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‘Rooney scores for Arsenal!’: Do you want to hear that next season or not?

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Today’s topic is:

Is Wayne Rooney worth Arsenal paying more than usual for a player?

As unlikely as it is that Wayne Rooney will ever wear the red and white, the other side of the media will certainly attempt to forge some sort of Arsenal move for the want-away United striker.

But do you think it is worth breaking the club’s financial policy just to bring Rooney to the Emirates? That said, would you even sign Wayne Rooney if you were in Wenger’s shoes?

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65 thoughts on “‘Rooney scores for Arsenal!’: Do you want to hear that next season or not?

  1. My name is rex, am for arsenal fan for rell i remaine to support arsenal.But problem is tuorphy i need it,i need rooney to our coulb.pls

  2. AW there’s no no of beating around or running for expensive players. Take my words, buy Betenke& Likely and deploy Vermaelen at DM he will make it without doubts like you transformed Ramsey & Arteta. The two strikers are proven to break any defence of any team believe. With Jack,Ox,Walcott,Jerk, Gibbs,Cinquain no team can intimidate you.

  3. @Rex why would you disgrace Nigeria with such your comment full of wrong sentences? You could have ommited the countries name on that your comment.

    1. @ Gonja, can you also watch yours too? Using ‘countries’ instead of ‘country’s’. Stop the hypocrisy & crticism please.

    2. Gonja, you are hardly any better with your grammar. ‘Such your comment full of wrong sentences? ‘ ?? What exactly does that mean ? Additionally, if you are referring to that which belongs to a country ( such as a reputation ) you say, ‘ Country’s ‘ . Note the capital letter and the apostrophe . You have referred to ‘ countries ‘ which indicates a plural, denoting more than one Country. If you need to correct your fellow illiterate try getting to grips with the language first.

  4. Rooney or no rooney, arsenal will still be arsenal. All we need is the right player to inprove our squard.

    1. Well Max, I think you are missing something here..It takes 11 good players to win trophy not just one player or two. Rooney is good but need likes more skillful players around to stay inform.

  5. My name is jarra am from Ethiopia, am Arsenal man I will support the gunners 4ever, but I want this if Wenger need something next season let he bring Rooney.

  6. it may not be rooney necesarily but to wina trophy u don’t need mediockers but great players. pick a leaf from Furguson and the V.P deal.


  8. arsenal should sign rooney cos they need trophy to give fans joy that have been break for long.

    1. Emmy, you guys shld stop dis noise, cox rooney himself he is nt trophy on his own bcox it takes combination of gud players in a team nd determination b4 winning a silver wear.

  9. Arsenal should send big and bring in top player who will come and change the misfortunes and calamities in the club. I also believe that wayne roony will be a good signing for us.

  10. I think Benteke or Jovetic should be a better option though Rooney has got quality experience in English Premiership. Wayne’s wage is obviousely queit expensive against Arsenal Financial policy.

    Wenger can fix things right this time cuz ‘in Arsene we always trust’.

  11. O! Fantastic if its true we will revenge man u!unless it could be a mere wish plc wenger decide on it he is brave and experienced

  12. AW should pls break no bank bcuz of WR… He should rather break bank for striker like CAVANI;BENTEKE;NEGREDO not even HIGUAIN!!!

  13. We can t afford rooney now,we re still paying emirates for our stadium.higuain or jovetic wil b ideal signing for arsenal

  14. Arsenal as a club is use to transforming just a player to super player, we really don’t have to break bank to buy Rooney, we can get a better striker if we search deep in the European market.

  15. Yeah if I were in wenger shoe I will try as make as possible 2 bring Rooney 2 d Emirate. Pls A.W do it 2 make us (fans) happy bcos without fans nothing like coach even club.

  16. If wayne Rooney is important striker why man u needed vanpersie anyway as we Arsenal fans we train players so even rooney if he kam emirate may be he can be at bench we have sme pple lke walcot podolski cazorla

  17. I don’t believe rooney will be in the red white team next season. I still prefer Higuain rather than any other striker on our list. Hopely AW will buy some players and next season will our year!!

  18. NO to Rooney
    He’s a good player, without a doubt but he is Mardy, demanding and a sulker, you saw how he was with fergie and I think if he starts losing form in a major sulk with Wenger!, He will have wasted his cash. Spend it on some-one who wants to be aprt of the squad

  19. Well giving from the statement of every one here, i will say you guys wow. Anyway i will Say yes to Rooney. Cause he so good he is better than higuain and jovetic. Nothing goes out without a profit coming, in so i say yes to rooney

  20. Rooney at ARSENAL ? Please please guys, anyone who advocates this bullshit is not a true gooner. £250,000 a with for the fat waiter ? No thanks Man utd and Tottenham fans, disguised as ARSENAL supporters. And trust me Wenger ain’t that stupid so your opinions on Rooney Will fall on deaf ears. Bring in Benteke that’s all am gonna say.

