Already had enough of Arshavin!

(This article was written at half-time during the match against Swansea City) have never written about a match when it is still in progress, but my goodness, what is Andrey Arshavin doing on the pitch while Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain sits in the cold?

Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott have also reported into half-time at Swansea as poor performers but even their below-par display has been eclipsed by the now reliably disappointing Arshavin.

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This is not an outrage over the 1-1 scoreline at half-time in Wales but apart from setting up Van Persie for the goal – which would not have been any heroic act had Van Persie not used his own brilliance to score from nothing – the Russian has harmed Arsenal’s play more than helped it.

Everyone misplaces passes but Arshavin almost does it for a living and for whatever reason, whenever he gives the ball away, it costs the team dearly.

It was his loose ball which handed Swansea the possession which they used to earn a penalty-kick courtesy of a needless tackle from the increasingly under-performing Ramsey.

And as Arsenal searched for a goal on the stroke of half-time, Song and Van Persie hustled with moves forward before Arshavin booted away a tame long ball with the last kick of the half.

I hate to criticize any Gunner but enough is enough for Andrey Arshavin!

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77 thoughts on “Already had enough of Arshavin!

    1. “disagree dude”

      Did you JUST see Arshavin misplace another pass to Ramsey which Swansea have scored their second goal off?

      Cunts. You, Arshavin and Ramsey.

      1. Arsenal have been atrocious today. They play for 90mins a week and they cant give all their efforts for the game. Ramsey had a poor game today but at least he ran his heart out. What really pisses me off is when we pass backwards and invite more pressure onto the back four. I can’t stand it when players lose the ball and can’t be asked to try and snap at the oppositions heels to try and win it back. Im talking to you Rosicky, Arshavin and at times ramsey. I mean Henry is back but he doesnt attack the ball and he just stands there like he wants the ball on a plate. And what the fuck is Van Persie pirhouetting around for we need to be more direct. If you dont SHOOT how the fuck are you going to SCORE!!!!

    2. Ramsey has been in shit form for three months, Arshavin all season. Kos ambled back rather than running and gave up a goal. Theo needs some time on the bench and Ox needs time on the pitch. Mertesacker is utter gangling shit, for another 10M we had Cahill, for another 2M we had Samba. Wenger is penny wise pound foolish. We have no chance to get into the CL and will suddenly not have money next year as 50M will be missing from the bank account again.

      Really people how many REALLY good signings has he made in the last few years? He used to know when guys had to leave, now we keep everyone until they prove they can’t even play in fucking Turkey.

      How can we suddenly not be able to pass or score? Simply because we have zero creative or committed midfield play any longer. How many times did the defenders pass it about again with no outlet? How many time are we going to give the ball up inside our half (Ramsey) and scramble to recover? How many of our players will score ten goals this season? (How many shit refs are we going have to endure while we are struggling? )

      I’m Arsenal through and through, but I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel with this squad. Brendan Rogers has a bunch of middling players passing and pressing for a whole match. They kicked our over paid under achieving asses plain and simple. Our guys must think they are Bergkamp et al and can amble to the points…not even close.

      Gooners need to prepare ourselves for being a top six or seven side, and watching Spurs gain the upper hand. I’m sick, fucking sick. And I suspect RVP will be as well.

      1. great post – I also cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel. Wenger looking that grumpy tells me that he is done, he cant handle the challenge of competing for a title anymore, he is just out of his depth now. So sorry to say that. His panic buys have failed, loaning benayoun is the last straw for me. Why no ox?? he looks to be the only fighter we have. Walcott is making me spew more than arshavin right now

      2. You said it Corey Wenger is past it. At Highbury we had 38,000 and players like Berkamp,Vera,Henry,Junberg Pires,Lauren,Wlitford all highly paid from getting into Champs lge NOW WITH 62,000 he cant buy quality,to take off Mertaseker again who is as slow as a snail move Song back there says it all he tells us at begining who he has bought but we never see them they have to be better than Arshavin,Chamaq,even Gervino who cant score simple goals He needs to sell his bad buys go into debt and buy a striker,a midfielder and a left sided player Diarby we will never see this season and Walcot needs to add more to his game than just being fast and also Wenger needs to find a coat that fits him. CB

    3. You seem not to be watching the same matches. One good pass….and 30 wild shots into the stands the last few months.

  1. i agree enough with arshavin, walcott and ramsey too…..i think wenger have to open talk with other player and sell arshavin, chamakh, diaby, squiallaci, almunia, rosicky, ramsey and walcott. this all useless in arsenal shirt.

