PHOTOS: Wenger doing his job in Brazil

Arsene Wenger is on summer duty once again and this year, he has taken his services as a football pundit to Brazil for the World Cup.

The Arsenal manager will be working with French TV station TF1 for the next month and here was Wenger arriving in Sao Paulo before picking up the microphone earlier today.

What would you rather see Wenger do this summer?

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7 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Wenger doing his job in Brazil

  1. Wenger is a fucking parasite il never set foot in the emirates while he is there hate the guy !!

    1. if you have an accident and im nearby do not expect me to help. parasite? get the fuck out of here. hes the only one that can say “i have stayed at the club despite more money being offered to me elsewhere.” i bet you cried with sadness when we won the fa cup. i salivate at ppl doing that.

  2. Well said Nick, fucking AKB wankers just as bad as Wenger himself, 25 grand a day he ‘earns’ and he’s swanning about in Brazil on a jolly, fucking hate him with a passion!

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