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EXPOSED! Secret behind injuries at Arsenal revealed by former employee

If injuries have played a part in Arsenal’s lack of success, then the club has played its part in those injuries too.

That is according to Stewart Robson who has revealed that in a discussion with one of the members of the club’s medical staff, he discovered that Arsene Wenger’s rigorous methods in training have strained his players.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain,Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Lukas Podolski, and Yaya Sanogo have all been victims of a long-term injury at some point this season while Abou Diaby is yet to play his first match of the campaign with just three games left on the schedule.

Indeed, Arsenal’s injury woes of this season have been part and parcel of nearly every year in recent memory, with key players stricken down during decisive periods in the campaign.

When quizzed over the frustrating trend of injuries at the club, even Arsene Wenger admitted that an ‘investigation’ has to be made over why the fitness of the Arsenal squad has become so fragile.

But according to Robson who was working for the club as a match analyst three years ago, the strict and tiring routines which Wenger’s men go through in training sessions are what should be investigated.

“I met one of the members of Arsenal’s sports science department and he said he told Arsene Wenger on many occasions that ‘you are working the players too hard’ and Wenger took no notice.” Robson told ESPN FC

“In fact, the rest of the coaching staff told him to be careful what he says because Wenger could get him out of the club” he added

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66 thoughts on “EXPOSED! Secret behind injuries at Arsenal revealed by former employee

  1. Whilst I agree that Robson does have an axe to grind but on this point could he be correct? Our players seems to suffer more injuries than the other teams out there…

    1. There may well be an underlying reason why our players seem to get injuries more than other teams, but without facts & stats to back up theories, you can’t just accept what someone like Robson says. Giroud has been available all seaon and is the only senior striker we have. Why hasn’t he suffered like some of the others. You also have to remember some of the injuries cant be attributed to being overworked, like a fractured toe for example, that’s just bad luck.

      1. is it possible that giroud is an outlier and not representative of the norm? Giroud in general has not suffered many injuries over the course of his career so do you think it is fair to use him as your standard.

      2. Ok so if we assume your rationale then the likes of Diarby, Wiltshire and Ramsey should be ruled out as they’re injury prone. That would leave us with probably the same ball park amount of injuries as other clubs.. so again doesn’t it doesn’t back up Robson’s claim. To assume Robson is right you would have to attribute every type of injury directly to being ‘overworked’ in training rather than the physicality of the game. How can you attribut a fractured toe picked up whilst playing for England to being overworked in training with Arsenal? Arteta & Rosicky are in their 30’s, they don;t suffer outside of the norm injury wise. I don’t think our players initially pick up injuries more than other clubs but we do seem to pick up secondary injuries a lot. More a case of being rushed back due to squad deph than being overworked.

      3. please don’t straw man my argument, that is not what i said. in fact if you scroll down a little you will see i asked that question of netbulger.

        All these player you mentioned suffered horrific injuries. idk if i want to rate the severity of each but they all sucked. Diaby unlike giroud has had a history of injuries. a player such as him should be given some serious strengthening program but there is a rumor that wenger doesn’t like his players working with weights at least unless it’s preseason or you are injured.

        Ramsey if you scroll down some and see my comments on him… we broke that man and in fact he showed some great resilience. there aren’t many players that cover as much ground as he does consistently and yet we chose to play him full game after full game sometime 3x a week. bare in mind that our comp usual start earlier than others because we go through cl playoffs while other teams get to be fresh. add that to the competitiveness of our league and add that to the fact we were in the group of death(which is a little ironic because no one is in the final)

        wilshere i just mentioned is not playing the smartest right now. the way he plays attracts knocks and seeing his ankle is the problem area you can see how this becomes significant if it happens frequently enough. also to add he does a lot of just silly things in fact the way he got injuries was from him trying to nick the ball all cutsy.

        even if you got rid of these players arsenal would still be top of the leaderboard. look only few injuries are a result of randomness these like hamstring can happen pretty easily to anyone. but look at the type of injuries our players suffer. a lot of strains and pulls these come from improper training methods and being overworked.

