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PHOTOS: Wenger now beach boy, meeting girls in Brazil

We have been keeping an eye on Arsene Wenger since he arrived in Brazil and it looks as though the Arsenal manager is shaking off the stress which comes with being in charge at the Emirates stadium.

Wenger is actually on duty with French TV station TF1 at the World cup but in the meantime, he has been up to this…







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19 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Wenger now beach boy, meeting girls in Brazil

    1. Instead of lounging around on the beach he should be trying to buy new players or we’ll end up in same sorry state as last season when half of them get injured through playing every game. He hasn’t even got a second goal keeper yet, imbecile. Get off the beach and start earning the millions you’re paid.

  1. H
    This the time for those involved in football to have a chat with supporters, and enjoy together. Once the season start these people have sleepless nights.

  2. Bonaroca:- Obviously, I do not envy Mt Wenger, surely it is a good relief then those balls missed in front of goal during 3013/2014 by his highly paid footballers.

    I don’t know if the gaffer is married or not, but I do wish him all my luck if he is able to get his players on to a better system then playing the ball backwards then forward to score more goals.

    Spectators, come to watch a match for exiting goals and not passing the ball backwards or between players for the whole duration of a match.

    My dear Mr Wengwer I am 9 years older then you are I don’t envy you but trophies and not beauties are exceptable.osmar

  3. bonaroca: I am very sorry, I thought I was older by 9 years, actually I am older by 14 years and go and swim early in the morning .

  4. I don’t really understand the reason why people are speaking against this man. Every person in the world need rest, This man have been working with the club for so long, I think It is not bad for him to enjoy himself for a while. Don’t let him die struggling to get player for you and forget to have fun sometimes. There is time for everything, let him have fun for sometimes please

    1. For the money he earns he should be working for our club if he’s not up to the job and needs a rest he should quit and let someone else do it. I am sick of being totally humiliated by other teams’ supporters laughing at us as I said before we haven’t even got a second goalkeeper he’s got rid of a load of minor players today and there isn’t an inkling of any new blood. What’s he going to do without a second goalkeeper…put Per in goal, he’s tall enough, but not very fast and can’t turn, don’t know if he can catch either LOL (this is a joke). I still haven’t got over him not bringing Cesc back that made us a laughing stock with other clubs and broke my daughter’s heart. He says we have enough midfielders. What happens if everyone gets injured like they did last year, with Ramsey, Chamberlain, Podolski and Walcott out for months, Cesc was brilliant when playing with Henry set up so many goals for him and scored quite a few himself, I’ll never understand why he didn’t bring him back. I have this awful feeling is going to be just like last season only worse unless he gets his finger out we’ll be lucky to finish in the top six and that’s being generous.

      1. Oh ffs you whimp, grow some balls. Supporters of other clubs laughing at us? Who gives a fuck, you can’t defend our great club? Fabregas joining Chelski broke your daughters heart? Get a grip. The season is still a long way from starting, more than time enough to get players in. Grow up.

    1. Can’t seem to reply to John, so this is for you John, firstly I’d rather not get any balls seeing as I’m female. Grow up, I’m a darn sight more grown up than you sunshine! I don’t have to use obsene language either to get a point across. I was watching football before you were probably born, long before, not at Arsenal then but with my Dad at Spurs, I had no choice he was a Spurs supporter and he wouldn’t let me go to Arsenal alone as I was only about nine.When I started watching football they were playing 5,3,2, Danny Blanchflower was captain at Spurs and John White had yet to be killed by a flash of lightning and a great player he was even if he did play for Spurs.

      It may not bother you that all the other clubs are laughing at us and our so called manager, it does me, I think I’d rather go back to the George Graham days when we got a goal hung on to it and were called boring, boring Arsenal, at least we won. Chatting as I have with Liverpool Supporters and other clubs and having them ask why on earth didn’t he bring back Cesc, is he mad does not go down well especially when I know they’re right I know Wenger has done some wonderful things for our team had inspired buys in the past but now he seems to think it’s Arsene FC not Arsenal FC. Of course I know it’s not just him that has to deal but he does have to play his part, a big part, and hanging around on the beach doesn’t fill me with confidence, especially when all our rivals have already made deals sometimes I worry about his head, not sure it’s screwed on right anymore.

      Please note I can write an articulate post without obscenities, this makes me believe that you are young and stupid.

      Just one last thing what is wrong with my daughter being upset that he didn’t bring back our old captain, who she loved, after it was said in the press and by Aaron Ramsey’s grandfather it was a done deal. Even Henry welcomed him back to the Premiership on TV but went on to say what a shame it was he wouldn’t be playing in red and white

  5. stupid wenger others strengthening their teams making serious signings for him is there wasting time with young chicks and then on the last hour to bring us another kalestrom

  6. r u peps dense or just stupid??? the manager does no signing and the manger does not sit in on the first mtgs. with potential players. there is a team of lawyers and player/club reps for that after that the mgr. begins sitting in and that wont be until after july 1st when the “window” opens all the rest you read now is B.S. and speculation please learn about how our sport works before you whine :/

  7. This mug! Chelsea man city man u are all buying while this grandad is playing beach footy! What hope have we got! He bought chambo and walcott but couldnt see lallana!

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