PICTURE: Chelsea manager makes surprise Arsenal trophy parade check

While Arsenal paraded the FA Cup through the streets of Islington on Sunday, there was a familiar face peeking through some blue curtains.

Specialist in failure…

mourinho at wenger

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41 thoughts on “PICTURE: Chelsea manager makes surprise Arsenal trophy parade check

  1. Please help me tell the talkative Morinho that he is scientific failure for two years running. What he is looking for in England is disgrace and his days are numbered if he is not aware.

  2. If u mock who has not won trophy for d past 2yrs,I wonder wht u can tell somebody dt had stayed for complete 9 solid yrs struggled to win common FA cup????

    1. U call it Common FA cup? When Chelsea and mancity won the league after 40yrs,it wasn’t a common trophy.Arsene started by checking d years 1,2……..9,jose d new specialist in failure watch out.

    2. That is because you do not understand football my dear. Mourinho cannot win a match less than 20 mn to spend every year. Let alone a trophy. That man needs a min of 100 mn every year to operate and he does nor know how to build a winning team from nothing. If Mourinho was the Arsenal manager for the past 9 years, Arsenal would have never been in top 4. It is as simple as that. He needs superstars to win him games, he does not not know how to get the best out of an average player. That my dear foolish bro is the difference between the real specialist failure(Mourinho) and the one and only Arsene Wenger! Do you think Mourinho will win again next season. hell no. The league is different now from when he first came. he was lucky to have united side that was rebuilding and a debt laden Arsenal when he came to England. Mourniho should not be mocked, he should be whipped for not winning a trophy for the past 2 years, given the money and stars at his disposal. Now that my friend is real failure, having everything and winning nothing. The REAL SPECIALIST IN FUCKIN FAILURE!!!!PERIOD!!!!

      1. he’s right, Mourinho doesn’t know how to develop talent, he once referred to Balotelli as untrainable from his time in Milan, because he didn’t know how to motivate the way Mancini did. Mourinho only deals with developed talent, not developing talent at all.

  3. If u mock who has not won trophy for d past 2yrs,I wonder wht u can tell somebody dt had stayed for complete 9 solid yrs struggled to win common FA cup????Arsene Wenger has no shame to laugh after 9 solid yrs(being paid salaries) struggled to win common FA cup.Thus,Wenger is an udisputed “world specialist in failure”

    1. Your idiot mourinho spent £110m to win NOTHING!!!
      Spent £190m in two years to win NOTHING!!!!
      Give that kind of spending to Wenger – he’ll win everything!
      Ifeanyi – you’re a donkey. Jog on!

      1. 2 champs lge 1 laliga 1 copa del ray 1super cup 2 serie a 2 COPA ITALIA 2 PORTUGUESE LGE 2 PORTUGUESE SUPER CUP 2 PREMIER LGE 1 common fa cup 1carling cup silly cup 1 europa league wenger dont have the prestigios champs lge haters so dont be so much exited with this silly cup

      2. Jacks mate, i couldn’t have put that any better myself. Old FANNY what ever his name is, is 2 braincells short of being a cabbage. lol

    2. In the last decade Chelsea (and Man City) have accumulated 1 premiership point for every million pounds net spend on transfers. For the same spend in the same period Wenger has accumulated 44 points. This would suggest that buying trpophies is what these clubs are good at while Arsenal employ better people to earn theirs. I suggest you Chelsea fans start getting PSG shirts soon cos they’re going to be spending more than you soon. And while you’re at it make sure you all but Brazil shirts so you can glory hunt during the world cup too.

      1. I very much like this comment – it says a lot about how well Wenger has done over the years with a respectively small budget.

  4. Are not a very mighty big fool.u call FA cup common but ur stupid coach can not win caring cup fooooooooools shame on u ppl

  5. Are u not a very mighty big fool?u call FA cup common but ur stupid coach can not win caring cup .,fooooooooools shame on u ppl

  6. Wenger should do better than this if he develop the attitude of buying quality players, there is not doubt he is one of the best soccer Mangers in the world, but he has a lot of dislikes in buying first class and A+ stars. If Wenger has asked for money, the board would have given him, but he always think he can achieve what no other coach can achieve by depending on only upcoming and prospective players, but it has not worked for him. Murinho should be professional in his utterances, he has the money and the big stars in Real Madrid, he did not make it, he has the money and big names in soccer in Chelsea this years, he did not win any trophy, he is a very experience technical coach, but he should be careful the way he talks. Congratulation to Wenger and his boys for the FA Cup.

  7. jose mourenho says arsen wenger is specialist in failure at d begening of season at last who is specialist in failurd among of dem

  8. Let dem say watever dey like,either dey say it is common trophy or not. Wat we know is dat dis is a very great achievement for us bcos dis mark d end of 9 yrs trophyless season.unlike d special one who is still trophyless 4 two season despite his enormous spending in d transfer market. Fuck dem all for those who cannot rejoice with d indomitable gunners. Always GUNNERS pals!!!

    1. I don’t mind anybody having their say but I do wish they’d learn to read and write properly first.

  9. Adrian Durham and Jose M – a good pairing. How much pain they must have gone through watching Arsenal’s celebrations.. I see you as nasty little 15 years old girls’ school bullies. Like 2 spiteful bitches. For goodness sake ACT LIKE MEN!

  10. Jose failed, came back to Chelsea spent over £100 million between 2 transfer windows and won Fuck ALL!!! End of!! Specialist in Failure!!!
    Arsenal have now gotten over their financial restrictions, broke their Trophy Duck and on the Rise!!

  11. What makes an exceptional manager, is not what you can do when given absolute millions to buy the best players around, it’s what you can do with a restricted budget…as in the case with Arsene Wenger. Maureen had money thrown at him with every club he has been at, so winning trophies came along a lot easier. Arsene had to contend with paying off for a brand new stadium in that 9 year period and still he kept Arsenal competitive. Would maureen, or anyone else for that matter, be able to do that, i know for a fact they couldn’t. So, the real specialists in failure are those managers with massive budgets to work with (maureen amongst others) and end up winning nothing. Wenger IS the best coach bar none for the way he’s managed his team with the hand he was dealt. So, all you MAUREEN LOVERS, you can talk all the shit you like…he is the REAL SPECIALIST IN FAILURE!!!

  12. Youngman i beg u to Stop calling a trophy that chelseafc could not win a common fa cup. Arsenal staying for 9yrs without a trophy is a good record compared to chelseafc that stayed from 1971-1997, which is 26 good years without a common trophy. Arsenalfc fans should be talking not chelseafc fans.

    1. Agree with what you said about FA Cup being called a common cup, since when the most prestigious cup in England has been called common, i think it’s a matter of cat not being able to reach the meat, and calling it dirty.

  13. Jose said he’d leave the game of football if he didn’t win anything for 4 years. We’re 50% there 😀 come on football!!

  14. it’s really interestng hw things have turn out this past season, i mean how 2day, morinho now find it hard to eat back his word.,eto calld him a ‘fool’, oscar questned his football tactics bt one thing i knw 4sure is that morinho will be fired again.

  15. In Maureen’s first spell at Chelsea was it “his” team or did he simply benefit from what Ranieri has built up? When he won trophies at Real Madrid was that his team or Pelligrini’s (Ronaldo, Alonso, Benzema were already at Real). Specialist in benefitting from someone else’s hard work?

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