Some may hate to hear it, but the way Arsenal worked under Arsene Wenger was pretty effective; reliable Champions League appearances as a base from which to make the occasional title push.

The club has chosen to live in the tier below the big spenders, for the most part, and as long as that is true, we might not attract elite talent in the transfer market and as a result, major silverware might become even harder to win.

With that said, Arsenal will need to get a lot better at scouting the mid-level tier of players like Lucas Torreira, because building a team with personnel of that quality is an effective route towards returning to the consistent top four level of old.

And if taking a ‘cast-off’ like Denis Suarez is also part of that strategy?…Then that is fine. Suarez may not be the sort of high-profile signing that some of our rivals have recently made, but he is the kind of low-risk, high-potential-reward addition that Arsenal need to get a lot better at luring if we have no plans of spending big.

Nonetheless, this strategy of spending low and hoping for a hit in a player CAN be quite effective. The Sp*** have employed it for years now and so has Dortmund. Liverpool also went by that policy to an extent before the Allison and Van Dijk purchases.

It might not return the continual success and trophies you may expect from Manchester City, Real Madrid or Barcelona, but it does mean that with better scouting, we could contend for the Champions League again and maybe the odd title here and there.

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