        I think you have forgotten about how often rosicky gets injured. in fact the reason he hasn’t suffered as much this season is because the team is pretty big so we do have to depend on him as much as before so he can get rested more than previous years. rosicky still has great youth in his legs. frankly i’m surprised we haven’t lost carzola recently

        Arteta is a bad example for you because we lost him for a couple of weeks earlier in the season from a thigh strain sustained in training. We also lot him again when he started playing too many game without being rotated to a calf strain.

        i’m just going to lift my next point directly from you “I don’t think our players initially pick up injuries more than other clubs but we do seem to pick up secondary injuries a lot. More a case of being rushed back due to squad deph than being overworked.” our squad is pretty big actually imagine everyone fit and you will struggle finding you favorite starting eleven at least without changing formation. wenger overworks a player, doesn’t rotate when the option is available until the player breaks down. then he does it with the next. haven’t you ever wonder why when one player come back fit the next player in that position is going out injured?

      4. Seriously, that is exactly what you said. You want to exlude Giroud as he’s usually not injured much. So I suggest taking out those who are injury prone as they represent ‘outliners’ so you’re left with players with average injury records as a compartive. Futhermore the issue is about being overworked by AW in training not squad rotation or over use of players during games. You’re just jumpimg on other issues to Wenger bash cos you don’t rate him. Much like Robson.

      5. Thank you for disregarding my comment and making your own argument. you love making these assumptions don’t you? i rate Wenger quite well actually . i thing he is an exemplar professional and he is the type of person i would like to hang around and learn from. you might be suffering from wenger delusion syndrome: disregarding his fault because he is a nice likeable person. everything equal imagine if his personality were like mourunho and maybe you would think differently about this.

        injury prone player as those such as diaby, rosicky, miyachi… those guys could breakdown if you stared at them too hard. wilshere and ramsey are not injury prone just recovering from a serious injury

    1. Why does he go out of his way to talk about the club when he has a clear grievance? His comments over the years have become so laughable that the comment no longer matters. His opinion is worthless because it’s agenda driven.

    2. Look even if he was the slime of the earth. Does that make him incapable of making a valid point? bare in mind that he isn’t making a claim that has never been mentioned before by others.

      I’m just don’t think it is a good way of looking at things. I might not like you but at the end of the day if you make a valid point i will listen to you and not invalidate you by mentioning how i don’t like you

  2. Junzi, because he now has zero credibility. Since the club fired him, his agenda is simply to undermine Arsene Wenger. If the training methods are so tough, how come the entire squad hasn’t broken down?

    1. great argument. If the training methods are so tough why hasn’t the whole team broken down?

      In a football team which type of players cover the most ground and likely interact more with players of the other squad? where are most of arsenal’s injuries?

      Now it is obvious that some players are more prone to injuries than others eg jovetic @ man city. so what is arsenal’s excuse? because we have won the league title of ‘team with most injuries’ consistently for the last few years. Are you saying that our players are more prone to injuries? sure maybe, but that is highly unlikely for every type of team wenger has made for the last few years. because if that is the case we really should move away from signing such players.This season we had a pretty large squad so we could have rotated players more efficiently however that didn’t happen.

      Wenger has shown an over reliance on certain players to the detriment of the player and the team. we over play ramsey, he goes down, toss in wilshere. We over play wilshere and suprise suprise. Are you telling me you can not see any fault in wenger for ozil’s injury. now i want to keep this short but if you want i could give you a longer better detailed explanations but these are just some tidbits to think about.

      1. How has wilshire been overplayed? He only has 30 apps this season.

        For Robson’s argument to be valid we have to assume certain things.
        That a man with the intellect of wenger is an idiot.
        That a member of the club would speak out against it to a known critic.
        That Robson has actually spoken to somebody.
        On all counts I find it doubtful and therefore robson’s assertions lack any credibility.

        Robson was fired and has held a grudge against wenger since. A grudge that has morphed into a thinly veiled vendetta.
        The man has no credibility and his word should be viewed as such.

      2. @J the way you went about this is terrible. like i said above forgot his relation to Arsenal, attack the sense behind his words, and stop trying to discredit his statement by discrediting him. I’m not a fan of robson but that doesn’t blind me when he says something that makes sense and others have mentioned.

