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Gunners await announcement on Wednesday

The look of the fixture list is one of the most decisive secrets of a season.

Somehow, it is overlooked at the expense of other off-field factors like squad issues and injuries, but which opponents you have and when you face them during a campaign often has a lot to do with the
target you have set for May.

Get a kind list of first ten fixtures and you may make a steady and confident start to go on and challenge for glory, but get the big games at the wrong period of the year and your hopes may be dealt a big blow.

Sure, the cliche that there are no ‘easy’ fixtures in the Premier League cannot be taken too lightly and in truth, any opponent can be a banana skin in the course of a season, but no one will prefer back-to back meetings with Manchester United and Chelsea in the midst of a poor run of form.

When Wenger’s men will be facing certain teams will be vital to what the new campaign has to offer, and that is why the announcement of the Premier League fixtures for the 2013/14 campaign on Wednesday will be some news to check out.

On Wednesday, Arsenal will find out several factors from when derbies will unfold to whether they will finish the season at the Emirates stadium for the first time in four years.

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36 thoughts on “Gunners await announcement on Wednesday

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    We will get at least 2x of the top 5 in the first 8 games > Fa will make sure alongside away fixtures after most uefa champions league games.

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    Am also waiting to see the fixture, please i to know if A wenger is not going 2 bring in new face, the days fast counting. I remain a faithful gunners ‘n’ i also appr8 u all for updating me about arsenal.
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    We had n half and half shitty list lasts season with back to back big games, n couple of bananna peels here and there but we did it! AW must just get us Fellaini, Higuian and Williams then we’re sorted for the first half of the season. Come the next tranfer window we can reaccess, oh ya and cut some of the dead wait as well. As the motto says ‘foward’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!

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    Yea! I tought we stil IN WENGER TRUST.. C’mon Guunas! I rily bear 8:2 defeats 4rm man utd, now I do xpect dsme on chelsea ds season wit dir new manager… Ma folow gunas kno false of alarm! Let ox keep ds transfer behind plssss, coz finaly our manager is bring in sum players on’load on d deadly closed, pls bear it in mind! Do n’t 4get dat?

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      sure, that’s correct …. Wilshere ! – he supposed to be able to play next season again …

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    I’ll love 2 c d fixtures so dat Arsenal will hasten up in their signing of so called big players.

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    Wenger is that what mater now when your mate are busy buying people ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ are here taking about the fixture table ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ have to get new set of boys to help us out this time around if don’t buy anybody in this season bring of season is a big problem. Gunner for life

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    The only announcement I’m interested in. Now is to see good star footballers that’s all. Or that wenger has been sacked . Then I will be happy

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    I believe in Arsenal, I Believe in Wenger, atleast 1 Trophy will b won this Season

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    Wenger is manager wit no passion,mission,action just wanner make d fans cry nd spoil d innocent arsenal

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    I tink d news is dat we av sacked winka and d stupid kronck and av brought in jurgen klopp stupid board maneger and we fans self we know nada no single player will be sign dis summer.we are stupid coz we are d only idle handed fans dat allways bussy looking 4 gat no lost on line all in d name of looking 4 new signing loooooooolz

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    I tink we should immidiatly sack wenger.coz his own moses is taking us gunners to the gradual land of fire,perish and laughing agent among other fans.if he is not omited urgentlyhe is taking us to 10or15 yrs truphy drought mark my word.gunner and my generation.up eagle agains tahiti gooooooooo for truphy eagle and destroy uruguay and spain.

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    yall crack me up. Wenger will sign higuain a decent tough tackling DM, a solid CB and an experienced GK. but if he doesnt HE SHOULD BE SACKED!. THIS IS OUR YEAR all other teams have new managers=new game play=players have to at least adjust for a few games=arsenal killing of every team with our awesome gameplay and better striking and defensive options

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    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha………. Wat a waste of time reading dis, d caption doesn’t match wit d content. I was xpectin 2 see d announcement of SIGNINGS n nt d coming of FIXTURES

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    I am also waiting for fixtures so that we can know where to start and where to end matter of top four and trophy

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    The FA will make sure the gunners will play away after a cl match away.Just imagine. They will want to perpetuate a post red faced domination.nake no mistake.

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