Fabianski dropped for Szczesny?

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Would you stick with Lukasz Fabianski or bring back Wojciech Szczęsny?

Lukasz Fabiasnki has done a solid job since his reintroduction in the visit to Bayern Munich, but he does have his flaws while Szczesny was obviously not ticking all the boxes either before he was dropped.

But Szczesny has made the No. 1 spot his own has before, so has he had enough rest to return or is Fabianski just better?

Let the debate begin!

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45 thoughts on “Fabianski dropped for Szczesny?

    1. True. The last time he was a regular (2010), his biggest weakness with Almunia was flapping on set-pieces and hence he gained the nickname ‘Flapianski’. Looks like he hasn’t changed his ways much, but my goodness, he’s been putting in some good performances.

  1. I want them both and screw ole Victor. I think you got to stay with Flaps, he has not lost a game for us and damn near saved the penalty. There was one flapping moment, but also had some really good takes in the air. I want them both to be pushing each other. Szczęsny really helped last year and has great confidence. I think he will be back-up till end of season, unless flaps is injured he finishes the season.
    Arsenal ARSenal ARSENAL

      1. If QPR relegate id take Ceasar (however you spell it) make him n Sczs battle for no1.

        In my eyes fab will leave and will go on to be a solid premier league keeper at a team like aston villa or west ham. Hes still not in his gk prime.

        World class keepers are in their prime from 23-36

        While good keepers are in their prime from 28-36.

  2. Schesni must b in 4 evaton game, otherwise felleni and co. Will have a field day with set piece high balls…..disaster!

  3. For the rest of this season I’d stick with Flappy as I don’t believe in breaking up a winning team unless necessary.
    In the long run I’d have Chesney as understudy to a much more experienced stopper. He’s got bags of potential but now is too soon for the No 1 shirt.
    Flappy can stay as 3rd choice if he wants to.

  4. love how mirrors breaks down at the end ..
    #20/20 experience haha!!
    ION I think Fabianski is high on confidence + momentum plus there’s only 6 games or so remaining so we should stick by him.
    szczesny will sort his ish out in the off season

  5. Fabianski for now.But if we want to rival Man U we must bring in a top top GK ,neither of our goalkeepers can be rated at that.

  6. Though he looked suspect vs. WBA, right now Fab’s in much better form than S. Did you notice who was on the bench this weekend– Manone!

  7. Goal Keepers have there off and on games , Fab has been playing well but is still suspect when going out for the high balls, I think Ses is far safer when coming out for High balls I would assume that the short break for him was the tonic he needed .

  8. I will advocate SAF’s treatment. Alternated between DeGea and Lindegaard week after week until one of them stepped up the plate and gave assuring performances more consistently. As it turns out, it was DeGea. Wenger could do same with BigFab and Szcz and then allow the more consistent performer become Arsenal’s no. 1. Might this be the best strategy? Maybe not. But if Wenger isn’t buying another ‘keeper, this might be the way to go.

  9. To me,i’ll prefer fabianski remain No 1 for now so dat szcszeny will have to work hard to get back his position,but to be honest,they are both good.

  10. If Chez gets the defence working for him, like they have been since Munich, then he would be my preferred keeper. Flaps has done well but its only down to better defensive work by the whole team.

  11. I typically believe that football like any other game is hugely dependent on form. If it’s at it’s peak, you win a place in a team. This is illustrated during trainning and on match day. There’s also what we call consistancy, it should remain at it’s peak. When a footballer is fielded, it’s a mere confirmation of a good game he plays.
    Mr. Arsene Wenger should not just field gentlemen simply because they attend trainning, it should be based on performance and consistancy, so, play Fabianski, Per and whoever impresses most. What we want are the positive results, any detoriating player, bench them, afterall don’t they get paid like in any other profession? They are paid ransomely.

  12. fabianski has a lot of concentration as a player… szcezny dont….fabianski needs to improve on teritory ctlr….he should stay untill end season…its confidence had really improved and believe that is what defined a player.

  13. I can’t be bothered to write either of their names here … but I prefer the one who’s harder to spell

  14. I’d rather let Fabianski continue with the job so as to make Scezsney work harder and improve his game in order to get his position back, in doing so there ll be competition and competition can only bring the best out.

  15. I prefer Szceszney but I suppose rotation is better though I expect a top class keeper in the summer. A veteran really so that the development of the young keepers are not affected

  16. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, however at this stage it is best to not unsettle a winning balance unless it is required.

  17. I think fabianski is still better fO̶̷̩̥̊͡Я now,come τ̅☺ think O̶̷̩̥̊͡f it,he has only conceded 2 goals since his re-introduction against munich.Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ Ђw̶̲̥̅̊ many matches have we playd after that????….i think he’s I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ form now,Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ better than Szczesny present form…….

  18. I think fabianski shuld continue with is performance bcz bringin szczensy will cause calamity 2 d team fo now bcz is nt fit yet.

  19. Lukas deserve the number one position for szcseny should fight again for his position he cost us a lot we cannot imagine countless games munich for eg

  20. Fabiansky please, until Szceszney stop his Dad complainingabout his son. He couldn’t even prevent Liverpool kid last night scoring 3 Goals.

  21. Both aint good enough to wipe the crap off Lehmann’s boots,we need proper keepers please….

  22. Personally, I prefer Fabianski and always did. If u all remember very well, before he got injured (for S to take over as number 1), he was having a super season and we were looking like winning something that season.

    S no doubt has the talent, but i think its his personality that makes him a darling of most arsenal fans.

    In truth, the calm and quieter Fab is a more steady goalie. Arsene knows that…and he was ONLY waiting for him to fully recover. Until he’s injured again or suffers a terrible drop in form, S is never going to claim back the number 1 spot. He ONLY did bcoz Fab was ever on a treatment table and Manonne isn’t good enough.

    For me, I feel safer when Fab is in-between the posts.

  23. Keepers are not wenger’s forte. We had Manninger stepping in for the last 10 games, won the double and he dropped him to give Seaman one last season.
    Fabianski is out of contract and though not perfect seems to have regained confidence .Szsney has age on his side but is rash,makes bad decisions and his kicking is awful but he will improve, as long as his dad keeps quiet.
    Didn’t we go for Schwarzer two seasons ago ?
    All good teams are built on a solid defence and a back 4 that communicates with their keeper. We haven’t got that. I would take a punt on Cesar when QPR go down as a mentor for Szsney as Fab will be off.

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