Rio Ferdinand speaks on joining Arsenal this summer

The prospect of becoming an Arsenal player is not beyond imagination as far as Rio Ferdinand is concerned.

After 12 years with Manchester United, Ferdinand is now in search of a new club following a final season to forget at Old Trafford.

At the start of of this month, Arsenal were touted as contenders to make a shock move to secure the defender’s services if United failed to offer him a new contract.

Arsene Wenger is already rumoured to be an admirer of Ferdinand and the fact that the centre-back will not cost anything as a free-agent could be hard to resist for the Arsenal boss.

A deal for Mikael Silvestre was the last business Arsene Wenger did with anyone at Old Trafford as the French veteran went on to experience an erratic time at Arsenal after arriving in 2008.

But even at 35 years of age, Rio Ferdinand has retained his desire to win and speaking at Wembley while the Gunners celebrated their FA Cup triumph, the former red devil gave his thoughts on where Arsenal FC can go from here.

“It was not perfect but at the end of the day, getting yours hands on the trophy is what matters. But they have to spend, inspire and get players to come in and push them up. ” he said

Those words invited an inquiry from a fellow BT sport pundit over whether Ferdinand would consider being one of those suggested ‘new players’ for Arsenal this summer.

“They will have to spend though (to have me),” Ferdinand said with a laugh. 

“I will go on holiday for a couple of weeks with my family and then I will come to a decision at some point”

Would you welcome Rio Ferdinand at Arsenal?

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25 thoughts on “Rio Ferdinand speaks on joining Arsenal this summer

  1. We don’t want you @ arsenal. You are too old to play for arsenal. If the board ever think of signing him it means that they are not worthy to be board members. We don’t him. Stop this joke

  2. Yesssssss definately Rio Ferdinand will be great for Arsenal. His experience and his style of football will be crucial for the club.

  3. Ferdinand is used to winning,we could do with that winning mentality at the club and it would be invaluable in the squad.

      1. Beckenbauer Pele and Bobby Charlton are also used to winning but like Ferdinand they are past their sell by date

  4. Pls wenger dont even think of ferdinand who has nothing to offer what can he do @35 pls we need a prolific striker a strong DM and reliable defender not ferdinand save us that stale story

  5. We want players that can play the ARSENAL way, score in the ARSENAL way & win in the ARSENAL way. Can Rio do all these?

  6. A free adition to the team is not bad, we can add him to other big names to come

  7. Not a chance in hell do we sign him. We didnt sign Berbatov because of his age and now there is a contract dispute with Sagna because of HIS age. I say, GIVE SAGNA WHAT EVER HE WANTS, he is Arsenal through and through. We dont need anyone from United.

  8. Keep Sagna, Fabianski, and put Rio in our reserve team! a red devil should never be allowed to play for arsenal.

  9. He is a Manc, i would not trust him. His to old, way past his best, we have 3 CB’s better then him already.
    I agree with Rudy, save the money on what they would give Rio on wages and spend it wisely on Sagna wages instead.
    Man.u are going to have another crap season, no Rio, Vidic, Giggs, Scoholes or Fergie ha ha ha ha love it, it made this season a lot better.

  10. please we need a young end prolific defender not one to be dumped by arch rivals such as Ferdinand by Man U

  11. Keeping Sagna I think would be one of the best things we could do in preparation for next season, if he loses a little pace he can transition into CB. I dont know about you guys, but I though he did a really good job playing CB. We also have a solution to our DM problem, if Vermaelen chose to play DM, I rate he would be one of the best in the league. Defense is first nature to him and he is no stranger to putting the ball in the back of the net, also he has a wicked left boot. I think with Vermaelen in front of Per and Kos, our attackers would be more confident going forward, knowing they are covered.

  12. If he isn’t good enough for Man U, he certainly isn’t good enough for Arsenal. Five years past his best, arrogant and accident prone, no thanks.

  13. You know the old saying, Nope! Why have him just keep hold of Vermaelen pointless addition

  14. NO, he was from Manu isn’t that is enough of a reason. He would not improve out CB pairing either way.

  15. Since he is free may be. As a squard player may be. 40k a week not more than that. when we are hit by injuries he then comes in. one game in 3 weeks since he is in advanced age. After all we have kept guys in our pay roll and drawing salary like Bend playing very few games

  16. No top four teams in England will sell their best players especially to the competitors next season unless they don’t they dont want to win.
    Ferd is a good experienced player but Arsenal too have their own legends like The Great Henry, if we need one, definately it won’t be from Man U.

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