Arsene Wenger is now insisting that the club is “working hard” on finding a new player to add to the current squad.

Arsenal have made the fewest amount of signings in the Premier League so far with the other 19 clubs securing at least two new first team players this summer.

Petr Cech’s £10m transfer from Chelsea remains the Gunners’ only deal coming into the new season.

An embarrassing defeat to West Ham on Sunday has inspired more calls for Wenger to strengthen his squad while the transfer window is still open.

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema has been strongly linked with a move to north London but the Arsenal boss is still coy on who could arrive before the window closes on September 1.

“We were working very hard and we are focused to do what can strengthen our squad. The availability is not big,” Wenger said

“Look it is exactly the same situation as before the West Ham game. If we find somebody anywhere who strengthens our squad then we will do it.”

“It is not easy, it is not supermarket stuff where you go in and say, ‘I would like this, please can you give it to me.’ The availability is not easy.”

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