Arshavin: ‘Hard to believe we can win title’

[arshavin+man+uted+hands+face.jpg]Andrey Arshavin concedes it is now time to roll up the sleeves in Arsenal’s pursuit of the Premier League crown.

The Gunners suffered a setback in their title challenge on Sunday as Manchester United stormed the Emirates with a 1-3 victory.

And Arshavin who was energetic but lacked a clinical touch in Arsenal’s attack has saluted United and especially Nani’s superiority on the day but insists matters could have been different.

“Manchester United are well controlled in midfield and several times had a quick transition from defense to attack.” Arshavin  told his website.

They managed to score three goals on us. What else? I think that was a very good match for Nani”

The aftermath of Sunday’s result is similar to that of November’s humiliation by Chelsea. Arsenal faced an uphill battle in the title race then and despite an impressive recovery afterwards, Arshavin seems more hit by this blow by United.

“After such defeats, it is even harder to believe that we can win first place.” he added.

Prior to the games against Aston Villa and United, the Russian insisted Arsenal’s title chances can only be evaluated on February 10 after the clash with Liverpool and Arshavin now aims to put things right with Chelsea and Liverpool to come.

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“Yes.  Then I said that the meeting with Aston Villa, Man United, Chelsea and Liverpool, would be divided into two segments. The first segment is now held. There are still two games, which I hope we will hold better.”

48 thoughts on “Arshavin: ‘Hard to believe we can win title’

  1. harder to believe we cant fight for the title anymore, coz u and tho players who dont deserve to play with Ealing and west london college are playin’ in our arsenal!!

    cant imagine we were unbeaten, and we won the league at old trashorrd!

    its rellay rellay burns!

    1. thanks,yes Wenger cost us the game but lets look at it critically Arshavin was WAY to SELFISH to the pint the CEsc did not want to give him the ball but had to switch play, He cost us the best of our chances! Almunia, wat can i say did u see the ball he passed to….NANI my Gossh! and Wait Bendnter….Why does his mouth play the greatest fooball ever but not his feet? We are not good enough and it showed. we have been forunate not to be lossing like yesterday, but United deserved to win and to our shame… Denilson..dont even let me go there..Clichy and Sagna crossing balls, SOME ONE ANSWER THIS QUESTION FOR ONCE…WHY CANT SOMEONE SHOW SAGNA AND CLICHY THE PAST 2 SEASONS AND SHOW THEM THAT THEY HAVE NEVER CROSSED A DECENT BALL AND ADDRESS IT!!!MAN AM UPSET!!SO CRAP!, Eboue back tracking befor his slip

  2. With that clown Almunia in goal we have to write-off the games against the big teams but we can still win the league if we win all our other games. Against those teams, due to our superior attack even if we allow for the at least 2 clangers resulting in goals by our “keeper” we can always outscore the opposition. The defence of the big teams though are not pushovers and will not allow us back from a 2-goal deficit. As Wenger is very stubborn I am resigned to the fact that Almunia will be our goalkeeper for a long time so we have to work around our weaknesses. We have to outscore our opponents and write-off the big matches where the good teams won’t let us outscore them. Hopefully when they tally up the points at the end of the season we would still squeak it hoping the big teams slip up against the lesser teams that we are hopefully outscoring while shipping in goals at our end. To think we could have gotten Shay Given too… sigh!

  3. I recall stating a few weeks back that with the lack of quality in the team at present and the lack of signings of any merit, we would take only 4 points in total from these four crucial games…I was slated as a pessimist and not being a true Arsenal fan. It hurts like hell to see those predictions come true. Rather than pessimism its more realism that says unless we beef up the squad, we will be in our usual battle for fourth place – I can’t event think how I’d cope if that dreadful lot from White Shite Lane pipped us for 4th. But maybe they deserve it buying quality whist we preserve with “potential” and “starlets” I think I’ll go out and get blind now – might prevent me from kickin the cat.

  4. Funny thing is, if this is what a weakened United side can do to us, then only fuck knows what will happen at Slaughter House (AKA Stamford Bridge).