        Next scroll down a little further and you will see my thoughts on wenger, at least people’s perception of him. Just because you are intelligent doesn’t mean you are incapable of making bad decisions (park chu young and more) or an exception to common human cognitive deficiencies like a reluctance to change held beliefs especially when those beliefs have helped in the past.

        again scroll down and see what i said about wilshere. i am well aware how wilshere got injury. Wilshere’s style of play attracts knocks. firstly he holds on to the ball to the last second before dribbling his opponent. this isn’t necessarily bad i do this myself and if you’re successful your opponent is dead in the water. the problem is this is your will get kicked often and for a guy like him who has issues with that area of his body it’s a problem. He also just holds the ball in general far too long as well as asks for the ball in dangerous areas. all this attract tackles and knocks. overall right now wilshere is not playing the smartest football. so i didn’t blame wenger for anything in regards to wilshere

        If a friend of yours was doing something detrimental to themselves would you not tell someone else if you thought they could help in some form.
        We are talking about this right now so could the argument not be made that if such an idea was the rationale behind then it’s kind of working because it’s out in the open now. upon hearing such a thing you would hope wenger gave it some thought and questioned himself a little.

        the fact that we was fired and even if your assertion of him having a grudge with wenger is correct. It doesn’t mean everyone at arsenal unanimously dislike him right?

      3. Its well known that our players suffer from hard tackles because its the only way to stop them. What do you expect when all the opponents do is kick them about? Diaby is fragile so he can get injured easily, wilshere has been rushed back too often (I blame wenger for this alone) and his style of play attracts alot of hard tackles. When you play in a league where all opponents do is kick you around you just have ensure your fitness levels are superior and you just have to train hard to get to those levels. There is really no big issue regarding training methods in my opinion. You can’t blame wenger for spurs kicking walcott around and leaving him severely injured. Maybe if the referees did a better job things would be better. Just my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

      4. @simpa102001 i didn’t blame wenger for walcott but there is some degree of culpability. Walcott returning from injury should have been eased in better so there is a possibility he should not even have been on the field but that might just be me looking for someone to blame

        As for arsenal players getting tackled harder, i don’t know where you got that. if you have some data please link it to me and i would be happy to check it out otherwise that sounds like hooblah to me. i can recommend some games for you to watch so you can see teams need not hard tackle to stop us, we will do it for ourselves unless ox, walcott or ramsey is on.

  3. Robson is a bitter moron who cannot get over that the club sold him to West Ham because HE WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ARSENAL! But despite his constant negativity to the club – Arsenal offered him a job on Arsenal TV when he had NO WORK – and he repaid the club by slagging them off in the press whilst picking up a pay packet from them. So he was sacked again! Since then, he just LIES and trashes the club and the manager. All you need to know about him is that last season he came out and said that Steve Bould told him him & Wenger don’t get on. Bould came out the next day and said it was ALL LIES and he does not associate himself with Robson on any level. The guy is a lying sack of shit!

  4. What a crock os shite. Robson is just full of crap. Average player who achieved nothing. Coach who has achieved nothing and has never managed. Was sacked from Arsenal TV so now blames AW for just about everything. Just about sums it up. Oh yeah very chummy with those talk shite lot as well. In any case Boro Primorac is First Team Caoch at Arsenal so Wenger would consult him on these issues, and to think he would ignor medical staff is just hilarious.

  5. Stewart Robson is the most pathetic human being alive. Ever since he got fired for being crap at his job he has constantly done everything in his power to make Wenger look bad. Why you would even give this dick head waste of air any consideration is beyond me.

  6. But the injuries have been a factor for 10 years now.Remember the Invincibles hardly missed a game 2004.Why investigate only now?

  7. We have a team that people think can be bullied so the tackles and harassing is heavy from other teams to ‘unsettle’ arsenal. This is probably 50% of our injuries accounted for, Rugby matches instead of football, major broken limbs tell their own story.

  8. why give this fucking idiot the time, I have even seen story’s describing him as as “EX Arsenal legend” do me a favour Robson crawl back under your stone you mug you will never be a legend, when we talk of Legends – David Rocky Rocastle now he was a legend , even when he was sold he never ever slagged off the Arsenal.

  9. Stewart Robson is a bitter man,
    He is always looking to damage Arsenal’s reputation.
    When was the last time, he made a positive comment about the club?

    The Answer is…. NEVER!!!

  10. U mean he is over-working them. If that is the case, then how about Giroud? There must be a reason other than that. Arsenal were lucky to have a squad like ‘the invincible’.

