Arsene plays down Toure and Bendtner gossip

By Randy Osae

Both players have been second fiddles this season
Both players have been second fiddles this season

Kolo Toure’s persistent injuries and occasionally clumsy displays in defense and Bendtner’s failure to genuinely deputize in Emmanuel Adebayor’s absence have alerted the likes of story makers and other lurking clubs as the Janaury transfer window approaches.

The duo, including former skipper William Gallas have been strongly likened to begin a mass Arsenal exodus before the summer, but as ever, Arsene Wenger has moved to clear the slate – at least for the time being.

It does not necessarily make a difference when the boss makes such bullish remarks on possible exits by his players, but it is better news to hear with Manchester City and Spartak Moscow keeping tabs on Arsenal’s contributive pair.

“We go into a period where many people will be creative about what will be happening,” he added. “I think you have to be realistic as well. We have a short squad. You want everyone to focus on the Club and on helping us do as well as we can.”

Both Toure and Bendtner are currently sidelined with injuries, but at least one of them could make it for the clash with Aston Villa on Friday.

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14 thoughts on “Arsene plays down Toure and Bendtner gossip

  1. Its ok these players leave it makes room for youngsters to get their feet wet.

    The more I think about it the more I’m not afraid. Look at AC Milan last year, look at Real madrid. They were all screwed and not one of them have the talent pool that we have. So we may have a bad year but just wait till our boys come a knocking.

    Toure, it would be upsetting to see him leave, Bedtner, well not so much. Gallas, I don’t know. I expect him to leave but I hope he leaves on good terms.

    I think at the end of the year we will lose , Gallas, and Betdner with a few going out on loan. fine by me, bring in Gibbs, and we have Eduardo, Simpson and Vella.

    I’m fine, but a little upset as to who is going to lift the club with Cesc out. I think Eduardo coming back will be a huge shot to the arm of Arsenal. And I really hope that Ramsey starts to get some looks with Denilson.

    Should be an interesting couple of months with Cesc out. I had the same injury and did it on the same kind of play. He will be back I just wouldn’t rush it.

  2. i honestly think i would cry if toure left. hes my favorite gunner and has all the heart and desire that i feel has been lacking alot this year. i kno that toure has had issues with injuries and form this year but i am sure that after a couple games, toure would be back the his expected dominant form. and he is one of the few REAL LEADERS at arsenal.

    as for bednter i dont really care. hes been terribly disappointing this year. after some promising performances last year i believed that he could become a very good striker but this year has been quite the opposite. he is the kind of player that needs to play everyday. he oculd maybe still be a good forward but maybe a loan deal would be best for arsenal and bendeter. he gets to play every game, gain some confidence and would return hopefully ready to contribute. if not i wish him the best where ever he goes.

    i read somewhere about elano being linked to come to arsenal on loan with the possibility for a permanent deal. this would be wonderful especially with cesc absence for up to three to four months.

  3. Guys i do not about you but i think it would be great to sign Elano……i agree with bradical8…..he isn`t playing so much what is good for us he is sitting on the bench and his price just goes down and down…….but enough about other players….About Bendtner sell this fool he is always shitting and he never shuts up…boy you don`t deserve to play here so fuck off…………keep Toure the guy is here for so long i just love this guy…..we should try to sign yaya toure,just imagine those two bros together on pitch they would smack all those bitches from chelsea,liv and man utd….. and I am so scared,disapointed,depressed to see Fab injured….i just pray he gets back fast…he is a great player and person for us………greetings from fairyland

  4. ha when it comes to the epl I really only follow the Gunners and only get to watch them when they are on FSC.

    It should be interesting to see the following..

    1. who becomes captain
    2. How we bounce back at Villa (I think we go into their house and destroy them with RVP brace) I think our boys are going to show up and show them we are a top 4 team and Villa is just a joke up there.
    3. Who we sign, when does the official window open?
    4. Who is going to replace Cesc? I think he will stick with Denilson and Song, I just hope we don’t play Diaby, that guy is just rubbish. Maybe give Nasri on the Right or Vela on the left? How about Theo and Vela on the about speed? Remind me what is Nasri’s main postion was it CM?
    5. What the spark of Eduardo will do to the team moral

    I just hope we keep our heads up and don’t let this injury blow destory us like it did last year.

    Keep your heads up Gunner Fans. Pool are not playign well, Chelsea are in dissaray, it just scares me that Man U is just sitting in the back with two games in hand and so close. I think it’s theirs to lose right now.

  5. The whole Toure situation is very surreal. I can’t really recall a faster fall from grace for a longtime Gunner…maybe Jens last year…but that had more to do with Almunia’s stellar play keeping him out. This year we are total pants at CB and Toure is still on the bench.

    With Cesc down it is nervous days indeed. Its a pity because we match up well with AS Roma and Cesc would have been key…fortunate thing is we have 7-8 weeks to re-tool the midfield before those matches kick off.

    If Wenger insists on starting Denilson…i’d like to see him in the middle…with Eboue and Nasri on the wings. We need pace and attack on the flanks to stretch teams horizantally and open up space in the middle for Robin to wreck shop.

    A friend floated the idea of this formation for the Villa match and after thinking about it…i feel very excited at its attacking features:

    Sagna, Gallas, Djourou, Clichy
    Denilson, Song
    Eboue, Diaby, Nasri

    A 4-2-3-1 set-up.

    Eboue and Nasri link up well with Clichy and Sagna and both men have bags of pace and love to run at defenders and dish, and both are skilled at playing quick 1-2’s with Robin.

    With these guys attacking from the flanks, Villa will need to stretch wide opening up acres of space for Robin to work in the channels. With his form at the moment…Robin doesn’t need to be played in with delicate precise balls…he just needs it at his feet and he can work his magic from there. So i think he can handle the solo striker role.

    Also if the Villa defence sag into the middle to take away Robin, Nasri and Eboue have the pace and power to take it to the by-line for a shot or cross into the box.

    Love to see it.

    I want us to come out swinging against Villa…not playing with the handbrake on.
    If we go down lets do it guns blazing…not with a whimper.

  6. I would Love to see Elano in arsenal colors. that guy has a unique playing style. His freekicks are deadly. Why not? Wegner should think about it. Yaya toure is also a very excellent choice. Dominant in the midfield. I just hope that WEGNER WILL SIGN SOMEONE who is over the AGE 21 and not some random youngster. We need More experienced players.

  7. Randy,

    I’d keep Eboue on a short leash…let him know if he doesn’t bring the focus Vela will be thrown on in his place.

    I’d like to see Vela given some action on the flanks too…on the wing he can have more time over the ball and hence more touches to build up his confidence and see what is happening on the pitch better.

    Not trying to talk smack…but i watched the Villa-Hammers tilt in its entirety and i was most unimpressed with Villa…they generated next to nothing, scored the luckiest of goals off a freak deflection and West Ham should have taken all 3 points.

    I am amped for Friday’s match…even without Cesc and Butta’-legs I feel confident.

    I mean if we can’t get up for a match against the team trying to take our Top 4 spot…then god help us!.

  8. Almunia
    ……………………Van Persie…………………………
    Nasri / Vela………

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