  2. I can’t believe nobody else has realized how slow Song is playing. Arshavin, Song, Walcott, Benayoun, Djourou are all shit. Amazing that someone as energized as the Ox doesnt make it on the pitch. No champions league next year, when half your squad are lazy shit kickers, you will never win the league.

  3. What about Walcott, yes I know he just scored, but both him and Arshavin should get sold asap

  4. i dont know what in wenger mind, when he can start to bring in the quality players in arsenal shirt, please rebuild this squad with the good players,

  5. wenger is probably the only person who thinks ashravin is good. If Benayoun is not good for a not so good chelsea why is he good for arsenal

  6. It was not arshavin’s fault for their second goal but our mighty Ramilson. He also gave away a penalty, top class, 2 assists in a single game.

  7. Arsenal is a club based on mediocrity! You havnt seen anything yet! Can you only notice arsharvin’s incompetence?, the whole team is a mess! and even your coach does it for a living! “only a fool will do a thing the same way and expect a different result”

  8. Miquel, Arshavin, Djourou, Ramsey and Walcott have made it another embarrassing day for a Arsenal supporter..

  9. we loss arteta tonight and it effect 70% arsenal performance, arteta and song are good partnering remind me at petit and viera, wenger have to do something and start looking for the good replacement due to injury problem. and also back up for RVP, bring in 1 versatile full back who can play at all back four position and back up for szczesny.

    1. Fuck you, are you really comparing song to viera? Song has been so lazy lately. Without rotating the squad, there is no competition for playing time and everyone plays like they know their spot in the starting lineup is safe. Loads of skill, potential, and ability will never make up for desire, hustle, and agressive play. Swansea played like barca today with a bunch of no-names who had the desire to win.

  10. Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit… No strength in depth, Nobody who can create chances for RVP, no more signings this transfer window..No champions league next season… Wank!!

  11. Just watched the came what a load of CRAP enough is enough spend money now and chop the dead wood or leave the club mr tight ares

  12. Wenger out. Bring in a manager who is prepared to spend the money were making from selling all our best players. We can wave goodbye to top 4 now… And probably rvp while we’re at it. What has happened to arsenal???

  13. Its January so we most go on Sale 50% Arshaven and buy some vitamins for wolcott and ramsey . Whit all ther salery they must do more on the pitch we playes swansea with all respecy to them they are not paid like Arsenal Players and they do ther best no Cl they should be sold and start again Mr Wenger.

  14. My word, you’re all a bunch of fickle, fairweather ingrates aren’t you?

    Have I stumbled on a spud site by mistake?

  15. got what you wenger knows dickheads deserve
    the Arsenal were out passed and lets be honest deserved nothing from the game
    too many lazy moderate players
    did u see a pires,bergkamp adams keown freddy vierra dixon winterburn overmars Henry(original version) petit

    now listen i want to love these players but you have to be honest form is temporary class is permanent and the ramseys walcotts dejrou arsavin just aint class

  16. Just to reiterate, what a fucking lame ass performance from players that are on at least £40K a fucking week!! I don’t give a shit we had key players out… manure, citeh, the chavs, liverpool and that other north london team’s squad would have collected at leat 1 pt against swansea, probably all 3, with or without a few key 1st team players out.. Better start looking forward to europa league action next season if we continue playing like that..

  17. Give Rosicky a run in for a few games. Lad was ill but still looked better than the rest of the players.

    1. Rosicky should be sold he cant score a goal to save his mom life, what the fuck we keeping him for, everybody can pass a ball, this squad needs to reshuffle, some of these players should be released, wegner is fucking crazy, he picks all these inferior shit players and waste 5-6 years trying with them and if it dont work nobody ever enquire about, they need to cut the losses and release them asap…Wegner out….

  18. Sorry to say this arshavin was naver our problem, as far as wenger is still incharge of arsenal they will never i mean ever smell success.