  11. Nasty ,bitter has been.He certainly knows about injuries he spent most of his career at Arsenal on his back,and then went to West Ham on big money before spending the rest of his career on their treatment table ,tosser

  12. If you don’t agree with Robson, what else could be the cause of the incessant injuries? You fools! Always ready to identify a slight problem in the squad but never ready to accept any provided solution. We will forever remain deluded in this deluded team!!!

    1. The thing when it comes to criticism of wenger is that he his a very likeable man. Even if you don’t like arsenal i feel like you have to admit he is a classy, intelligent man. Managers that have said @#$% about him in the past have years later recanted such statements, he never holds grudges….

      So some ardent gunners think that means he is a exception to gaffes, mistakes, and falling behind. Look at pep, he is a good example. If you don’t continually reinvent yourself and progress you will get exposed.

      it’s unlikely what robson said is the whole truth but it is probably part of the truth

  13. You need to look at the nature of the injuries.
    1. OX- Knee injury, caused by a collission with Villa Player
    2. Theo Walcot _ twisted Knee
    3. Jack Wilshere – Injured by Liverpool player International Duty

    Those three cant be attributed to training methods at all!!
    Then you have the hamstring injuries – Podolski, Ramsey and Ozil. If those are cauised by training methods then every manager in the Prem is guilty
    So where does that leave us? Perhaps, as that cunt from Stoke said recently,and no one bothered to sanction him, other players go out to kick arsenal players??? Just an observatioon

    1. Thx for this response Dhewa i was actually expecting the usual ad hominem type of response. I put the wilshere in there to bait that haha. I’m well aware how he was injured and that can’t be attributed to wenger.

      As for the others:
      Ox at the beginning of the season was a freak accident . you can’t really blame that on wenger. As for ox now that is different. When robson says training methods that includes a lot of things. How they are prepared preseason, what they do during the season in between games, how the players are managed during actual games…

      Back to OX. when a player comes back from injury it is now well reviewed and researched that they are quite susceptible to injury on return. Because of this you are advised to ease the player back in gradually 15, 20, 30, 60 … before you have them playing full games(keep this in mind because it is a point that comes back over and over again.) This hasn’t happened with Ox, i’m not going to say consequently but i am alluding to it. Ox has been injured(had a niggle) for a while now even though he has been on the bench. guess what happens when you keep playing such a player. What do you think will happen when such a player is played in games such as with wigan when he played almost 2hours?

      Theo twisted knee. Most likely a freak accident but then could also partly be attributed to above reason.

      Poldi happened quite early in the season and it’s hard for me to make an argument for either just because hamstring injuries could happen to really anybody at random times. you know.. if you’re running and mistakenly running over the ball you could overstretch the hams or stretch at a bad angle and you have issues.

      Now Ramsey. really, really you can’t see any problems with our management of ramsey. This is the man that showed fantastic resilience but we managed to break him. For a player that is as mobile as he his, we played him 90mins after 90mins like he was some superman when there were other boys on the bench including wilshere. You just can’t play a player 90 after 90 sometimes three times a week and not expect some fatigue- soft tissue injuries to occur. Ramsey showed many warnings, every time he went down he clutched the same area time after time yet we played him 90 after 90. in fact there was one game when all us gunners feared the worst. he went down again clutching the same damn area and had to be subbed. luckily we found out he was alright and it was as the man would say a niggle. what did we do the next game? sub him in the second halff? limit his mins? no, you know the story.

      Again i’m surprised you don’t see the problem with ozil. this is a man in a new league known for being extremely competitive and yet we still thought it was alright to give him more mins than he had ever played at real, this is a man that was used to having a winter break, a man who at his previous club when they scored two goals that other team pretty much lets of the gas. Again do you think we have managed him well? do you think the cure for a guy showing a dip in form due to fatigue is to play him more? do you think it is wise to play someone like him who isn’t great defensively on the wings where he would have to defend against one of the best attacking sides in the world? These are all just things that could scupper injury if handle better.

      PS i didn’t forgot to had in regards to ramsey that he came back from an injury. one where he had suffer a setback and wenger decides it cool to play him 2hours in i think it was his second game

      1. @Gnome not really but i can see why you would think that. that’s the voice you have created for me in your head haha, hopefully i don’t sound too annoying. I don’t really know how i could write that would show i’m not. i didn’t belittle anyone else or make it sound like my argument is better than others, at least i didn’t consciously do that.

