By Paul (Gooner)

Paying vastly inflated fees for players is a problem because expectations follow fees. Alexandre Lacazette is not a £40 million striker. He scored 26 goals in Ligue 1 which will translate into about 18 goals in the Premier League, at the end of next season after he scores 18, the same people demanding Arsenal sign someone, anyone regardless of cost, will be screaming about how Lacazette is a flop.

It happened during Ozil’s first two seasons even though he was very, very good. It wasn’t until Ozil registered 8 goals and 19 assists, numbers that were irrefutably excellent for a #10, did the haters finally shut up. If Ozl had signed for £8 million, the same idiots would be bragging about the bargain Arsenal managed. Fernando Torres was decent for Chelsea, but he was panned because he never lived up to his transfer fee.


The truth is, players perform to their best regardless of fees, but fans interpret performance relative to the fee paid. In the last year Raheem Sterling has been repeatedly bashed for not being worth his enormous fee. If he cost City £10 million, he wouldn’t be hammered so hard.

Seriously, what player is ‘worth’ a £50 million transfer fee? No player is worth that kind of money. The money is there and clubs, due to pressure from fans and owners, are spending it. Lukaku is probably a lower risk signing in terms of return. He scored 18 league goals and has improved each of the last three seasons. At £60 million he’ll need to score 30 goals and lead Arsenal to the title to satisfy supporters. If Arsenal pay that money and Lukaku scores 17 goals the same people screaming for Arsene Wenger to splash the cash will be screaming about how the boss wasted all that money.

Arsenal need a striker, but finding the right player isn’t as easy as looking at who’s scoring a lot of goals and buying him. Everton have two or three players in demand. Jon Stones for one, Luaku for another. Will they sell both? Ronald Koeman has shown he’s willing to make players stay if he thinks the club needs them to stay. He did it with Wanyama and he did it with Schneiderlin.

Freaking out will do no good. And a player hasn’t ‘slipped through Arsenal’s fingers’ unless he actually moves. Cavani has supposedly ‘slipped through Arsene Wenger’s fingers’ at least three times. He’s still at PSG, so he was never available.

Morata was brought back to Real Madrid. Was it to replace Benzema or to resell? Is it really good business to buy a player with 11 goals in his best season for £50 million? That doesn’t sound smart, it sounds utterly ridiculous.

Manchester United signed Martial for a fortune. He did well. Rashford was just as good if not better, and he cost… nothing. He was already at the club. how much is paid has no correlation to how well the player will play, but it does affect how fans perceive a player. If Payet cost £65 million would he still be seen as having a great year?

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