  21. i personally do not want to see rooney in an arsenal shirt, i think hes great and all but his frm those arrogant arses at united. Id rather have an unknown than him…go get sum germans go get marco Reus…lnqa0a7

  22. Rooney wear arsenal shirt could b a blowed,, means Gunnas has 80% of getin trophy nxt season.. Let say d rumour is real or not! Bt I’d heared it

  23. Rooney is overrated! Not worth £25m and £200k+ a week in wages!! Why would he want to come to play for Arsenal anyways? He and the media think he is world class and deserves crazy wages so there are only few clubs who would pay that! Cheski, citeh, madrid! Our top earner is on £100k a week! How do you think the players would act if they saw Rooney come in on double the wages of any other player! Rooney twice as good as Walcott or Poldi? 3 times better than Santi/Giroud?? Noway!! Im not against the unlikely move put he would have to earn his place in the Arsenal team and cut down on wages! £120k a week maybe? That would be fair enough, he has won the lot and still quite young plus everyone would suddenly think Arsenal are one of the best again so would be worth having him just to shut the media up for once! Id much rather have Jovetic or Higuiain and even Villa than Shrek tho! Although would be fun to give man utd a taste of their own medicine! as the manc scum love rooney, prob more than arsenal fans loved RVP! So im up for it but not for footballing reasons!! as he just isnt all that good! lol

  24. Well, well, Rooney may be a good signing but I believe there are players like Benteke, Bonny, Yilmaz, Higuain, Villa, Krrull and the likes who can do equally or better than Wayne. Wenger should spend on quality and affordable players.

  25. I love rooney to be an arsenal player as he is a complete sriker deadly with bost legs a fighter and i bet he can get 40 goals in a seson with the kind of classy midfielders that arsenal have but the problem is how arsenal will manage his temperament and wages so as not to cause players revolt and disharmony Moreover i will like the deal to go through to payback man united in their own coins if only arsenal can review their wage structure upwards to accomodate other players Can you imagine an arsenal front three of walcott rooney and podoski and a midfield of carzola wilshere and arteta nand a defence back four of gibbs /monreal koschieny/vermaleen williams /merteseckar sagna/jekinson and a goalkeeper of CEASAR/ BEGOVIC and i will prouly say that we will win at least two titles this next season

    1. further to the above we still have other good players like chaimberlain rosiscky ramsey gnarby sczenny girourd and posible signings JOVETIC and WANYAMA and CAPOUE
      I pray this my dream comes to reality and i hope wenger will read this

  26. If I was Arsene Wenger I would definitely have a go at trying to bring Rooney to the Emirates. If ManU can take our prolific striker, why can’t we take one of their superstars? In my opinion I think Rooney would fit into Arsenal’s line up pretty smoothly. Delivering good service to Olivier Giroud and possibly Higuain or Jevotic and would form a great partnership with either. he is also a great threat from set pieces which arsenal have lost since RVP left for Manchester. Rooney in the team (being a player who has won major trophies) will influence other players to win also and he would drive the team on to do so. Arsenal needs a player with Rooney’s attitude; fierce, strong and beastly. So that’s why bid sign Rooney is I was Arsene Wenger.. Come on Arsene let’s sign some great players this summer . COYG!!

  27. I’ll be very happy 2 c rooney in red n white jersey next dis cmin season. his coming will motivate our players. in order to lift a trophy. die heart arsenal fan from nigeria.

  28. I’ll be very happy 2 c rooney in red n white jersey dis cmin season. his coming will motivate our players. in order to lift a trophy. die heart arsenal fan from nigeria.

  29. Arsenal fans talk lyk a baby most tyms cos we shld encourage wenger to sign player lyk benteke & oda necesary player tat can give us trophy or take us closer dan dis season bt wil kip talkin of rooney wen we knw tat wenger is jst jokin wit us since we av bin his playboy lyk oda season,wenger is usin his economies sense to take us away 4m d mrkt transfer by usin rooney site to cover our real view & taste of what is needed.

  30. I would be so disappointed if we decided to pay that sort of ridiculous money for an innconsistant peice of shit that thinks far to highly of himself. Probably one of the most over rated professional footballers on this planet. Why would be give him 200k a week out highest wage at the moment is 90k, he’s just not work the money. Especially when we have targets like higuain, jovetic and benteke. They would all be cheaper options and I believe would do a hell of a lot greater at the club. I get consistently disappointed with how little we spend on the transfers seasons an the one year we are actually going to spend money we could be on the waste of space. I will honestly be so upset with we go through with this deal, I don’t know what wenger is thinking.

    1. Men 4get higuain. Better jovetic. But Roony has many qualities than them so i prefer Rooney cos Rooney can play 8,9 or10 4 Arsenal successfully. So, declare him better than those 2 u mensioned!

  31. We ain’t going to sign Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta, Neymar or Falcao. We obviously ain’t looking to sign or we fans don’t want no more unknown players. Rooney regardless of if his liked or not is and would be one of the top signings this club has made in a while. If his worth what his on, no! Put for the right price and right wages that are acceptable by the clubs reach his worth it.

  32. With £200k – £250k a week we can sign ANY player around the globe including Falcao-Naymar-Messi etc etc, but arsenal are not ready to pay that amount of money for any of this players, arsenal needs some class players NOT cash players.
    and for the end VERMALEN needs to stay at Arsenal as he is still a very good player.

  33. say NO to Jovetic. he is not a good player, BENTEKE is much better player than Jovetic.

  34. is Ronney dreamin to play 4 Arsenal in future i think it goone be good 4 him acually when you talk of Arsenal really a top Eurepen club indeed they do appears in Eurepen greatest football competition. Is the high time people should stop criticisen arsenal football club but i want ensured mine follow fans to watchout the transfers

  35. yes’ i think your maken sence if the management can decide to up there weekly pay i think it will intress big players to concider a deal 4rm the club is not that the club did not hav much money to give wenger to buy big player, the issue is how much’ re they gonne offer them weekly that is what the management most look in to.

  36. frank opoplot they did not need rvp but wanted to bring in a top played and took advantage if not rvp then they would have gone for hazard and plus i think we could win the capitol one cup with rooney

  37. yes yes yes yes yes yez yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

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