Which means more? Finishing above Spurs or Champions League qualification?

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Which means more? Finishing above Spurs or qualifying for Champions League?

Arsenal almost always qualify for the Champions League. Arsenal almost always finish above Spurs.

Well, this year may be different.

At the moment, the Gunners are still behind the pace for a top four finish which would secure participation in Europe’s elite club competition next year while their fierce local rivals sit 10 points ahead of them in third on the table.

Yes, you may argue that finishing above high-flying Tottenham would mean a top four finish anyway, but which scenario would you rather have if Arsenal were not to get the luxury of finishing above the old foe and also qualifying for the Champions League at the same time….

1)Tottenham collapsing to finish 6th while the Gunners finish ahead at 5th but still fail to qualify for the Champions League.

2)Arsenal finishing 4th but behind a third placed Spurs.

If you can’t have both, what would you rather have?

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39 thoughts on “Which means more? Finishing above Spurs or Champions League qualification?

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    As with all Arsenal fans I’m only part time fan but I would admit I am a cunt and move on to 2012/13.

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    Much as it pains me to say it, I think The Spuds are uncatchable. Our poor start to the season will cost us dearly and the Spuds now have better players and a better manager. There – never thought I would say it…. aaargh

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      Seriously??? What have Spuds won? They MIGHT finish above us for the first time in how long? The same players and manager that finished BELOW us the last few years are now better? I may be wearing rose tinted glasses but you have lost it…

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        What have arsenal won recently? Also spurs have been on your tail for the past two seasons and have continued to improved, while you have sold most of your best players and the signings you’ve made are terrible.
        So you can continue to hide behind your rose tinted glasses or wake up and smell the coffee. Tottenham are better than arsenal

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        and what have arsenal won of late, yeah thats right nothing at all. spurs are on the up while you are on the way down. we won the league cup and went further than you in the champ league and now above you in the prem not to mention being able to beat you of late. just proves we have got better and you have got worse.

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        ‘The same players and manager that finished BELOW us the last few years are now better?’

        Yes, it quite simple to work out isn’t it? Its called p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s.

        I know its a complicated concept for someone who supports a rubbish one-man team.

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      Fair enough, we havent lifted silverware in 6, but here is a wake up for all you Spuds. When you qualify for the CL for 16 years straight ( no one else in Europe can say that), CONSISTANTLY finish above Arsenal, suffer the soon to be departures of the Bung taker ‘Arry, Modric and Bale (our Cesc and Nasri departures) move to a new stadium ( and not show how small you are by losing out on the olympic stadium) and still compete for a top 4 spot then you can start talking… Until then there is this thing called historical fact that backs me up… Yes Spuds are ahead of us in the table for now. Chelsea was also crowned champions before Christmas last year and ended up 2nd by 9 points. Things can change quickly.

      Oh and wow a league cup. You must be so proud to win the LAST cup anyone goes for. And someone mentioned going farther in CL… Maybe last year but who are you playing this year? Oh that’s right… Must be tough on the squad playing once a week.

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        You sound very jealous there lol. I love the line “historical fact”
        I’m a very unbiased spurs fan I can write that I loved watching the arsenal team from the early 00’s and Bergkamp was true genius. And now here comes the but, your team isn’t that good now and spurs have a far better team. Also the points you raised about spurs will lose bale, modric, Harry etc and spurs will crumble and we’re a small team because we didn’t get the Olympic stadium ( that made me laugh). We have Levy who has proved he won’t let this happen. The thing is Shay, we don’t know what will happen, but can’t you accept that spurs are better at the mo and playing the best football in the league.

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      Brutal, u call Gary redknap a better manager than Wenger? My god Thr world is going to end to tonight if that true!
      How many stars has Harry brought into the game? How many trophies has he won? Your delirious bud

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    as a massive arsenal fan (i started supporting them yesterday) i think we should all fuck off back to woolwich: less competition than north london.

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    Stupid question because you wont finish above Spurs and you wont qualify for the champions league so get you heads round it guys .


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    Haha! Whenever spurs had this debate, gooners said aiming to finish above your rivals was the petty minded thinking if a small club. Well arsenal, you have become that petty minded small club. Enjoy!

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    Surely champions league and behind spurs? dont get me wrong i would be gutted if tottenham finished above us, but realistically we will struggle to finish in the top 4 anyway. Looks like utd, city, spurs chelsea. i just think we have become the lesser power in north london.. this season anyway!

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    ‘Spurs’ in the title means it comes up on our webpages. Anyway, I wouldn’t worry about the CL. Sometimes it can help a club to take it off for one year. We’re doing well through it. I’d prefer it if you came fourth rather than Chelsea, cos we’d keep Modric.

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    i am a spurs fan and think 80-90% of u Goonnets would say the same as use.
    finish above ur bitter rival.
    maybe it would do u a world of good not finishing in the top 4. it will show the board and the owner to stop thinking about how much money THEY are making and start spending on what u need on the pitch to WIN thing again. cause as a fan i what to see SPURS win thing not just take PART like as u gooner say to use.(at lleast we finish in the top 3 and got in to the CL next yr) as a fan don’t u want to win the CL and win the league again????????

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    You wont get champions league, you wont finish above us. You fucking mugs.

