best match against Spurs at the Emirates stadium?

Sunday will bring north London’s big foes together again for the first time since October.

And memories from past clashes will also be brought back as the Gunners face the rare task of having to upset a Spurs side sitting above them on the table and classed as favourites for the derby.

The tables might truly be turning in this rivalry which was once comprehensively dominated by Arsenal after Wenger’s men recently lost a long unbeaten record against Spurs.

There has hardly been a boring north London derby at the Emirates stadium ever since the Gunners moved to their new ground.

From the 3-0 win – which had two penalties – in the first ever meeting there in 2006 to the 4-4 draw in 2008 along with the ’11 second derby’ in 2009, north London derbies at the Emirates never disappoint.

But what is YOUR favourite match against Tottenham Hotspur which took place at the Emirates stadium?

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31 thoughts on “Best match against Spurs at the Emirates stadium?

    1. My favourite was the 2-1 win during the 2007/08 season.

      Adebayor gave Arsenal the lead but Berbatov scored a stunning equalizer afterwards. And into the last 15 minutes, Spurs were handed a penalty to go 2-1 ahead. Scary times huh. But Almunia saved Robbie Keane’s PK and moments later, Wenger brought on Bendtner to make his first ever appearance in a north London derby.

      And only seconds after stepping onto the pitch, he literally took a seat in the air to head home a corner kick and win the game for Arsenal. We stayed top of the Premier League that day.

  1. or how about when we beat you 2-3 and you havent beat us in 3 yrs and after the match on sunday it will be 4 yrs hahahaha

  2. Few decent ones to choose from, the two in two minutes was quite something, as was the 2-1 in 07/08 but I ultimately I’d have to go with George’s choice as well – the 2-3 win for Spurs was tough to take but ultimately it was such a good win and so well deserved that I stopped supporting Arsenal and started supporting Spurs instead. It was that good.

    Never looked back since tbh.

      1. You say that not but we all know you’ll eventually turn.

        You will eventually support Spurs.

        I guarantee it.

  3. The 3-2 last year. Two down and playing rubbish, then one goal and the house fell in. Knowing when we scored the first goal that we would go on and win; knowing that the power in North London had shifted; knowing that Arsenal had no leaders. Great day.

  4. the 3-2 game in the 2009/2010 season where arsenal went 2-0 up but then all in the second half Spurs scored all 3 goals in the second half it was brilliant!

  5. i think we should not take part in the north london derby as we are not a north london club. personally, i think we should fuck off back to woolwich.

  6. Without a doubt my favorite game was when we beat you 2-3 after being 2 down. Winger throwing his bottle in disgust was good fun also

  7. Did you know Luka Modric has never played on the losing side against the woolwich scum?

    Favourite game? The 2-3 last year but the 4-4 was special, Robin Van Rapist celebrating like the game was won only for Jenas and Lennon to steal the point at the death. How we laughed. Have to go back to the last decade for a goons win, how the balance of power has shifted!

  8. i dont understand why spurs fans dont like us… just because we pretend to be a north london club and sing holocaust songs and just because our manager is a paedophile and our captains a rapist… doesnt make any sense, we’re a lovely club.

    i love any time we surrender a two goal lead to our better neighbours (even though they’re not, theyre an ACTUAL north london team) because it makes all our glory supporting, armchair fans experience the suffering that should come with supporting a football club…

  9. the 4-4 and the 2-3 by far the best matches ever. showed how useless wenger is and how arsenal have gone downhill in recent years. arsenal fear spurs!!!

  10. the 4-4 was good. seeing the young gooners high fiving and doing arrogant little dances after they were 4-2 up. and then jenas scoring a cracker in the 89th. and modric’s half volley in injury time which bent and hit the post, with Lennon rushing in to stick it away as the spurs fans went beserk. yep that was pretty good. a milestone game for the gunners in many respects as well, similar to the birmingham cup final, where it had long-lasting repercussions. seems like you have been in our shadow ever since that 4-4. the 2-3 last year was also awesome but i like the 4-4 coz of the arrogance of that stupid dancing and the coming to pass of the “he who laughs last” parable at the final whistle. still, you gotta trust arsene, right!? lol. On Sunday, dont forget your red n white bar scarves, your new Henry shirts, your bouncing up and down ultras-style thing (max 200 fans – yeh looks impressive, surprised Cesc wanted to leave!), your shouting of the surname after the announcer says the first name, your Goonersaurus, your trendy celeb fans, Jack’s tweets, Frimpong’s tweets, arsene’s excuses/throwing of bottles/pained expression/pleading with 4th official, use of “The” before “Arsenal”, 7 years and counting, rubbish songs, no atmos, middle tier dissapearing to eat their snacks and enjoy a cold beer with Piers..oh you get the idea.

    1. thats coz all the gooners have given up on being gooners,and who can blame them,wouldn`t surprize me if the “fake” gooners weren`t real gooners who have actually switched alliegances,in a desperate search for good quality football close to where they year – thursday night,channell 5!! if ya lucky!! lol!!

  11. And so they all crawled back into the depths of the crack of the arsenalhole, or so you’d think, although it seems they still think their team/squad is better than the MIGHTY SPURS. Must be completely stupid!!

  12. I love arsenal thru n thru…thru the ups n downs,i will be there…we might hv some long injuries in the squad n im really hoping THE REAL ARSENAL SQUAD will rise to this occasion koz its a bloody derby . ..may Wenger shut their critics wrong once n for all

  13. Blimey there’s some big mouths on here! I think being third in the league has gone to your heads. My favourite game is from 23rd March 1978. Wankers 0 Arsenal 5 Remember that game? 😉 Oh, and I like it that you’re gobbing off. It will make it all the better when spurs fail.

    1. nah mate 1981 5-0 to the yids was much more fun and the 5-1 recently wasnt too shoddy either. Fuck off back to your pit you ar5ena1 scum. Sunday you are gonna feel some proper pain. In fact your pain is only just beginning. COYS!!!!

      1. In fairness he’s already in his pit. You just knocked on the door of his pit and left a flaming bag of fuck you for him.

    2. i`m quite sure the emirates weren`t built 34yrs ago you dozy twatt! and even so ,it`s pretty shitty when you gotta go back that far to dig a result out like that.tired old git!

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