Arshavin shows frustration over Gunners’ loss Arshavin has admitted it simply “was not our day” against West Bromwich Albion on Saturday.

The Russian was involved in a woeful team performance which was nearly sparred by an inspirational Samir Nasri brace.

Arshavin can rue his luck for hitting the woodwork in the first half before managing to set up Nasri for Arsenal’s second goal in the failed comeback.

The 29-year-old though, failed to truly reignite Arsenal’s dull display in the absence of Cesc Fabregas and Arshavin could only express his frustration after the final whistle on Saturday.

“We were losing the ball – some things didn’t turn out as planned. West Bromwich, on the contrary, had a very good game, they were playing well.”

“They managed to use our mistakes. It wasn’t our day – hence the score on the scoreboard. I have nothing more to say about the game.”

Now into his second full season in English football, Arshavin accepts results are never guaranteed in the top flight.

“This is the English Premier League. Everything is unpredictable here, anything can happen.”

Failure to put West Brom to sword at home has made next week’s trip to league leaders Chelsea even more daunting, but despite the clash’s implications now bigger with both teams losing on Saturday, Arshavin only has attention on the Partizan test in midweek.

“It is too early to think about Chelsea. First, we have to focus on the Champions League (next week). We have successfully started that tournament. So now we need to strengthen our position there.”

“We must prepare for the match against Chelsea only after the game against Partizan.”

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26 thoughts on “Arshavin shows frustration over Gunners’ loss

  1. Any manager could sense alarm bells ringing as soon as the experimental formation did not work,so it is no use to dis-credit any individual player where they may be playing out of position or physically not up to it,and that is where tactical substitution comes in. Any other verbal or excuses have no place,otherwise what is a manager for! Granted, when the players were playing in a new position,they assumed a new positional requirement,which then explains why the team was in disarray,because they are not used to it. Look no further for individual scapegoats,the manager should decide which player is short and make the tactical sub. Also there is the wisdom of blooding the young if senior players are not up to it. So the questions,frustrations and doubts should be made clear soon,and AW already indicated that is the case. It is better to wait for his coming explanation,and focus on the next game. And if AW is found wrong,there is no shame to come out with it. The team will be wiser and more united next time.

  2. He’s got some nerve he was without doubt one of the worst on the pitch. Talks about going to Barcelona, with his work rate he wouldn’t get in their third team. For far too long the guy has been allowed to put in zero work rate, yes sometimes he gives that flash of great skill but its far too little and his laziness is almost non stop. H e doesn’t help his full back or other team mates its about time Wenger put him on the bench until he’s prepared to put a shift in.

  3. An assist today. two in the week plus a goal, winner against Blackburn away….

    Would be nice if he ran around a lot (assuming he could) but then you would lose what he brings to the team.

  4. wat a lazy player he is,his work rate is minus dis days nd i dnt even think he has anything 2 offer again nd i will prefer mr wenger giveing him just 20 mins,may b he wld perform better wen his for wenger,he his selfish nd just using team 2 build france national team nd i think,he needs 2 b caution,i hope we wnt 2 loose 2 chelsea.GUNNERS 4 LIFE

  5. all of these complaints about Arshavin sound like the complaints narrow minded fans made about Overmars, and Limpar all those years ago.

    Arshavin will never be a headless chicken type player, when he does get the ball he is efficient and that’s the most important thing.

    Oh, and those who think Arshavin is to blame for Clichys fuck up are deluded, why is it when Gibbs plays behind Arshavin he doesn’t make the same Clichy fuck-ups??

    1. LOL…I think you have the best background I ever came up with. The only reason I don’t use that one anymore is because I resetted my themes one day and lost the picture and settings I used to make it. But I won’t change it back because it will clash with your blog.

      Anyway, give me the exact setting you have for this thing again

      Background Position (was it Left or Center or Right?)

      Background Repeat (was it No Repeat or Tile or Tile Horizontally or Tile Vertically?)

      Background Attachment (was it Scroll or Fixed?)

  6. I would sell him (Arshavin) he is an over rated lazy bastard who talks far too much and does far too little – but then again I would replace half that team including van persie who for me is far too delicate and brittle to be a footballer – how long is he out for now ? I doubt we will get ten games out if him yet again this season – buy Suarez or Dzeko – players who can last a whole season !

  7. You guys are all retards for giving Arshavin crap about how he plays, we all know how much work he’s going to put in…we also know hes a WINGER…hes not a midfielder…there is a difference, he stays in his position and he’s supposed to play almost as high as Chamakh, the reason we play the three in the middle is so they can shift over and we have cover for that side and Wenger believes his full backs are good enough to take care of themselves…Arshavin isn’t supposed to come back and help the defense every freakin time they are attacking, he is an attacker, he is simply staying in his position…he may not always work the hardest to get the ball back when he loses it but you are criticising him for something he isn’t really supposed to do in the first place, you see more of it from the right side because usually the guys playing right sided winger are nasri-likes to move in the middle and play deeper, eboue – is an effing right back, rosicky – see nasri, and walcott – also plays his position but has the speed to make up for being so far back…everyone needs to just get a clue

  8. As ive said before, theres no point in blaming mediocre players, the man to blame is that skinny French cunt Wenger and the vast majority of us fans now want him out. He may have the support of a few of you internet nerds but in the real world we the fans want him out, WENGER OUT.

    1. Your wrong. The majority of Arsenal fans want clueless fans like u shut up and stay away from the Emirates

  9. you lot are fucking mental, saying Arshavin needs to work harder to justify selection. Do you want the early 80s back again, all graft and no technique? He had a bad game in as much as nothing came off for him, but the rest of the time when he gets goals or assists noone complains. He is a flair player, he is 3 foot 4, he is never going to be an aggressive tackler. Noone would moan about Bobby Pires for not getting stuck in now would they?

    The defence + keeper are more culpable for yesterday’s result, and Diaby and Song for not providing more cover for them. Once the team make a couple of howlers at the back then everyone’s head goes down and they start thinking ‘fuck not this again.’

  10. i don think we stand a chance againts chelsea….3 – 0 is the score…drogba easily 2 goals…thankz to our NO. 1 supper stopper…

  11. The only way arsenal win trophies s…. sack wenger… get a new manager… he’ll do the rest… we have got a number of exceptional talents.. now we need some big money spendings.. tat wenger dont do… so sack him….

  12. i m not sure but i think arshavin is the reason for clichys poor positioning…

    clichy makes so many runs high up the field that he finds it difficult to recover back on counter attacks…

    chichy should not run high up the field every time… and should try more and sit back in defence.

  13. there were no lead in attack. nobody took charge and everyone waited for the ball to be fall on their path. Chamakh is lost without Fabregas service, not a lone striker who can create. Nasri was pulling srtings, but nothing happened. Diaby and Eboue did not have any contributions at all………

    we need a second leader to take charge if cesc is not around. without such a person, its another trophiless season, humilating one also.

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