Alex Song out of Stoke City clash those who failed to realize, a booking and not injury this time, is what will sideline one of Arsenal’s key men for Saturday’s Premier League clash with Stoke City.

Alex Song has been on the brink of his fifth yellow card of the season since being cautioned during the 3-1 victory over Birmingham back in October.

The 22-year-old did control his conduct for four straight league matches to survive participation in last Sunday’s meeting with Chelsea.

But following another booking in Wednesday’s unwanted Carling Cup appearance at Manchester City, a one-match suspension by FA rules will see Song sit out the physical battle with Stoke on Saturday.

Wenger’s main option to fill Song’s void will be Denilson who took over the job while the Cameroonian was rested in the second-half of the Chelsea match.

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6 thoughts on “Alex Song out of Stoke City clash

  1. I don’t have much to say about the game. Just moving on!

    Randy, is it snowing in here, or is it me? Liking it!

    Go Gunners

  2. ha’s Christmas snow!

    Maybe this was Song’s time to pick the booking and get his deserved rest. I don’t believe Denilson will not rise to the occasion on Saturday. Better to loose Song now than in the Liverpool game

  3. No goals in 3 games. We are probably going to lose at Liverpool and Burnley so we better beat Stoke.
    What a pile of pooh.

  4. hey anyone liked the way eastmond played? i did, a lot….. loved the way some of the players got a booking for the team……. rarely anyone does this in the first team… we got stuck in…anyone noticed?

    1. usama, i do recall his booking. struck me as a bit poser-ish, like they were trying to say ‘hey, we can play tough too’ without actually doing so. nice thought (ur right, shows some moxy) but they were still being pushed around way too much. i’m sure i just expected too much from the young guns. and perhaps ade-pay-whore’s mug still infuriates me; and shiteh are a pack of mercenary clowns to whom i was sooo hoping the kids would deliver a comeuppance. my frustration stems, most likely, from my own stupidity. leastways, thats what the missus tells me.

      song booked … meh. out for stoke, back for liverpool, for which he’ll be needed much more.

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