Report: Arsenal 0-0 Sunderland

By Randy Osae opportunity missed, another fateful points squashed and another bout of allusion on how Arsenal may never reclaim that frilly top four place.

A fourth straight league fixture ended all-square for Arsenal at home to Sunderland and the same old vapid story remained, even with Andrey Arshavin’s company.

Aston Villa did buckle for once against Chelsea – losing 1-0 in an earlier event – but frankly, Wenger’s men showed little interest to make them pay.  And that is not for once.

After a two-week wait, Wenger finally made use of £15 million hot-rod Andrey Arshavin. Carlos Vela was the man sacrificed, and like Fabianski and Gibbs, saw their places on Monday retrieved by senior men Almunia and Clichy respectively. Van Persie started, but Bendtner really was the gainer off Eduardo’s vacancy.

You would infer Arshavin had set the normal Emirates sparkle back even after Eduardo’s feat hinted earlier this week –  the Russian first to attempt on five minutes.

And quite an attempt it was, as his shot after pouncing onto a loose ball brushed off the foot of the post. He would then hit a left-footed drive which tested Sunderland’s stopper. In between Arshavin’s tries Van Persie rounded off the keeper after been sent through by Denilson, but he beat the target too by inches.

Arsenal’s ascendancy was sometimes thwarted by Sunderland’s snippy breaks forward – ones of which saw Ferdinand and Whitehead force Almunia into impressive stops.

On the half-hour mark, Arshavin glinted again – picking out Bendtner in the box, but the Dane’s response was turned around the post superbly by Fulop. And then on the stroke of half-time, there was another denial as Toure ‘s looping header was cleared off the line.

Arsenal were mastering but not according to the scoreboard.

The second half though, was more of the Gunners’ lethargy. Seeming disinterested in build-ups, Wenger’s men constantly struggled with picking out simple passes as Sunderland contained them with ease.

That’s when urgency mounted and Arshavin was the scapegoat as Vela replaced him with less than half an hour to go. The Mexican youngster did heap some life into Arsenal but was at fault for scuffing two handy chances off target.

For a second game in a row, Clichy then left the pitch in pain for Gibbs.

A ball broke to Gallas, free on the edge of the area, but he provided a volley in anguish.  The last act of one-route football was when Eboue – who had replaced Song – laid the ball off for Van Persie but the Dutchman’s volley was as that of Gallas.

And the result was as that of a side still wobbling at the top four’s shores.

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25 thoughts on “Report: Arsenal 0-0 Sunderland

  1. we dont deserve 4th spot playing like that. I have now accepted that we WILL finsh 5th or even 6th. It is not impossible to finish 4th but very very unlikely with the team we have at the moment. UEFA CUP or CHAMPIONS LEAGUE i still love Arsenal FC. Oh yeah and 1st.

  2. I take pity on those fans in London who paid hard earned money to watch this crab match.(under this economic recession)

  3. Arsenal are officially shit thay can’t win against small team, big mistake to let Gilberto and Flamini go.

  4. gilberto was passed it and although flamini should have stayed he wouldnt have helped much turning 0-0’s into wins

  5. Wenger fucked every thing up.
    1) I knew he wouldn’t start vela in this match without having a reason
    2) I knew he would start Clichy even if he was well below his standard in the last couple of matches, and Gibbs played superbly against Sunderland.
    3) I knew he wouldn’t he wouldn’t pick Wilshere for this match even if the team lacks a creative player.
    4) I knew he couldn’t do the changes to the team that everybody expected him to do from a long time, (Song+Denilson)was so bad on the eye, every attack was being destroyed there, especially Song.
    Just why, why?
    Why not players who are on form, and not for experience blah ….
    Even with all the players suspended and injured he should have won the match comfortably if he used the available players in the right way.
    What’s wrong if we have started at our ground with Nasri and Denilson in the middle and Vela, Arshavine or Eboue on the wings? things would have been much smoother and we should have scored easily.
    Vela missed 2 or 3 chances but I wouldn’t blame him, because he isn’t getting the chance and the confidence to play and score regularly.
    I don’t know how on earth how Wenger manged to destroy all the optimism surrounding the club after the Sunderland win and the purchase of Arshavine.
    I was watching the game with some friends that aren’t gooners and I was embarrassed to defend how bad my team is playing and ridiculous the manager selection is.
    I have always supported Wenger and I still do, but he should know that the margin of errors are so little, and this match should let him rethink of how he will play Roma in our own stadium.
    I Sunderland made us suffocate and limited our clear cut chances, what will Roma do to us?
    Maybe Wenger will play the same way hoping for a draw, and for us to win the second leg when Walcot is back, and that is a big gamble, a club of our size shouldn’t bank on.
    I Eboue gave us a little penetration ans that is strange, but for the Roma game I hope Diaby return and provide us with something different.
    Although I’m criticizing a lot, but the reason is obvious, Villa lost and we haven’t gained anything over them, and we hope our season isn’t lost too easily before everyone gets back.

  6. sorry for the spelling mistakes as I was writing quickly because of frustration, and up I meant the win over Cardif and not Sunderland.

  7. AngryMan, you need not apologized for criticizing a lot.I am with you because Villa lost and we haven’t gained anything over them. Not every criticism is bad.