  19. Shit in midfield and shit at the back.
    Walcott, Arshavin, Djourou, Rosiky, Park, Chamakh all new to go and fresh blood brought in if Wenger does not spend he will be in the same postion in 2 months as we were last year and he knows he will not like to be getting another kicking from the loyal fans

  20. awful, game proves problems run much deeper than buying in a player or two. Culture problem at AFC – ultimately Wenger responsible.

  21. All the Wegner supporters see that this dude is a mad rass man, we started the season badly and was desperate for the transfer window to open to get quality to help us in the top four and this crazy man is playing ramsey, benyoun and arshavin in the same team, what the fuck is he thinking and when you give your honest opinion on this site some you get negative feedback because i’m not willing to stoop to Arsene Wegner blind tactics…Whatever happens for the rest of the season i will take because i’m not gonna stress myself over this useless team, i know football and arsenal is not a good team anymore, so i will accept it that we are a mid table team…Fuck Arsene and all who believe his visions, i wish he drops and dead he is a real pussy

  22. Wenger doesn’t select the team based on performance bcos Chamberlain,Rosicky & even Miyachi shd be given the start ahead of Walcott,Ramsey & Arshavin. Wenger shd consider his position & allow fresh ideas from a young manager

  23. Arshavin go now, why was he on the pitch?
    Poorest Arsenal side for 10 YEARS easily!!!
    Arsene you were out thought again, happens too often these days.
    Swansea deserved the win but wouldn’t have have lived with Arsenal of old. Wenger has had his day!!!
    Never thought I would say that.
    Bring someone in with more fire in his belly, I am getting too old to wait, it will never happen again under Wenger.

  24. Arsenal will play europa league next season unless they buy good players. Imagine 10 points behind yids and we cant even get a draw with swansea, shame on arsenal.


    1. fuck wenger.i dont blame him is bcos he doesnt hav a wife or a shavin has refused to give him his ass to fuck.wenger out of dis fellow gunners do not expect any transfer cos no player we want to come.wenger is gay

  26. our players are soft ,every year our excuse is injury injury all the time .sack wenger and the medical staff and sell 70% of the players

  27. lost the game 3-2…..simply awful performance…..when will walcott ever learn to get a better first touch or have a footballing brain???and why doesnt oxlade gets a chance to start when he is miles better than walcott???arshavin was another a**hole….complains that he doesnt get chances to play, and when he gets it, he is just so f**king useless…..and ramsey is getting the Song disease, trying to hold on to the back for so long and doing fancy flicks which doesnt come off when he can just square a simply pass…we are so much in need of wilshere, sagna and santos….really hurts watching arsenal nowadays…I wonder if wenger realises all this and i wonder why he doesnt believe he reserve players more….if he had done that in the Leeds game, Arteta(having played so many games on the trot) wouldnt have been injured….top four looks rather shaky now….Well done to the Swans…awesome game today….I missed those days when arsenal played like that…..

  28. Tough to be an arsenal fan right now. Not only are we losing but our football is not even nice anymore. Don’t know where we go from here, I don’t think any team can make the champions league with just 1 world class player. Getting outplayed by fulham and swansea is just too much. I don’t wanna sound pessimistic, but the top 4 doesn’t seem realistic with this team. Let’s be honest, we had it comming. When you sell 2 key players and replace them with average ones then what should we expect?

  29. sir AW all knowing said it’d be foolish to lose points because we lack a lb. now what about the 3rd goal. pure lb blunder. wenger out!

  30. Why is mertesaker at arsenal this man cannot be a pro footballer he must have fauced his papers probably the worst centre half I’ve ever seen wenger you clearly hAve lost it

  31. Wats wenger even thinking, sell that useless arshavin back to where he came. Ramsey and walcott need a lot of bench wit ox and rosicky startin in d line up. Ramsey and walcott should improve their game for christ sake, arsenal is loosin the top 4 and wit dis current state of the team, the champions league is history, cos they can’t face AC milan with dis lazy, no strength,undetermined team. This just a replica situation of the beginin of season. If wenger doesn’t act now…no champions league next season… Pls Someone shud tell wenger to wakeup and turn d lights…totenham,man city,chelsea and man united are all awake!!

  32. in my opinion, Arshavin has lost it and for the forward movement of the team he has to go. Also in my opinion, the worse player of the match was a joint effort with Ramsey and Ashavin winning the gong.
    Can anyone tell me why Wenger has to always wait till the 60th minute to make a change? Its predictable and very annoying.

