Arshavin deal should be done Saturday or never

By Randy Osae

Its getting frustrating now
It's getting frustrating now, Zenit

The latest from the unending ‘Andrei Arshavin to Arsenal’ saga is that the selling club, Zenit St Petersburg have cautioned “enough is enough” on Arsenal’s cagey negotiations.

The Russian giants have issued a final conditional statement that Arsenal better wrap up transfer agreements or Arshavin might not be heading to north London after all.

Logically, this is the scurry patience of a club willing to sell a player who no longer intends to serve them. But Zenit’s reluctance over accepting Arsenal’s subsequent offers of less-than £18 million is what could derail this sensational transfer.

The club’s general director said: “If Arsenal don’t accept our terms, then Arshavin will not be sold to them,”

“In any case this will be resolved by Saturday evening.”

Indeed, the middle-man of the fuss, Andrei Arshavin, has conceded that despite fancying a move to Arsenal, only his current club hold his fate of moving away during this transfer window.

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Arshavin said: “I can only wait and see how the situation resolves itself. I know about Arsenal’s offer and the £12+3million plan, and I consider that according to the current state of the market to be more than adequate.

“But clearly I am not the one who will make the decision.”

10 thoughts on “Arshavin deal should be done Saturday or never

  1. If asked 2 put money on when this deal might b done? anyone who has seen any previous Transfer windows, surely would place their cash on the last day. why not end this farce! & have the window open Jan 31 & end Feb 2-thus allowing less time for nonsense!

  2. it seems after all those news signaling to arshavin’s transfer to arsenal, it wont happen now:( it feels as if a player has left arsenal!

  3. Ur right Randy- & i can’t think of a viable solution, but it cant b anymore difficult than hagling 4 a rug in persia (make offer/reject-new offer/reject-go elsewhere-so 4now we wil hve2 put up wth comedy that we know &love (the wonderful game of football)

  4. Zenit says the deal has to be done by Saturday or no deal?

    Well that’s obvious since it’s the last day of the transfer window.

    These Russians are slow.

  5. I agree they are slow. Apparantly the negotiations were being handled by carrier pigeons who are now exausted & the work has been farmed out to carrier snails who can’t travel as fast as normal because of the snow.

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