      2. Fair points, but Robson’s comments were about being overworked in training and casting doubt about AFC’s training method’s not the over reliance on key players during games.That’s a different issue which I can agree with you on.However to say that when he speaks about training he includes ‘a lot of things’ is an assumption not fact.

      3. Fair points, but Robson’s comments were about being overworked in training and casting doubt about AFC’s training method’s not the over reliance on key players during games.That’s a different issue which I can agree with you on.However to say that when he speaks about training he includes ‘a lot of things’ is an assumption not fact.

      4. @carlos you may very well be right but when someone says training. i think training during preseaon, i think training in between games, and i think how you handle player that you play often. my last point is because if you player a guy often but the train me a day or two after like anybody else then bad things happen after a while

  14. Explain why the invincibles seemed to always fit. Plus new techniques and technologies which would improve fitness between then and now. This statement is rather slap dash. Definitely not talking tactics.

    1. Look i don’t work at arsenal and i don’t have any special insights. I get the exact same information that you are privy to and for me to act like i know all the answers would just be false. All i’m doing is speculating combined with research that is out there.

      You’re right i can’t really remember the invincibles suffering from many injuries and this is a squad that wasn’t rotated very much.

      The first answer i have is a simple one and that is that they were a team composed of injury resistant individuals just as giroud is today. it’s a simple answer, so simple it’s likely you don’t like it. Fine
      what are the odds of having 11 or 12 players that are injury resistant?
      well what are the odds of a team going 49 games unbeaten?
      not the best argument but statistically relevant

      another reason is as you say technology. the purpose of technology is get the most/best out of your players. well i don’t think i’m talking crap if i say playing at a high intensity consistently without rotation will likely result in fatigue injuries. Wenger is that type of person that tries to get the most out of his players. the example i have is when he first came to england that was one of the things he revolutionized. he went after their diets and so…

      Arsenal players tend to also have very low body fats. i don’t know how this compares to other teams really but although there are advantages to lower bf, it is necessary when it comes to immune responses, hormone secretions, and just padding internals from hits..

      lastly there is the rumor that wenger doesn’t like the healthy players working with weights rather he prefers that they are with the ball all the time. weights are a great way to increase the bodies strength and if you skip out on them then you’re missing out especially when other teams value that practice.

      These might all be true or none of them might be true. It is also likely there more reasons but this is want i have.

  15. Yes, but after the training method the way our players are displaying the game and holding it in the midfield is another causes of our injury becouse that possesion is what makes our rivals sad so that they make them to be beating our players, and in sometime our players use to be gven passing to a player that is already mark.

  16. Okay…people, you do understand that there have been fitness experts that have gone on record and discussed (with their expert opinion) that the training methods at Arsenal are the reason we suffer so many injury set backs? Further more, the fact that so many of our players are rushed back (this is what happens when you lack proper depth the likes of City and Chelsea have) always have them re-injure themselves . It has long been known that something was wrong with the way the players train and the fact that staff inside the club have stated to members that are outspoken that Wenger will have them sacked, further corroborates the theory that Wenger is the one running the show from top to bottom, he answers to no one and if this is true, I for one am not really all that shocked. We have the same schedule as everyone else…we play European football every year the same as other top clubs, but do you EVER see them with injury issues the likes of which we go through EACH season and ALWAYS at the same time frame? When history repeats itself to this length, it’s not an accident and clearly it’s something that is going on.

    1. Can you please show a link where ‘the fact that staff inside the club have stated to members that are outspoken that Wenger will have them sacked’ has been posted? I don’t recall seeing one. I do not dispute that injuries are a concern but you can’t say the players are ‘overwoked’ without facts that directly attribute the injuries to the training methods Have you watched the players trains? Have these so called experts studied the training at Arsenal? . Hearsay is not fact. if you don’t like AW that’s fine, but don’t try and undermine him without facts. Robson makes claim after claim without any evidence to back them up, just hearsay. Just a thought, have any ex-players criticised the training at Arsenal under AW tenure? I can’t recall any but i could be wrong.

      1. @carlos if we take a test and consistently i do bad while you do fantastic on the same exact test. you don’t have to have watched me to assume with good certainity that i either don’t study or i don’t study well.

