Adebayor: It was very different from Arsenal instantly scoring in his Manchester City debut, former Gunner Emmanuel Adebayor is back in slamming mood – against Arsenal fans.

The Togolese has lashed out at gooners who jeered him during last season and expressed appreciation to City fans who gave him a warm welcome – singing his name at Edwood Park yesterday.

The 25-year-old had a similar fond relationship with Arsenal fans in his early days as a Gunner but following the summer of 2008 – when he was strongly linked with an exit – a portion of the Emirates Stadium faithful turned onto his sour side.

Adebayor gave the ultimate response to critics following his big-money move to Eastlands by scoring three minutes into his first game as a Man. City player, but his message in a post-match interview proved even more hostile to his old fans.

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“The most important thing is that we won the game, but I’m very happy,” he told City’s official website. “The fans showed that they love me – the noise they made was unbelievable.

“It was very different from Arsenal. I want to give back to them what they give to me. It’s not difficult to give 100 per cent for fans like that, and I look forward to keeping this going.”

32 thoughts on “Adebayor: It was very different from Arsenal

  1. Yea Ade, they love you… for now. Just wait until they see your endless offsides and missed “sitters”, then the gold will lose it’s luster and the love will turn into disgust.
    No Arsenal supporter loves a player that thinks that “he’s” bigger than the team. Maybe if you tried to break swet for Arsenal
    once in a while the fans would love you.

  2. adebayor is nothing more than a two legged pig, he can go fuck himself, and paul robinson should have saved that anyway

  3. Just wait until next summer when he starts letting it be known that he’d love to go to a “really big club” and how he can’t help it that bigger clubs are interested and how flattered he is, blah blah blah. Then City fans will hate him as much as we do.

    One of the laziest, most self-centred players I’ve ever seen.

  4. what a pathetic overpaid arrogant man, have some respect for those that made you into a truely wealthy individual. You seek addoration coz you can’t adore yourself coz you know what a money grabbing selfish individual you are.

    Enjoy your cash and when on your death bed in 40-50 years hope the money grabbing keeps ypu sweet as you drift off to nothingness, twat

  5. I can’t wait till all the ego’s in that locker room get way to big and then they start to fall off the table.

    The only thing I would appreciate more than an Arsenal EPL Title would be to see Arsenal dismantle Man City two times that we play them.

  6. Ade, Now try flirting seriously with Milan and lying about it and see what are the man city fans reaction ???

    He still trying to imply that the fans or the Arsenal is the one who want to sell him without look at himself for the real fact that he is the want who want to be sold to go to beyonce like club.

    Ade no matter what you do or how good you can be it does not matter as long as you being a dishonorably and classless person.


  8. Ade,have a life and leave arsenal alone.You are now history to us.Dont make us remember your stupidity.Fool!Fuck you!

  9. What a hmble man. All the class of a dog shit with icing.

    Time will tell with this one – but there is a lot of love between Ade and the fans after 90 mins….. get a life.

  10. in 1 year’s time u would be saying ‘i shouldnt have left for the money”
    the grass isnt always the greener on the other side… look at what happen to hleb

  11. ADe …They luv…Jst fr the moment..!
    When They see ur crap play..THey **** u!

    An arsenal are really lucky to get tht much money fr a man like Adebayor!

  12. Arsenal are linked fr 6m bid fr van der vaart..
    i believe..but where will he fit?
    we already got rosicky..arshravin..walcott..nasri..!

    1. dont forget Toure “left Arsenal to win trophies” He hasnt exactly covered himself in class since he left either

  13. vdv will fit in due to injries if i ade wants to say sommat come to fockin emirates and then say it i have 2 admit wen he had long hair used 2 score goals without them he couldnt lol ade will always be a cunt and an anti arsenal player have some maturenity like tore whos not sed a word against arsenal and ia no dout a legend come 2 emirates get booed wheras toure will be aplauded

  14. What a terrible ambassador for the little known Togo.

    The only reason the fans booed him is because Arsenal have high standards, and Ade was a lazy, useless cunt. Mancs are desperate for anything.

  15. It was hilarious when he said he would take time to make his decision to join City, claiming he needed time with his family as he thought people in his own country would feel he was being money orientated if he left arsenal for a smaller, lesser known club(his words). Whilst he was on this soul searching mission, he also found time to ring up Chelsea and Man Utd to see if they might want to put in a late bid!! Surely City fans must realise that he is probably the biggest mercenary cunt to hit the premiership since Cashley Cole!! If they don’t then they deserve all the shit that comes with giving the lazy cunt a contract.

  16. hang on hang on ,, it wont be funny if he gets booed and even d person saying its ok to boo players is a disgrace !!!!! no player should be booed by their own fukin fans!! even wat happened to eboue was disgusting ! and im just saying it now for are own good ! everyone i know ,, whos a football fan says arsenal have the worst fans in d premier league ! quietest fans in d stadium and wen a player hu needs them plays bad they instantly turn against him eg eboue for fuks sake lads cop d fuk on nd stop all dis biotching bout players especially wen day dont play for us anymore just get behind d lads EVEN d ones u tink r shit !

  17. U r still talkin u stupid cunt? Leave us alone u r history now bigger players have left the club with a lot of dignity people who actually won things for us, we won’t miss u fuck off. It Just goes to show arsenal fans were right to abuse u after all u r an idiot..

  18. The best players in the world have dignity and are down to earth.

    Kaka, Messi, Xavi, Torres, Buffon, Fabrigas, Alonso, Benzema all are players who are all down to earth, and produce on the pitch because they care about a club.

    Adebuyor seems bitter and thinks he has had to take a step back.

    His comments about Cesc and the champions league stinks of Hypocrocy, Why did he join city then, if every player who has played in it wants to carry on playing in it.

  19. i think mick is right…It was disgraceful that we were booing our own players. I mean, how stupid and counter-productive is that?? You WANT your own player not to play well? Cos, that’s what is likely to happen to a player being booed by his own fans. Yes, Adebayor is greedy, but so are a lot of players, he is becoming a scapegoat because of a few issues. He was definitely out of order, but if you are a fan booing your own player when you want your team to win, then you are just as stupid. And don’t even get me started on the Eboue issue…..

    Arsenal will prosper this season, but whether you like it or not, so will Adebayor. And i look forward to some Arsenal ‘fans’ coming up with more excuses for his good run (and negative future predictions for him) than props for their own team.


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