Caught on tape: UEFA fixed Champions League draw today either this is an insane coincidence or pure fixture fixing by European football’s governing body.

As many of you witnessed, Red London published results from what was suggested as a rehearsal draw for the Champions League round of 16 yesterday, ahead of today’s occasion in Nyon.

The scenario from almost 24 hours ago notably pitted Arsenal against Bayern Munich and Manchester United against Real Madrid.

In Wednesday’s article, it was made very clear that those fixtures were NOT the result of the actual draw, but somehow strangely, the draw that was held in Nyon on Thursday had the same results.

Indeed, what can support claims of there being a fix by UEFA or an astonishing coincidence is how not just the Arsenal vs Bayern and United vs Madrid clashes reappeared in today’s results but how other ties like AC Milan vs Barcelona, Valencia vs PSG and every single other pairing in yesterday’s result was repeated.

Ever since Arsenal were handed Barcelona for two straight campaigns and AC Milan last year despite topping their group, I have personally doubted how genuine these UEFA draws are.

About the tie itself which Arsenal have been handed against Bayern Munich, it will take place first on February 19, 2013 at the Emirates stadium before the Gunners travel for the second leg in Munich on March 13.

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Here is the repeated full draw again.

Galatasaray v FC Schalke

Celtic v Juventus

Arsenal v Bayern Munich

Shakhtar Donetsk v Borussia Dortmund

AC Milan v Barcelona

Real Madrid v Manchester United

Valencia v Paris St Germain

FC Porto v Malaga

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7 thoughts on “Caught on tape: UEFA fixed Champions League draw today

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    Simply astonishing coz I saw the pairings last night and as a result I wasn’t sure if I had the right information as I missed the live draw!

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    UEFA have to come out with an explanation for this. And it has to be a damn good one because not many believe in coincidences these days.

  3. 0

    Arseanl fans are clearly very insecure. What would UEFA gain from fixing the draw? They don’t want to see big teams going out in the round of 16. But unfortunately 3 of Arsenal, Bayern, Barca, Milan, Madrid and United will be knocked out.

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    Platinni is an unrepentant enemy of Wenger just because Wenger told him he was not doing well. To extract his pound of flesh he would go to any extent to punish Wenger. The coincidences are just too many. The red card of RVP at Barcelona, the haste with which he punishes Wenger and the consistent pairing of Arsenal with Barca. But I know that Arsenal will outlive Platinni

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    Well, it’s clear the draw today was not legitimate. There is simply no realistic possibility of having every pairing be identical to the “practice” draw from yesterday. Speculation about motive, while interesting, should not distract from the reality that the draw held today was merely an announcement of predetermined results. Why UEFA would lie and call it a draw is something that needs to be explained, immediately and convincingly.

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