Alex and Anelka to be Arsenal new boys?

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Despite Arsene Wenger’s usual insistence on Friday that he will not be shopping in January, the Frenchman also admitted he could be tempted, declaring that “if you knock at my door and say ‘I have a fantastic player for you’, I will not turn it down”.

Well, that knocking at the door could be in the form the news that unhappy Chelsea stars Alex and Nicolas Anelka have had their transfer requests accepted by the club.

Below is how the news was confirmed on Chelsea’s official site around 24 hours ago.

Apart from the prospect of Nicolas Anelka returning to the club where he first made his name in England, there is Alex who also has his Arsenal links. Infact, the Brazilian was rumoured to have been chased by the Gunners this summer as Wenger and company monitored his situation at Chelsea which has finally seen a fall-out between club and player.

Arsenal did eventually capture the ‘big’ defender they we hunting for in Per Mertesacker but with form and especially injuries always a variable factor in the Gunners’ squad, Alex could be a very useful addition to Wenger’s options in defense.

A move for the former PSV man could be on the cards, but perhaps less likely could be the addition of former Gunner Nicolas Anelka. The notorious striker is deemed unlikely to be persued by Wenger following how the 32-year-old disrespectfully boycotted a move to Real Madrid during his final days at Arsenal in 1999, leaving a terrible impression on the Gunners’ boss.

Nonetheless, it has been some 12 years since that incident, and with Arsenal in obvious need of an experienced and renowed striker to aid Robin van Persie, why not?

So what do YOU think of the prospect of Alex and Anelka being availabe in January?

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44 thoughts on “Alex and Anelka to be Arsenal new boys?

  1. It will be gud enough 2 ave a talented players in our squad. I will b happy if Wenger make a move

  2. I still prefer Alex but not d return of Anelka, he has nothing to offer Arsenal anymore. We want experienced players that our young players can learn one or two things from not a rebel in the form of Anelka. Up Gunners!!

  3. Wenger will never buy such players, although having a player like Alex in defence will be a big boost.
    As for Anelka, the chances are slim, although he’s a great player and having him return to Arsenal will give RVP some such of relief in the strike line

    1. “Wenger will never buy such players”???

      How about Lassana Diara in 2007 and Mikael Silvestre in 2008? He does take rejects from rivals!

      Oh and Benayoun on loan!

  4. Actually I think Chel$ki should go and knock on someone else’s door. We don’t need either of these players. Maybe young and consistant striker but definately not these two.

  5. I’ll take Alex any day, never Anelka. He has long passed his sell-by date, plus he has a terrible attitude.

  6. we had moany anelka years ago and he shit on us then ,so in my opinion we should never take him back at the mighty gunners it sends a sign to other players that they can do the same and when they are i need of a club in the future they can fall back on us .he didnt want us in his prime so we shouldnt want him now his career is coming to an end, as for alex no thanks either gary cahill is much better and will be on the market come january ,and with half a season on his current contract 6-8 million should more than cover it and he is a very good cb

  7. I actually think both would be good signings. Alex is a great defender and if we get him, we could let Squillaci go and then we would have 5 very good CB’s fighting it out. And for me, Anelka is more than worth a punt for 6 months. Yes he’s a moany git but he’s a proven striker at Premier League level and given our options should RVP get injured, I think we could do a lot worse than sign him on a short term contract and review it at the end of the season.

  8. Absolute tosh… Alex and Anelka may be on their way out, but it won’t be to Arsenal. Anelka is finished and on extortionate wages and the arrival of Per Mertesacker in August will quash any need for a centre half, we have Vermaelen, Koscielny, Djourou, Squillaci, Miquel and of course Bartley as well as the German. I seriously think all resources and effort will go towards signing Mario Gotze if you ask me, a natural replacement for Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas as well as a World Class player as Gervinho will be going to ACN in January!! COYG!!

  9. alex and anelka should come,,,,bcos anelca is better than charmach and alex is also better than squilacci

  10. Hazard Goetze yes that would be nice but neither will happen but alex anelka i will be well chuffed and so should every1. 1 Known strong GOOD defender which we wanted anyway and 1 former gunner in anelka who is also a known striker and GOOD. His pace can match our attack and wouldnt it be sweet for another player who can give assists with walcott van persie and 2 c him score against chelskei MMMMmmmm

  11. 2 me i dn’t see dm n gunners shirts cm january,coz wenger may luk at dm as flops bt lets go 4 a striker instead 2 kip d messiah mr van

  12. Alex and Anelka are not fit into arsenal project. In fact when do we start going for chelsea reject? Arsenal is a bigger and better club than chelsea. The duo are too old for arsenal.

  13. I really do not like the idea of chelsea reject lining up in. Arsenal.For me is a bit of insult because they are rivalries ok they can go to spurs who I think is not in the same class with arsenal.

  14. a big no to both of them…
    we have 4 good cb we dont need alex.. djouru is improving
    as for striker we should go all out for saldado/ sow
    we need to defiantely replace arsahvin.
    ma options are : hazard/ sinclair/ dembele/ podolaski/ vela

  15. Both lads have demonstrated in the ‘past’ good pedigree n were match winners at Chelsea. But Wenger I feel should spend a little bit more on young n upcoming talents that can fit into de team immediately. We do not want to have a loads of bench warmers, n stack of promising youngsters on loan around the world.

  16. Wenger is d most funniest Coach in world football. When he shld b thinking of how to buy any 2 of Marco Reus, Podolski, Hazard, Mario Gotze & Alex or Vertonghen. Now he has started thinking of Anelka in order to save money in d bank. Wenger shld stop foolish thinking b4 he loss RVP & Theo this January 2012.

  17. Arsene won’t buy none of them because the defence is very solid, so we don’t need Alex. In attacking position we have plenty of strikers that can fill that role and we don’t need Anelka who is 32 (too old for Wenger) and has high salaries.

  18. It would not make any sense if we sign Alex and Anelka.
    Instead of them 2 ,we should go for GOETZE and LUKAS PODOLFSKI.

    we are very strong in defence,we have gibss coming back ,diaby coming back ,sagna coming back ,wilshere coming back.

    what we need right now is another dimension to our game.

  19. I prefer having samba or cahill and sodaldo than to have alex and anelka in the arsenal team……

  20. well, alex will b a gr8 plus for us bt we suld rather go for any of podoski/ kaka/ pato/ pavychenko/ rodaledga or any one else instead of anelka.

  21. Really, two players who cannot get into the Chelsea side because they are not good enough? And you think they’d be good enough for Arsenal? I agree, Alex is better than Squillaci, but what is that worth? As for Anelka, he is undisciplined and getting old — both of them want a final big paycheck, and they won’t get it from Arsenal. Thankfully.

  22. Yes, Mr Wenger we need a experienced and proven striker to pair with Van Persie who can finish like 100 percent. In our present squad we lack a finisher who can be deadly in the box, or can put the ball in the back of the net every time he gets the ball. So yes Anelka is good enuf to do that, not every time but can be trusted.


  24. Alex? OK – if he comes cheap. Anelka? No way. If he even crossed AW` parsimonious mind, he must have weighed him against the intensely loyal and vastly superior Henry. Now that would make sense. So he`s 32! That`s no big deal. Think DI Stafano,and Puskas – think Sherin gham and McLintock ,who all pushed forty when they quit The greatest striker of his generation would probably bag a ton of goals for us, playing as required, before reaching the age Dennis retired. He looks quick enough for me yet he is two years younger than Linford Christie was, when he won the Olimpic sprint gold. We shoul re-sign him, even if AW breaks a lifetime habit and spends real money on a younger, long-term striker.

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