Lukas Podolski or Arjen Robben? Take your pick Arsenal!

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Today’s topic is: you could only pick one of them to join Arsenal, would it be Lukas Podolski or Arjen Robben?

Lukas Podolski may be on his way to Arsenal this summer while Arjen Robben’s contract situation at Bayern Munich is also being closely monitored by English clubs.

But which of the two left-footed aces would you prefer to have as an Arsenal player if you had the choice? And please, please do not choose both players.

Now take your pick out of the two!

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43 thoughts on “Lukas Podolski or Arjen Robben? Take your pick Arsenal!

  1. Robben is the reason why rvp has never been as good for holland, eg the world cup, robben is waaaay too selfish.

  2. Podolski, and not just because robben ain’t coming. Podolski is more direct and we have surplus wingers, albeit none with robben’s quality.

  3. Lukas. He`s a lot youger, is far more versitile and is a team player. Arjen is a star winger, no doubt, but Lukas offers us more, in nearly every department.

  4. Podolski every time.
    We’ve got The Ox now, and Gervinho will be terrific next season. And Theo is still a match-winner! No more wingers! We need strikers and midfielders.
    Podolski and Hazard please, yes!!!!

    1. I know what ur saying but pudolski is a like van persie and two left footed strikers doesnt really work and robben is top three wingers in the world and premiership proven. Also i dont rate gervinho his finishing is bellow par, we already have a great striker and both of our wingers have poor finishing robben will be a great addition to our squad he would teach gervinho, ryo and chamberlain about beutiful close dribbling and a wonderful finish.

  5. I personally would rather have podolski.. but with robben, your quick point-outs to say he is selfish to me are funny. While it is true.. how many times, in an attempt to play beautiful football, have you seen arsenal pass up good opportunities to shoot on target.. and give the ball away trying to score “perfect” goals. In my opinion, arsenal need a selfish player. United has nani, Liverpool Suarez,

    1. Robben misses clear opportunities to pass and create chances for team mates to shoot. Sometimes it works, majority of the time it doesn’t. Fine line between selfish and smart. if robben came in rvps form will decline

  6. Wow, this is a very tight one, but Arjen will be the one I will pick any day any time.
    He is a game winner and one of the best in his position.Forget about his injury records

    Chelsea made the greatest mistake by selling him and same applied to Madrid .
    Arsene, please make us very proud by going for him by the summer

  7. If Robben was not so injury prone I would pick him. Simply because he has proven EPL quality.

  8. Podolski for sure,,,Robben doesn’t play good in big clashes but podolski always shine whatever the team he plays for even koln !!

  9. Podolski! No doubt!

    Younger, taller, team player, can play on the left and up front.

    That is what we need.

    Robben is quality…. but has a poor injury record, he is approaching 30 and he’s a prick.

    Plus he played for Chelsea (the most hated team in world football)

    Podolski please.

  10. So, all these people who say Podolski, have they actually seen him play regularly? I was under the impression he hadn’t scored that much in the last 2 years but haven’t seen him play very often and/or didn’t pay attention to him. If I had to choose I’d pick Robben but only because I’ve seen him play regularly and he is very good albeit injury prone. I don’t buy the selfish argument at all, internet myth.

    1. You must not be an Arsenal fan…

      Podolski is not a ‘great’ player but is a very good one.

      Especially in a team like Arsenal where he will have more opportunities to make and take chances.

      Robben is good, but his strengths are his speed and his dribbling.

      Being selfish is not a bad thing in football, but it’s not a ‘myth’ – he IS selfish!
      and i don’t think his ego would be a good thing for our young team.

      We have ‘Robben’s’ we need a ‘podolski’.

      The mian reason we are debting these 2 players is because they are both ‘on the cheap’.

      I doubt they would be most Gooners 1st choice, but Podolski is the better option for Arsenal at the moment.

      1. No, you’re right I ‘must’ not be an Arsenal fan. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll cancel my (silver) membership and see if I can get my money back for the games I have booked already. When Wenger calls you tomorrow, asking you how to play against Milan, reading your post you’re quite the football expert, please offer him my apologies for ever having sung and cheered at Highbury and the Emirates. Oh and Success with ‘debting’ The Pod and The Rob.

  11. ROBBEN has got quite a bit more class so definatly him. Also seeing as we are four points behind spurs if we come 3rd i think we could swap benzema for robin van persie and buy pudolski and robben which could all come to as little as 30 million for three world class players who could transform our team .In addition, since we need to lose some fowards let walcott be apart of the robben deal which doesnt seem impossible as bayern munich have expresseed there intrest in our inconsistant 22 year old before.

    1. SELL RVP? are you crazy?

      I wouldn’t swap rvp for robben, podolski and benzema!

      This is Arsenal! …..not man city or chelsea.

      I would rather see ryo, chamberlain and afobe!

      Fair enough… if RVP leaves then i would be happy with benzema, but we wont get much more then 25M for RVP.

      He is worth up to 50M but he is 30 next season and teams won’t pay 30-40M for him ….. no matter how great he is.

      sell arshavin + chamack – buy podolski and promote ryo!

      Trying to predict Wengers transfers is like trying to tell people about the ILLUMINATI – very difficult!

  12. the best option for arsenal is podolski. no room for arjen .. since ryo might get a start next season wehave plenty of talent through wings. what missing is creative midfielders. podolski will add one..with some aggression..

    1. Give theo a chance, he just scored 2 against tottenham.

      Chamberlain will over take theo in time but don’t force our players out!

      One of the few english players we have and you want to swap him with Robben?

      Fake gunner alert!!!

  13. I’ll choose podolski over robben, cos he’s more of a team(unselfish) player than robben is, robben nd sniejder cause rvp to flop at the world cup, the later barely give him the pass he carved for, and opt to shot instead, while robben is injury prone… Rvp is also said to be then but robben’s case is well known… Podolski is younger, more adventurous, he can only improve his game cos he’s has age on his side… Thumbs up for podolski.

  14. I Personally think that if we had Robben it will be better because he is a striker and a winger. If any of the wingers get injured Arjen is a good replacement.

    Even if it is Padolski I don’t care padolski is also a star.

  15. Could you imagine an attacking quartet of wilshere just behind a front three of chamberlain van persie and robben!
    More realistic signing though would be podolski. Would benefit arsenal more too…works hard and can play either up front or on the left

  16. Personally I wouldn’t take any if them because we don’t need a scorer cuz Persie gets all of them so this summer I would like to see arsenal get Eden hazard
    And I am a huge arsenal fan

  17. benzema would be a fine add… especially when we have no other striker other than RVP who can score goals !!!!

  18. hahhaahha like wenger would go for any of them….. at the end he’s just gonna ship a player nobody’s even heard of frm France and it’ll be 4Th place all over again !!!!! xD

  19. Arjen Robben! Both forwards are world class but Robben can play in attack as well as a creative midfielder.

  20. I’m actually a Cologne Fan (german and live there) and I know Podolski very well.. he will do really great in London, I am sure about that! He is an outstanding footballer. Always keep in mind that Cologne is a really bad team (we really are..) and Podolski gets just very few actual chances to score in a match.
    Robben is good too, but he is injured a lot and he IS (!) selfish.. believe me I watch all Bundesliga matches, its no internet myth :)

    Be happy you get him and I’m sure there are now millions of new Arsenal Fans all around Cologne.. I will definitly watch all his matches

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