By Joshua Smith Pim years now, Gunners have started each season with the same dream – watching our beloved Arsenal lift a trophy.  For much too long now we’ve ended each season empty handed.  We’ve tired of the pundits who feel it necessary to remind us each time they speak about our club that it’s been (subtract 2005 from current year) since Arsenal last won a trophy.

Now, more than ever, Gunners are up in arms.  We want results.  We need results.  We’re sick of being written off.  We’re tired of hearing the same old excuses about not being able to compete with our debt-ridden, over-spending rivals.

For all of you Gunners who have felt the sting of defeat as I have, I say to you rejoice!  Arsenal have put together a team ready to legitimately compete for honors and glory.  I am making the bold prediction now that we will be victorious this season.  We will knock the dust off the trophy cabinet lock next March after we are crowned the 2013 Champions of the NextGen Series.

What the (insert explicative) is the NextGen Series?  I’m glad you asked.  The NextGen Series is an international football tournament for the youth of the world’s best clubs.  Now in its second season, NextGen is comprised of U19 players from 24 elite academies.  The tournament gives fans a chance to watch their lads compete in a Champion’s League type environment while providing them with tremendous experience. you haven’t watched our youth squads compete yet this year you are really missing out.  We are currently top of our table in the U21 Premier League after three very impressive wins.  They have mastered the telepathic one touch passes leading up to a slide rule for a shot on goal routine.  To be honest, they look a more solid unit than our senior squad at this moment and they are an absolute joy to watch. Our U18 team has just come off a solid victory against Everton as well.

Our NextGen squad is a combination of both teams.  They shined against Marseille last week as they dominated them in a three goal to nil
master class.  The other opponents in our group are Athletic Bilbao and Olympiacos.  These pairings give us a very solid chance of making it to the knockout stages as the top of our group.

We have an embarrassment of riches and depth to call upon as we go through both the NextGen and U21 Premier League this season.  Over the coming months I will be providing you with updates and in-depth looks into each of our budding prospects.

The best part of the NextGen Series and the U21 Premier League is that, for all games played at Underhill, admission is free for all supporters!  Besides the trophies we will be bringing in, I can’t think of a better reason to come out and support our Young Guns. Better go see them now before the debt-ridden, over-spending rivals begin flashing their cash at them.  Just kidding about the poachers (on second thought, you’d better come see them before they have a year left on their contract).

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