Shocking other side of John Terry revealed

There is more to Chelsea skipper John Terry than you know of.

It appears that rumours of the English defender being an adult entertainer off the pitch is true, after Terry was spotted at a night club earlier this week, giving former Sunderland boss Steve Bruce a lap dance.

You are free to make your conclusions, but here is snap-shot of Terry at his ‘side job’.

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31 thoughts on “Shocking other side of John Terry revealed

  1. Hehe, what does he think? Probably that he’s won every trophy over his career, he managed to boink his mates ex and He’s been England captain. Yes he’s made mistakes but to be honest painting him out to be a scumbag is a bit harsh. Don’t know many Londoners who haven’t used terms that are racist at one point or another, and we’ve all had that naughty feeling for our mates ex. Not saying he’s a saint, but he’s just a normal London lad. Not necessarily a good thing, but glass houses and all that!

    1. At the time it wasn’t his mates ex they were still together. he also got stitched up taking someone around the chavs training pitch for 10k cash. Just for putting his shinpads on to collect the cl trophy makes him a cunt in my book though.

    2. what utter tosh you spout, the whole family is scum, I am a Londoner and I have never used racist talk, you are so full of’s laughable. if you want to suck up to him, fine do it on a chav page, not here retard

  2. OMG she said her name was Joan…..she was good………..oh shit…….. i feel sick

  3. It is not the other side, it is the real side. In the pitch also he gets every thing by his body, not by skills.

  4. He may not be one of us, but I still hope he wins his court case against ” racsim “. I’m sick of professional ethnics

      1. lol What doesn’t make us racist. Innocent until proven guilty I say

        What Balotelli said about killing someone throwing bananas is a lot worse

  5. Hes a very useless football, why all about him is fornications, aba a disgrace to football generation maybe he should be ban for the rest of his life for him to face fornication very well.

  6. @James
    …”racist at one point or another, and we’ve all had that naughty feeling for our mates ex… just a normal London lad.”
    If that’s normal, then I’m glad be a normal Oxfordshire lad, thanks all the same,

  7. None of you bothered to notice that this photo is a photo-shopped one! Look at the face and then the body, do they correlate? NOPE! Dont really like the fella but that cant be him. U guys get a life plsss

    1. It’s not photoshopped!

      It’s not JT either, it’s a real woman (really ugly one but still it’s a woman)

      I remember reading the original article about this 3 years ago.

  8. @ chrissie greeno .. the deification of 9/11 makes me angry, the double standards and hypocrisy. America is killing people by the thousands in extra judicial drone attacks and no one says a word. Even cuddly Obama is a mass murderer. I found out this week for the very first time that even the UK has launched more than 250 drone attacks. Truly disgusting. I remember a few Chelsea players getting reprimanded for drinking beer and laughing on the day of 9/11. WTF? This puppying up to America makes me sick. Try to educate yourself in Geo-Poltics. It’s difficult as the main media groups want to keep us clueless about the big picture. Then perhaps your attitude wouldn’t be platitudinous.

  9. you guys are compound fools,the uploader is a lunatic keep on hating and he will keep on winning.motherfuckers

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