A video that will touch every Gooner

The international break will always have you idle if you are strictly about Arsenal matters, and so what better way to spend your times than bring back some touching memories of the Gunners?

As far as the post-Invincibles and trophy drought era is concerned, 2008 was probably Arsenal’s most eventful year since moving to the Emirates stadium.

And this video will take you back to the days when Arsenal’s blooming youngsters nearly conquered the Premier League and Europe.

From Eduardo’s injury to the win at the San Siro, this will have you remembering it all.

Enjoy… and don’t cry.

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4 thoughts on “A video that will touch every Gooner

  1. Imagine what would have been had all our players remained uninjured and loyal to AFC from 2008 to today! How nice to daydream…..but c’est la vie!

  2. I can’t believe you put don’t cry, I pretty much cried. One game I do remember well was the game against Bolton, 10 men and 2-0 down. I remember I had the same face as Fabregas when he scored the winner.
    Cheers from Down Under!

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