    North London is ours.

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    i would think any Arsenal supporter would be glad to finish in the top half of the table but that can only happen if RVP stays fit .

    Truth is your shit this year and you only have one play that would get into the Spurs team so dry your eyes and get used to the new order in North London


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      Really? your only good players are: bale, modric, parker
      Bale and modric r leaving, parker is always injured plus hes not as good as song.
      Wenger’s had 1 bad season in 16 years.
      4th this year and better next.
      on the other hand, you’ve been s*** for a century and i expect once you’ve lost your darling redknapp youll revert to that sorry state.

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    Since we’ve taken over this thread, following up on arsenlolololol… Villa were this far ahead in 08/09 and blew it, so dont laugh yet. Meantime, now that Capello has resigned… I wonder if it’ll throw the cat amongst the pidgeons at Totty?

    I dont mind Harry leaving in the summer, or even if he goes part-time til then. I just hope that Levy sorts it out quick so it doesnt unsettle the club. Mourinho for Spurs! COYS! FOYR!

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    Most Arsenal fans should worry about getting a Visa first.
    You have no chance of either, your pathetic. Tottenham Hotspur have taken over our rightful place, Pride of London Town, Top Dogs.
    This means your dreams of players like Hazard are nothing more than a weasel gooners wishlist. Lmfao at you gooner mugs.

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    your not gonna get either you dirty scumbags, tottenham have finally taken back north london. down to the rea stuff, with players like: walcott, scezny and koscielny you will never be better than a mid table side! cant wait till madrid buy van persie then you gooner crackfiends will crumble !


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    Red London? Thats a misnomer. More like Red Home Counties (or substitute any town with a team they don’t fancy supporting). I barely know a gooner that has any connection with North London, save those that were born and brought up somewhere like Cambridge and moved to London in their 20’s or 30s and just picked someone they thought would .

    Here’s a typical story:

    There’s a Vet who works at my wifes surgery; he was born in Leicester and was brought up in Newcastle, but moved to London four years ago. He decided to support Arsenal. Eh? Why? I asked my wife. ‘He reckons he wanted to support his ‘local’ team’
    “So ask him if he’d support Crystal Palace if he lived near us then” She did, and he sheepishly admitted he wouldn’t.

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    I will always be greatful to Tottenham for giving us the money to get started when we first wanted to move to North London with ambitions of becoming a successful club. Good on you Spurs, I hope you win the league, you deserve it.

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    Arsenal have played amazing football for years and won nothing. Spurs are playing wonderful football and I fear will win nothing. The bottom line is that the only real issue left between us and our South London sparing partners is who finishes higher, the bragging rights are what we strive for. We use to fight at Manor House, wait at Euston for a tear up when the pikey neighbours returned from a day out….. Now I hate to say it but I fuckin hate the Chelsea’s of this world far more, no honour no history, you can put a silk hat on a pig but its still a pig. To finish above Arsenal is what we want and for a true Gooner is all they should want

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    13 titles to 2 in total
    Hey spuds, time for facts;
    13 titles to 3
    10 Championships to 2
    3 premiersips to zero
    undefeated 49 run
    history records we are Invincible! There is TV evidence
    Three doubles to 1
    won the league twice at the shithole
    we have the Emirates. World Class
    where is your stadium? All talk no action…

    1. 0

      History is important no doubt but your not very invincible now are you. Your clearly to young to remember Highbury a real football ground not the gutless shithole you live in now, black bin liners on seats? Wankers. One final in years, and Birmingham done you then. Your rant is one of past glory, sure sign of a club in decline. All talk no action? Youv’e lost 8 league games this season one of those to Spurs, you lost at home to Spurs last season after being 2-0 up drew 3-3 at the lane after being 3-1 up. So what is it you banging on about ?

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    This is our worst season with bad injuries and sold World class players and we will be fine.
    The future will be great for us, we have almost paid our debt and things will improve as our spending will increase.
    Imagine lying to your fans about building a stadium – spuds or Liverpool anyone?
    Believe Gooners, good times will come! We have Arsene Wenger who gave the world the Invincibles.
    Until the spuds match our history, stadium and players who are statues and immortalised outside the stadium then naff off and Never come back to our sites again!

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    I prefer finish above spurs
    Maybe for board that’s not mean something, but for fans finish above closest rival like spurs is everything
    Beside, i hope not qualified to champion will show them arsenal condition nowadays
    We need something more greater than talent, we have enough talent here, so mix it with other important ingredient like champs mental which we can’t have with our squad now.. Especially in short time

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    I think Arsenal’s problem is attitude: the players that is. You beat the bottom team 7-1 then you will fall at the next hurdle why; because the players have a bad attitude and absolutely no team unity. Wenger’s at fault for fostering the idea that they can do no wrong whilst the refs and other teams are out to get them. Harry on the other hand takes no crap but when his players do wrong he makes his feelings clear; not to the press but in the dressing room. Wenger is both funny and embarrassing for Arsenal fans. He is a great manager but I wouldn’t employ him as a press agent. Maybe he should let Pat Rice do that job. I have a lot of respect for Pat and he would get the press on your side. Wenger is a target and quite frankly he brings it upon himself.

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