        Experts can look at results and implies a probably cause. it doesn’t mean it will be right but when more than one person says something similar you have to stop and ask questions.

        I found it funny that what wenger was asked recently about this he said amongst other things that maybe it was the supplements that our boys take. as if only arsenal players take such supplements.

      2. To my knowledge there is only one person who has put their name to a critic of Arsenal’s training methods. Some dutch bloke (can’t remeber his name). The supposed Arsenal insider from the medical team is not named so therefore could be ficticious. If Robson had fact’s / evidence etc I would shut up and listen but I suspect he he is just mud slinging. Sure AW has made mistake but I’m not having it that our injuries are a direct reulst from players being overworked in training.

      3. @carlos look this could go on and on. first of as you say to your knowledge, if you want more info do a google search. next i’m just curious what sort of information would need to be provided for you to think differently? what is the type of evidence required and please let it be feasible? no biopsying of players after each training session.

  17. Saying Ramsey plays 90mins in every game that is why he got injured and what about Messi from Barca.So think before analizing.

    1. what about messi. why don’t you tell me what has happened with messi this season. that even minus the fact that they probably manage him in manner different to us. which make your point pretty weak

      that actually brings up another point which is that for a team whose philosophy is possession we suffer a lot of injuries. possession play is supposed to wear out the other team not ours.

  18. Im not sure it’s too hard training – if you look back, when Clichy went to Citeh, he said the biggest change he found was that in training nobody held anything back, very different to the more soft approach at Arsenal. I think its down to a too thin squad and over playing..

  19. This season has been poor in terms of injuries but over the previous 3 seasons we’ve lost fewer playing days due to injuries than ManU or Spurs. We lose about 15% more playing days to injury than the PL average but play 30% more games than the average PL team. Arsenal are also, and have been for the 11 years it has existed, participants in the Uefa Elite Clubs Injury Study Group and are able to benchmark themselves against other clubs with similar commitments with forensic level data received twice a year. They generally fall right in the middle. It’s just more anti-arsenal propaganda from Robson who makes his living doing just that.

  20. I would take Rob’s assertion just like any other hypothesis behind our injuries but not as the real truth.Personally,I connect our injuries to overworking.Ramsey,Ozil,Wilshere,Gibbs,Arteta,Koscienly et el,aside from Kos,the other guys are not tough physically and young minus Arteta,now if you play such players from Aug-Dec intensely minus a break then obviously there will be a breakdown.You don’t need experts to know that.There is overeliance on players at our club,simple!

  21. Regretably, Robson is now “soiled goods” as far as I am concerned. A very good player and with West Ham. Being an old Brentwood School Boy(minor public), his nose was put out a few years ago when he lost his “position” at Arsenal
    Since then he only has negative things to say

  22. If we leave out Giroud, what of Carzola, or even Mertesacker or Sagna who have stood on their feet all season longer? Surely there could be some underlying reasons associated with training methods as far as muscle injuries are concerned, but we must dig further to look at the ruggedness of some these our players. I have noticed that Arsenal players lose most of the 50:50 balls in challenges with opposition players because they tend to avoid such challenges. In such circumstances they are more prone to the injury they are trying to avoid.

    1. look in any group you will always find people on different ends of the curve. your diabys vs giroud. what you need to do is look at the average and in fact compare that with other squads.

  23. I understand they are some changes on Arsenal Medical staff, I think they have observed something, that is the reason why they employed new Medical staff. They are people who are not good enough at their jobs, when something happens they blame Arsene Wenger without doing a proper reseach. They continue to make noise to discredit Wenger from time to time. Wenger is just a coach, and when there are some injuries in his team, whenever he is asked by the Media, he always tell them, he will ask the Medical team first, to give instruction to Wenger to use the player. So I am not sure if the writer is saying the truth.

  24. Could it be that the football we play is far better than most teams so tin pot managers like Sam Aladyce, Tony Pulis and Phil Brown feel the only way to play us is to kick the living hell out of our players? I think you have to look at the protection from officials as well. They are far to soft on some pretty horrendous tackles!