    Hope mother Drogba gives up his ownership of us this time. 😛

    In fact, if Diaby and Bendtner do start, we may have some chance (with physicality) but should we keep them on the bench and play a front-line of ‘Oompa-Loompas” again, we may go into half-time 4-0 down, surely.

  5. united play is just too simple and efficient compared to our complicated free flowing beautiful football.

  6. Traore and Gibbs is better players then Gael Clichy, Arsenal very shelfish (Arshavin) in front of the box. Arsenal must stop ball watching and attack the ball. how sad, another season without a trophy and Arsene was never going to buy any players.

  7. We are getting conned again , top 4 , big money rolls in, spend small, big wages for Wenger and staff , no need to win anything , fans will keep coming as long as we are in top many times , injured players ,crucial times, weakened team for the cups, now end of jan , only champons league to play for , Wenger go, give someone who is not more interested in developing kids but more committed to winning , and getting in who we need , not a potential player you can sell for a profit , 5 years later.

  8. asharvin should start with himself, play better, stop losing balls, dilly dallying on the ball and being selfish! it starts with you, russian midget.

  9. Well now we all see the difference between men and boys as put sometimes earlier by Evra before they thrashed us by 4-1 in the semis of the champions league last season.Wenger’s pet boys can no longer face up to the big boys, in fact if this is the trend am not seeing us featuring anywhere near top four coz Mancity and Tottenham are breathing down our necks and also spending on quality players who know what is expected of them and if A.W. thinks by not spending on this crucial transfer period will help him save money for club but lose track of winning trophies then let him know that we are tired of watching from our tv sets our opponents lifting trophies while our cabinets is awash with dust year in year out.

  10. Arshavin should stop talking and just play. The guy is soooo selfish and always thinks that he can do things on his own even when other team members are in a better position.

    Wenger should also be ashamed of himself, we conceded those two goals same way we did against Man City. Vermalaen Gallas both advance and poor Clichy, on counter, escorts an attacker into the box. Why couldn’t Wenger tell at least one of them to stay back at all times? I am gutted

  11. IN My opinion its gallas and clichys fault with respect to the defense,denilson and nasri in respect of midfield and arshavin acc. to attack….gallas wants to run up and show he is an attacker,i cant believe this,clichy ..what the fuck man …the guy who could tame cr7 cant take his rip-off,nasri cant even help clichy,denilson is an expert to give the ball away and play shit,arshavin is another selfish fuck…hope we do somthing at the bridge ….looks like a 6-0 thumping to me….

  12. wonder why so few of our players tackle/ put the foot in while defending/ tracking back? gallas, TV, song, cesc, arshavin, are more consistent but the rest … denilson is hopeless and hardly causes any threat to the opposition (those times he did invariably free kick results); clichy routinely let people cross; rosicky just jogging alongside… darn, it’s frustrating watch these guys. Yet, on the other hand, our players are constantly getting tackled (or worse)… so how are we going to level th eplaying field, esp it’s clearly for all to see that we lack a bit of quality, mental sharpness, and may be desire… hasn;t this what wenger been saying in every draw/ defeat??

  13. i agree buruburu ars-shaving wants to stop talking and start performing he seems to have this idea that he is above arsenals other players, he must think hes the only one good enough to score. 6 times i counted 6 times he was put through and with a simple reverse ball, layback or square pass there was a cirtain goal we could have been 4 up in the first 2o mins. the greedy little git has his own agenda and most arsenal fans are happy to hurl abuse at nasri rosicky and co but they dont single out arshavin as a problem when he is.

    most fans are idolising him for that match at anfield and seem blinded by all his frailties ive honestly only seen him play well in about 10 games compare that with henry in a season and a half and you could quadruple that sum. he needs to learn to pass to his players and dont forget this is not the first time he has showed this side of his game and i doubt it would be the last and again it will cost us

  14. Arshavin played nonsense while wenger is killing d club. Hard luck 2 d fans but not 2 d coach & d players who does’t hav d interest of d club @ heart.

