No it wasn’t!: Bacary clears up ‘Vermaelen fight’ talks Sagna and Thomas Vermaelen appeared to be engaging in an argument at the Madejski stadium, but the French defender has cleared off matters, claiming he was only reacting to a Reading man instead.

Wenger’s men’s sublime display against Reading put most of their recent turbulence to bed. But for a brief period at full-time, the negativity seemed to be lingering around the Arsenal camp.

Initial observations were that Sagna and Vermaelen were exchanging words after the final whistle due to lapses in defence, but despite having to be pulled away by Kierran Gibbs as he altered words in anger, Arsenal’s right-back insists he was rather speaking to a Reading player who fouled him and not his skipper.

Vermaelen did make a gesture of “calm down” to Sagna in order to avoid building a big scene and Sagna himself moved to quash rumours over a rift with his Belgian teammate by posting the following on his twitter account.

“There is no problem between TV and myself..i was angry as the reading’s player pushed me and walked on me while the ball was out..that’s it”

To their credit, Arsenal’s players did their best to keep the incident quiet. But one person who certainly did not keep quiet over the brief drama was ESPN’s colour commentator Steve Mcmanaman who pointed out the confrontation and joked “it’s good to see really, isn’t it? 5-2 and they are still not happy” – suggesting it was actually a war of words between Sagna and Vermaelen.

Whether Sagna’s final word on twitter was the truth or just an attempt to hide controversy, here is how it all looked on television broadcast.

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22 thoughts on “No it wasn’t!: Bacary clears up ‘Vermaelen fight’ talks

  1. i think its a good thing. if you make mistakes again and again your letting your team down it shows sagnas desire to achieve we need more passionate players like sagna its about time players who keep costing us be told they’re playing crap, i dont see wenger as the kind of manager to start ripping his players maybe sagna can as much as i love him have a word with ramsey or gervino too. in my opinion thats a captain and a winning mentality maybe we chose the wrong captain? but verm did well for staying calm and not esculating the situation.

  2. Looking at the screenshot alone, without watching the actual video, it could be construed as Sagna directing words at someone off camera and TV trying to keep him from going off. Much ado about nothing that will be made into something in the press I’m sure.

  3. As Sagna’s twitter account reveals, he wasn’t yelling at Verm. He was yelling at the Reading player (out of picture) that stepped on him in the corner as time expired just as Verm walks into the picture and tries to calm him down. There was never an argument between the two Arsenal players. Mcmanaman was mistaken.

  4. pls can press allow arsene and arsenal to rest. …u win 5-2 they say it is not without a headache. ……u win 1-0 they say is a slim win. …… while if manu win 3-4 they say is a magnifect come back pls we love arsenal

    1. Till tumao arsenal 4 life haters go gaga real gaga. Arsenal dis, arsenal dat, critics, haters, u cant change ma luv for arsenal u only making it stronger.

  5. Wit the clip i saw shows dat truely there is a rift in our squad is just that Sagna is tryin to keep it secret & make some defence wit the responce on his tweet account

  6. Who gives a monkeys if they have a barny with each other, we made the rusult less convincing than it should have been. Two stupid mistakes because of careless attitudes cost us 2 goals otherwise reading never looked like scoring.

    I hope hey do have rifts about the way the y play sometimes it least it shows they care about he results and the club.

  7. this kind of thing happens on the pitch and camera journalist misinterpret the entire scenario. well, the good thing of the matter is arsenal walked away with three point and three goals.

  8. Ah. Steve Mcmanaman who of course played with such utter commitment and passion for England. Regularly reaching a level of non-performance only matched by that other expert pundit Chris Waddle !

  9. Arsene wenger shud plz giv theo anoda contract.And we equli nid talentd players by january.stil gunaz 4 lyf.

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