  25. Oh come on Robson is just trying to grind an axe he has had with Wenger even before he got booted from arsenal as an analyst. Muscle injuries can be down to fatigue but ligament damage can be where joints move in two different ways and are over stretched and broken bones can’t be helped either. Now Walcott chamberlain and diaby have had ligament problems, wilshere broken bone. Ramsey and podolski are only long term muscle injuries. I think that using Ramsey and chamberlain for 120 mins against Wigan, Ramsey especially as Ramsey had only just returned from injury was a huge risk.i would say there is a huge need to look at the training methods and all aspects of our approach to injury prevention and rehabilitation. But on a the other side our injuries over last three years are quite different in what type they are, broken bones, back(disc) problems, concussion, ligament damage, groin strains, abdominal injuries, and hamstring injuries. We don’t seem any worse off than any club in terms of number or type of injury just this year the amount of injuries to key players at similar times has been a problem.

  26. When you sign injury prone players you end up with a team of injured players. Also it is true too much is put in the shoulders of young players at Arsenal due to the Stupid contact policies not giving experienced players more then 1 years contacts and the salary they want to stay. and this summer the next casualty of that policy will be Sagna. And I would also not be surprised to see them let Podolski go as well. As For Diaby what kind of injury could Diaby have that he has lost over 2 seasons of football. I may just be a over the hill league player but I my self went in for a knee operation in Jan. last year and was playing the following September and I am 48 years old I was in rehab 2 months after the operation to strengthen the leg and training again in 6 months. Granted my injury may not have been the same but a MCL/ACL injury serious enough to require surgery like mine at my age and I was able to start rehab in a few months. So How can a EPL player in top shape need over a year to recover before returning to training? We will have to see Walcott’s injury was about the same as mine and about the same time of year in January so by August he should be training with the team and ready to play game one of the season. If not Arsenal’s medical staff is not properly evaluating these injuries right away and not preforming proper rehab to get them fit again after injuries.
    Granted the level of play in the EPL and my league is not the same but i was not EPL quality to begin with but I returned to the same level I was before my injury in fact due to the amount of rehab maybe even better. And The quality of the medical staff and the trainers and sports medical experts they have at their disposal and the fact these players should be in top condition something is wrong if Walcott suffers a setback and is not in the team come beginning of next season and playing in top form.

    And Wilshere also seems to have a problem as well the stress fracture and the niggling injures season after season.Could be due to the amount of hits he takes in a game due to his playing style and commitment. Also he is constantly touching the ball too far in front of him and inviting tackles from the opposition and he often dives in to win back balls he himself lost control of can’t fault his commitment but it could be the fact he tries too hard at times and does not have the physic to back it up. A player like Yaya Toure gets away with it because he has size and strength jack does not have. Often Jack is on the loosing end of those 50/50s in terms of size and when two bodies come together the smaller guy should really back out. Jack has talent but in the EPL he may never reach the full potential because he lacks the strength to play the style he does. He may need to learn to avoid the physical challenges instead of rushing head long into them. And who knows with all his commitment he may have sustained the injury during one of those encounters but stayed on and that was what lead to the longer term injury had he gone off right away maybe only would have missed one or 2 weeks. with a slight knock but having stayed on caused the fracture. in My opinion Wilshere Should NOT not be playing the deep midfield position look at him next to Man Cities lineup he looks like a boy among men. I know the saying it is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog but if the big dog has fight too the small one can’t take the hits for ever no matter how much fight he has in him.
    And you can’t blame Arsenal’s training method for the Broken legs on Abou Diaby, Aaron Ramsey, and Eduardo. those were just bad tackles.

  27. Arsene Wenger is the one killing those players in training. Personally, Wenger has out lived his requirement in the club. Check all the players that has left Arsenal for other clubs injury history, you will notice that Robinson is not far from the truth. Wenger has turned himself to a dictator at the club and for a smooth running of a dynamic club the manager has to be flexible, both in character and tactical presentation. Despite the over straining the players in training, I hardly see the input on match day. The defense is not fantastic, nor the attack or the midfield and the iron of it all is that we have good players in the team. My conclusion is that the manager has lost it and the directors are afraid to show him the door.

  28. I remember Giroud getting injured early in the season. It forced Wenger to sign Welbeck. I also watched Giroud dislocate his ankle while playing. Which would disprove Robson’s theory. Arsenal’s injury jinx is more misfortune than anything else. It’s no coincidence the most of the long term absentees are injury prone players: Wilshere, Walcott, Diaby and Debuchy.

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