  15. everyone has to remember the formation is 433 not 451 nasri and rosicky are not meant to be wing backs and provide cover for clichy and sagna which is an unfortunate downside to the formation we are playing. it creates chances upfront but no cover in defence for the full backs. the main problem is that denilson is supposed to be the box to box midfielder song the defensive mid and cesc the attacking mid but denilson cant do this job he has no pace, no awareness (allowed rooney to run in behind him whilst he was ball watching)and no energy when moves break down song and denilson are supposed to provide cover in defence but only song gets there in time diaby and ramsey are five times the players denilson is so they should be getting the nod above him anyday.

    personally i thought nasri and rosicky did everything they could today run into some lovely channels but was ignored by arshavin and were at the epicentre of the passing moves that the greedy git buggered up. your all being a little harsh on clichy too he had no cover and nani was unplayable on sun and showed hes lacking match sharpness 2 simple things need to be rectified arshavin needs to be dropped or put out wide as he is causing problems with his selfishness and denilson must not be picked in the starting 11 again as he has no hunger and no skill put him in a swap deal for a defender hes not good enough

  16. shut up fu… russian idiot!!! you are one of the worst in yesterdays game!! you have to show you are an exceptional player in big games.

  17. According to me, i think Arshavin cost us the game….Badly!! The guy is clearly selfish and its about time he learnt that team football is the way to go. Rooney creates and is a team player. On the other hand Arshavin want wants to run with ball even knowing that he cant get past deffence on his own. Fab did all a captain could do bt the excuse we have for strikers failed him. Bendtner also had a chance to back-heel the ball into the net bt he wasted it. Nb: It doesn’t matter how a goal is scored bt we need strikers who aren’t goal-shy

  18. Ashavin shud sit on bench until we are 2 nil up on sunday. This guy is kilin the attack cos he is daft doesnt know wen to pas no goal sensé and doesnt no his position. He just like kicking the ball he will soon have toe injury. Fool. Diaby is beter up front pairing him up with eduado.

  19. arshavin is being accused of being selfish and some even suggested he caused us the game etc… arshavin managed to get into positions forcefully and created positions to shoot (or pass) in the first 15 mins or so. If he had passed instead and we still not scored, people would say he’s the same old arsenal and not shooting. Frankly, with his abilities and particularly shooting skills, i’d rather see arshavin to be/ become trigger happy, and if you watch the replay, 2 of those shots were actually close. Would cesc and rosicky (they were probable receipients that i recall) score if arshavin had passed? who knows… but they were in arguably ‘better’ positions however that’s not to say they could actually score. Rosicky was in a fantastic position when he hit the cross bar aginst A Villa?? If arshavin passed, and they dilly dally, we’d be screamming at arshavin anyway. he’s in a no win situation but i suggest we remmeber how he won us the l’pool game, at least. And one last point, at least arshavin tried to push more and showed some urgency/ hunger! what did nasri and rosicky do the 90 mins? created anything you recall?

  20. Stop the blame game. We win or lose as a team. Fact is, Man Utd played better yesterday.As a true fan of The Arsenal, let us give our team undivided support for the coming matches.

  21. sadly we have too many players with no heart or abilityy when things start going wrong.Read arsebog today which sums it all up.However whoever is responsible for defensive coaching needs to re evaluate thing completely.

  22. Wow Arshavin has an opinion on everything! Don’t get me wrong… He’s a sensational player and I can’t help but defend him on the “selfish” front. The man’s playing as the leading forward…. Out of position, and a leading forwards job is primarily to score goals. To label him sefish with his assist record at Arsenal is ridiculous. One thing I will say is we need him back out on that left,. And we NEED a new CF! I like Bendtner but his still not the finished product in terms of link up, something VP was at the pinnacle of before his injury. Another season, another bunch of “if only’s”, another transfer window where our team “doesn’t need strengthening! SO…. LETS ALL GET BEHIND THE TEAM AND PUSH THEM ON NO MATTER WHAT! UP THE GOONERS!!

  23. Arshavin needs to be less selfish.

    Stop giving stupid interviews and start thinking about the team. He was responsible for the loss as if he had passed once we would have been through on goal.

    Denilson was worse, We need to get rid of Denilson and Almunia for next season.

    Im sure teams like Hull could do with more crap players.

