It might not sit too well with a majority of the Arsenal faithful but a reunion with one former Gunner is worth considering.

Let’s be honest, what Robin van Persie did in the summer of 2012 represented an emphatic betrayal but was it completely different from Mathieu Flamini’s move in 2008?

Even though the Frenchman did not go on to wear the shirt of another Premier League rival, it is worth noting that his exit equally weakened Arsene Wenger’s side which went on to lack a potent defensive midfielder until the emergence of Francis Coqulein six years later.


Flamini’s decision to leave as a free-agent after a breakthrough season left the club in as much desperation as Van Persie’s move did in 2012. But unlike’s Flamini’s deal, the Dutchman’s transfer still secured Arsenal a £24 million profit.

Yes, Van Persie meant more to Arsenal than Flamini did at the time of either player’s goodbye but this is a football matter and not a marital issue after all.

If Matheiu was good enough and forgivable enough to be taken back a few years later then why can’t Robin be similar?

Below is footage of all the goals Van Persie scored for Fenerbahce last season. Apart from that 22-goal tally which is of reasonable attraction to any club seeking a good striker (as we are), the fashion of Van Persie’s goals prove that the man has not lost his touch in front of goal.

Bringing back the 32-year-old would not answer all of Arsenal’s questions upfront but he could be a useful addition to a squad which often runs out of substitute goalscorers by spring.

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