  33. that was the worst game being played by arsenal and all players perfomed poorly and if le boss cannot talk 2 di players then man utd gonna thrash us lyk they did b4

  34. Can’t wait any longer for Wilshere return…
    With no real fullbacks, Arsenal looked completely toothless in a 4-3-3.

  35. Arshavin shud be sent onloan nd allow alex to play instead.Ramsey was d worst player of d nyt.wat a shameful mentailty of champions.wenger open ur checkbook nd buy quality players orelse relegatn awaits u

  36. The 1st thing is goodbye to Wenger,Arshavin,bench Ramsey,give the Ox games, Pls we need a new manager bcos the mistakes are so obvious everybody without a technical eye can see.Mr Wenger times have change, open ur eye we are fed up ,

  37. No midfield to feed Robin Van Persie and money thinking Wenger won’t spend on a talented playmaker.. Dislike as much as you want but Van Persie’s lust for success is growing and he’s not in a side that can provide.
    Always stuck by Arsenal through and through, but to the point where Swansea dominated the whole game and deserved the three points must be a sign we need new players. Yes, we have Sagna, Vermaelen, Santos(worthless), Gibbs, and especially Jack Wilshere coming back, but what if they get injured again?

  38. Im gonna be honest we dont deserve to be in the top 4, in Arsene we trust………………………………………………………………………………

  39. Arsenal has a bunch of clowns in defense. What a disgrace and shameful performance! Ramsey? Well, arsene praised him highly…. so much for the penalty giveaway.

    The sole responsiblity lies with the management, especially the manager wenger. He alone picks the team and decides who plays …. No need to talk further about arshavin, wenger still praises him and picks him regularly, so whose fault is it?

    If a team still has almunia and squillaci in it, what does that tells you? Wenger shouldnt pretend further that his squad is a top team.

  40. Mr wenger, you should stop bragging. It’s high time you understood that you have no team. What have you gained from Marteseker since you bought him from Germany? B/c you need cheap players. Look @ Cahil, Samba, Gajealka. You bided for them all but b/c of your stinginess you went for cheap aticle who has no speed. You even play him ahead of our best central defenders. Other coaches use to buy quality players to maintain their pedegree but yours is to breed and sell. Mark it Rvp is moving by the end of this season. Please sell Ashavin buy attacking midfielder and a striker if you want us to qualify for Europa. Note that both suarez, Torres,luiz etc were bought on summer window. Dont give escuse that better players are not available on summer window. Unless you want to kill Arsenal and leave. Mr Wenger be wise. Buy. Arsenal is not your birthright.

  41. The usual sad arsenal ending. Wat do you expect with players like benayoun, rosicky, djuoru, merta-sucker, arshavin, et al playing at the same? Could easily have been another 8-2. Wenger won’t rest till crumbles this team, and he seems to be doing a good job of it. Time to go, wenger and your fellow retards!!!


    Only at Arsenal can wenger stay 7 years without trophy, and that’s becos the owner/board are mostly interested $$$$$ than trophies. Wenger’s promised the job for LIFE, so it’s no pressure on him, so he behaves like he does…sometimes arrogantly too.

  43. Unfortunately, Wenger will continue “showcasing” Arshavin in the hopes of attracting another interested buyer other than Zenit.

  44. I m an ardent Arsenal fan,not missed a single match fort the last 9 years.very much appalled by poor fielding,Arshavin,Benayoum ane Miquel should not have started this game.if henry has to gain speed,certain option is to start him and rest him when he makes little sense to start with non-impact players hoping to change the game in the last half.less impessive players come in towards the end when victory is already sealed.though we managed to overcome a bad start i knew reliance on a skeleton squad will tire the team opening us up to decline in the second half.a studious assessment of our performance confirms we have no guarantee of beating any team in the premier league at the moment.we need total overhaul,a deep and well rotated squad as opposed to current set up where playing is guaranteed due to lack of options.

    due to a large fan base,good ideas are readily coming for our team but wenger seems unresponsive to good advice,replacing him at the end of the season will grant the team a fresh lease of lfe.
    Augustino Bwire-Mombasa/KENYA.

  45. The champions league attracts players and brings in money we’ve now been in this for 15 years and no money and no players why fucking bother were not gonna win it anyway.alex song is a waste of space why do people keep saying how good he is drop him and see what happens

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