  24. arshavin is not out of position he is playing in his self proclaimed favourite role through the middle there is no defneding selfish players at a professional level they should know when to shoot and pass at the appropriate times and arshavin took the piss on sunday going for his own personal pride and glory not arsenals

  25. its u damn selfish along with gael clichy,willimian gallas and alumina who took 3 points from arsenal. its not united or nani. stop talking and play. we have good players such as fabregas,vermalen and walcot who gives always 100%

    1. Walcott, doesn’t give 100% did you see that cross from the left side he try to make? Guy, punted that to the stands!

  26. Let’s face reality fellas…Arsenal are not as strong as we thought. After the Chelsea defeat we went on a good run and thought the tables ad turned. So, we are back again and got spanked by Man U.! I have no doubt that we have the tools to get back on track. I have no idea what went wrong yesterday. The starting 11 players on the pitch for Arsenal are ALL quality! Yes, AA did make some selfish plays, but he did try to break Man U defense which he did many times.

    I don’t think it is a good time to be throwing players under the bus. We should back our team. We are still in good position. It is not the end of the world. We will bounce back. I think we will go all the way against Chelsea/Liverpool. Beat Porto by 2 goals!!! Most are forgetting how many players are injured or getting out of injury! Most of them are playing week in and week out some what still bothered by injuries. This team has balls, but luck isnt on our side.

    Keep your heads high guys!!!

  27. LOFT….i know what is wrong. we literally had no striker……arshavin,rosicky and nasri are NOT STRIKERS………and for u arshavin u missed a hell lot of chances……..its only up to u to turn this around and nothing we can do about it except support u…….please make us proud….

  28. We def need a big striker but if the Boss doesn’t open his checkbook then I don’t know what to say. I mean, he is the man who pulls the strings. I know if he wanted to bring someone in he would and I don’t think the board would stop him from doing so. Bendtner, would be our only choice. Eduardo, isn’t himself anymore. I’m moving on man. I don’t want to talk about yesterdays game anymore and concentrate on Chelsea. We have to win this game. No going into the match to get a draw but a win! I hope this doesn’t start coming apart at this stage. We aren’t even that far off.

  29. the window is shut and we didn’t sign anyone………….we couldve got another ‘arshavin. do u remember how much he lifted the team last year…..we could have signed dzeko or another good striker even if he wasn’t available for champ league arshavin wasn’t…..lets still keep hope and faith……….why u didnt sign anyone wenger?? that will always be my question…….our squad needs a major lift…..something someone new could have provided…….where are those who say we don’t need a striker??? hiding under their beds i would think.

  30. look guys or GOONERs…. lets face it how much we write here it wont make a difference to the team playing out there…lets be logical…we have to be behind wenger …i cant beleive im saying this…..lets just support the team and hope that we win a trophy this season…cmon guys..its no use moaning over lost cause…at the end of the day arsene calls the cards not us…

  31. It’s sad to say but Arshavin of people played a huge part in Arsenal’s demise two days back. Bot that he is not special, he is very much so, but had he passed the ball onto Nasri on two occasions, the story would have been very different. But let’s keep faith. Victories against Chelsea & Liverpool will do us no harm.

  32. Fans should not get carried away with the recent undefeated run as they were only winning games they were supposed to. The vital test was always going to be the games vs manu and chavski. On both occasions they were not good enough. This is probably not their year for the title. Keep the faith and things will improve.

  33. its funny u know….now news arises that cesc wants to leave …ok …cesc i understand ur plight…fine dude.go …assuming cesc leaves and we get say 40 million….arsene should spend that money on david villa,perfect signing…arshavin can take cescs role…in zenit he played that role most of the time…
    the team can set up like this
    OHH,fuck almunia ….buy akinfeev
    sagna vermalaen gallas clichy


    rosicky/walcott Arshavin/diaby/nasri nasri/arshavin

    van persie


    with this team well smash any team in the world!!!!
    bt alas why an i dreaming????

  34. u know a 5 defender formation wouldnt be bad also 5-1-3-1
    that way the full backs can also cross,and attack…

  35. watching leeds vs spuds……….our lads should take a leaf out off leeds book…..running like mad….amazing energy.

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