  8. enough is enough. i hate to think that AW is still relishing his reputation of buying cheap and nurturing talents and then selling ex. (think anelka).

    he is still living in the glory of those days.

    after we start playing in the uefa cup, players like RVP, Cesc and Ade will leave. maybe Arshavin will listen to Yulia and start wondering why he was so determined to join this fading dynasty.

    and then, when the star players leave, AW will find some SUPER TODDLER TALENTS from France or wherever and start asking for time to build his belief in the young.

    hell yeah, we are really going to enjoy being a Gunner

  9. I am also beginning to question Arsenal’s medical team. Why is it that some of our players are taking such a long time to fully recover from their respective injuries? Are they competent?

  10. If talented players saw players playing ahead of them and underperforming, and the manger doesn’t change them it kills them from the inside.
    Players in general and in our case the younger players especially will have doubts over the coach selection.
    Its crazy to think that I could have done a better job in this match than Wenger, its not that I’m something special or something, but that’s just shows how the manager got it wrong with his selection.
    If anybody saw the players on the bench, they must wonder what was Merida doing there!
    There is something so strange in the fact that Wenger asked for the 7 players to be on the substitutions bench, his reason was he wanted to blood English players who will take the extra seats, but Merida who will not ever have a future with team got the chance ahead of Wilshere.
    The team was crying for the manger to do something, Wilshere would have provided us with some magic.
    For the record I don’t know how but Gibbs and Wilshere show when they play some grit and determination that is required in some matches to show the rest how it should be done.

  11. What a pile of bollocks. Wenger needs the sack he is a crap manager now and doesn’t understand you can’t win with a shitty team like this. Look at barcelona. man utd and inter. All got a good team and good experience.

  12. I hope that Wenger will be able to give all the fans a good and worthy explaination. No more crap excuses.

  13. @christian gross

    You sir are clearly taking drugs if you think Gilberto was past it. You obviously did not see the Brazil/Italy game last week where Brazil comfortably dismantled the world champions with Gilberto picking them apart from the centre of midfield and breaking down much of their play. Wenger is out of ideas as this Sunderland game shows. He’s lost the plot and the club is going into the UEFA Cup. While a fully fit squad might have rescued us, it is become far too late to gain the points on 4th place unless Aston Villa begin to crumble tremendously and we start to win just about every game from now until May which is highly unlikely. For all our shots on goal today none went in the net which shows that there’s hardly anyone who can change the game when 1-0 would have been enough for 3 points. We’re on a huge decline and the finger is pointed squarely on Wenger’s inability to complete the team.

  14. 17 points behind ManU and the season is not over. The most impressive decline from one season to the next!
    Clichy from world class player to ordinary left back.
    Team with the least drive in the Premiership….

    Arsenal is breaking all sorts of records this season.

    Please bring in Mourinho before its too late.

  15. Ask any `Scouse` from the Scotlnd Road area of Liverpool and old enough to remember Mary Blun what`fades` are and they`ll tell you “apples that are going off”.Mary collected `fades` and sold them to the poor kids at half price.
    So, what`s this got to do with the pathetic performances of the Gunners?
    Well the`fades` were tossed out so they didn`t affect the good apples in the barrel something AW has failed to do.We don`t have to name them but they have to go before it really is too late.
    AW appears to be an idealist and his business sense looks sound.Only spend what you earn.
    Unfortunately most businesses are run on loans and overdrafts and, whilst it sounds like good sense to watch the pennies it`s not very good business to be playing to a half empty stadium with a loan of four hundred million pounds hanging over your head.Time for a re think Arsene and don`t forget the `fades`.

  16. arsenal was pretty bad today. Kolo and Gallas and Alumnia were solid as usual and Clichy and Sagna were decent. Arshavin showed glimpses of what will come. other than that terrible.
    bendtner did nothing to challenge the sunderland defense.
    nasri never went one-on-one with anyone.
    the center mids sat back and did nothing accept pass the ball side-to-side or to the outside so we could whip in another cross that challenged nodoby.

    I thought the performance at cardiff was a sign of the good things to come. I am confident we will do well against roma as we always play our best against the best. I am hopeful for a top four finish but i am really staring to loose confidence in the gunners.

  17. Jesus christ guys, you call yourself fans?????

    One minute you praise the shit out of AW and then next minute you call for his head????

    I admit I’m drunk right now and wasted a shit of am orning watching that lame ass game, but come on guys support our squatd and support our AW!….Song and Sagna played like shit today, every ball Sagna played in was rubbish, and I think he needs a breather, give GIbbs or fuck even Eboue his spot. We lack that flow, every time our mid got the ball it felt like they were held up, our back four is solid as fuck right now, and our mid is just killing our transisition. Son, rubbish, Denilson is a good CDM once we get our squad back but fuck….Song couldn’t make a pass to save his life today. I’m just as frustrated as you guys are but come on!!!! Our team is going to be dynomaite soon all we have to do is stick wiht what AW has built and trust that he has done the right things, it sucks right now but I hope all you guys end up eating your words in the comning years…..

    life isn’t always going to be amazing, we need to realize that next year we will be fighting for a top 4 spots, lets just hope they keep RVP and we build off that…

    Guys we need to supprot our team and there are enough games left for us to beat AV, (they suck and will drop points!) so I say lets get behind our team and fucking go for it boys…we can do it….


  18. Praise does’nt make us a bigger fan nor criticizing makes us a lesser fan. Either ways, both are made out of love, care and concern for Arsenal Football Club. It is just that different people have different ways of expressing. The very fact that we are here on this site is because we all care for the club.

  19. you kno what i think?Everton will top on us on the standings, Its true. God willing arsenal proove me wrong though.

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