Arshavin on Denilson, injury concern and Barcelona draw Arshavin has lauded Denilson’s performance against West Ham.

The Russian saw his Brazilian teammate hand Arsenal a dream start with a goal after just five minutes in another vital league outing on Saturday.

And Arshavin felt Denilson not only deserved plaudits for his decent strike but the gritty performance he put in during the second-half as Arsenal were reduced to ten men.

“Yes, he was the best in this game. Not because he scored early in the first half, but because he worked miracles in the second one. He kept on snatching the ball from West Ham players, he was everywhere, ahead of everybody like a “clockwork bunny”. Arshavin said

“In my opinion, Denilson had a phenomenal game “

The 28-year-old also expressed concerns over his fitness and may need a rest against Birmingham next week. Asked why he slowed down on some occasions yesterday, Arshavin responded:

“Perhaps this is due to the fact that I was not feeling very well. I could not catch my breath after every dash.” he said

“Doctors and Julia (my wife) are taking care of it (my leg)”

Finally, there could not be a discussion without a certain FC Barcelona being mentioned. So Arshavin was keen to give his thoughts on the prospect of facing the Catalans in the Champions League quarter-finals.

“I think that it would be interesting to play with Barcelona, especially at Camp Nou. Catalans play very good football. I hope that we will put up a good show. I am sure that this confrontation will impress football fans.”Arshavin said.

A man once linked with a move to Camp Nou, Arshavin is relishing the trip to Spain but has played down the theoretical advantage Barcelona have in playing the second leg at home.

“As for me, I had long dreamed of playing at that stadium.” he said.

“I think it’s OK (the draw). Everything depends on the outcome. If we manage to show good quality football, to score and not to miss balls at the Emirates, then it will be a plus.” Subscribe to feed


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18 thoughts on “Arshavin on Denilson, injury concern and Barcelona draw

  1. AA, you need to speak with a little more optimism of beating Barce (damn u sucked against WestHam), hope u feel better soon though….we need a few goals or exceptional games from you, u zimme?

  2. arshavin? his perfomance was so awful !!
    i donnu whts wrong with ‘im, but he has to be at the top against the catalan next week!!

    BTW they are playin right now against zargoza, thier goal was a stupid mistake by the defeder,,

    we gonna kill them! keep the faith!

  3. yeah and saragoza is atacking them and keeping the ball very well. It looks like saragoza is barcelona that everybody speack about. Anyway i think the way to beat barcelona is to play our game, keeping the boll as more as we can,pass it quick and short,and of course we need to take our chances. In difence i think we have to bo very well positioned everytime they got the ball in their feet. We need Clichy to be at his best Vermalen and Gallas(Campbell) specialy Vermalen to be ready to stop them shouting from the distance
    because they are very good in it. I think we can beat them at the emirates and take a draw at their home.

  4. just finished watching the Messi Show. We are going to need a top form Clichy to show up because if not, Messi will have his way with him. But if Clichy is up to the challenge then we’ll be in great shape. Especially seeing how Barca’s defense is not of the same standard as their attack. If 17th ranked Zarazoga can get two goals against them, then I have no doubt we’ll be able to.

    Ibra had a case of The Bends (The Bendtner’s that is) he couldn’t buy a goal until Messi gave him a PK

    1. Oh my goodness. You summed up the match report just the way I was about to.

      Barca nearly gave away a 3-0 lead (thru Messi hat-trick) late on if not for a penalty earned by Messi and dispatched by a profligate Ibra right after Zaragoza’s second goal of their unlikely come back. 4-2 it ended.

      And yes, everyone should have seen Ibra missing sitters today. No wonder Bendtner has been compared to him before (in both the good and bad).

  5. Messi isnt a specific position player. He roams alot.
    From what i saw of them vs stuttgart Messi likes to recieve the ball in space and then run at the central defenders.

    I know the Verminator is up for it but is Campbell?

    1. very true…I’m not sure that you can say he has a set position, but he does spend a good bit of his time on the right wing. I can think of a few goals he’s scored where he receives the ball on the right, cuts inside and runs across the field from about 18 yards out before unleashing a shot into the corner. IMO (and I’m sure most agree) he is without a doubt the best player in the world right now

  6. i agree,we need little more arogance,like some others big clubs,we must show them that we deserve more respect,they still treat us as young team which are not mature,this is our year

  7. I would like to see Song stick in our half only for the both legs..sometimes he joins the attack..but if he stays with the 2 defenders all the time I think we can handle Messi…there is other way to stop him like Chelsea did it with Hiddink’s brilliant tactics but they had Essien for man marking Messi and their formation and style suits when they decide to man mark somebody, not ours.

  8. i love arshavin,but seems to me that he doesnt have to much love and passion for arsenal,i would like him even more if he would show little more desire for arsenal

  9. Any player isn’t proud to don The Arsenal’s jersey no matter who he is might as well leave the club.

  10. no body is talking about nasri’s performance, in my opinion it was more urful dan dat of arshavin.


  12. Guys we need to see the way Arshavin is acting in arsenal. It doesn’t look he is playing for arsenal, rather he is playing for himself at nocump just to show himself. May be this guy wants something “morethan arsenal”.

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