Arshavin states what gooners want to hear

Andrey Arshavin has finally set the record straight on the affection he is claimed to have for FC Barcelona.

Some Arsenal fans have been against Arshavin’s stay at the club ever since the Russian declared his admiration for Fabregas’ suitors, Barcelona.

The 28-year-old, once pictured with a Barca shirt in 2008, came very close to joining the Spanish champions before signing for Arsenal six months later and has scarcely hidden the fact that he is a fan of the Catalan club.

But Andrey explained that topic better in a forum held on his personal site on Sunday.

When a fan asked: “You used to say that Barcelona was your dream, but in an interview to Arsenal you said that you wanted to move to this club in particular. What should I think?“, Arshavin responded:

“As a child I supported Barcelona, I do not deny that. Actually I continue to root for Barca in the Spanish Championship.”

“As for the English Championship, I’ve always liked Arsenal, so when I had an opportunity to join this club, I happily agreed.

Some of Arshavin’s indifferent performances last season may contradict these claims but the former Zenit man has re-iterated his loyalty to Arsenal.

“So I’ve never seen myself as a player of any other English club. Again, I am a Gunner, and I am satisfied with everything.”

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11 thoughts on “Arshavin states what gooners want to hear

  1. If he says that OK. Now let us see the real AA next season.Effort and goals will prove

    1. Spot on, mate!. If you love the team so much, let your efforts on the pitch show, Andrey!

      And by “effort”, I don’t mean goals. I mean running and looking eager to regain the ball when you lose it. And also, not trying relaxed passes/moves like you’re just jogging about with the ball on a Russian street.

      Effort is all I want to see, not necessarily goals. Eboue doesn’t bang in goals anyhow, but we love him because of his efforts!

      And it also seems like people have finally realized what I meant by this post

      Oh Randy, the insults I took on that day…

  2. He said ‘So I’ve never seen myself as a player of any other English club’. Wow! Hardly rules out Barca or any other team outside England. If Fab said the same, I’d be even more underwhelmed by their show of loyalty.

  3. We should all be down on our hands and knees thanking Andrei for continuing to remain a Gooner He’s come under a lot of flak from fans for admitting that Barcs are his fav club so what! Harry Rednapp’s a gooner at heart even though he’s now king of the spuds. ‘arry used to go to Highbury and support us when he was a lad. Andrei’s been injured this season that’s the reason why he appeared lazy to a lot but when he’s fit and on form he’d even give Fab a run for his money anyday. A lot of you won’t agree with me when I say that he’s my fav Arsenal player when he’s fit that is.

  4. Hate to say this but 6 years without a trophy, and continuous penny pinching by wenger, I bet Arshavin wishes he was at Barcelona. He’ll be next out of the door if wenger doesn’t chamge his ways. mark my words. never felt so low before the start of a season. wenger out!

  5. This is the kind of ‘noise’ i love to hear from Arshavin. I hope it’s not because he realises Barca have opted to court Fabregas not him!

  6. Gunners’ fans should be cautiously relieved at the ‘right noises’ from the pint-sized Russian. This is Arshavin we are talking about after all. If Barca winked at Arshavin today, i bet the story would be completely different!

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