Arshavin: We knew Spurs were dead and burried Arshavin has revealed what Arsenal’s mindset was during the half-time break on Saturday.

The Russian and his side’s rusty display had been spared by quick-fire goals from Van Persie and Fabregas late in the half but on the note of the gifted 2-2 draw at West Ham last week, Arsene Wenger still had a stern look his face heading back into the dressing room.

They cruised into a 2-0 lead and looked back at Upton Park but according to Arshavin, there was no such feeling at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday.

The 28-year-old claims he and his teammates were convinced Tottenham did not have a comeback drama in them and signs of no jitters during the interval helped them see out that significant victory.

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“Today we had a good game from start to finish and owned the advantage from when we scored the first goal. Robin burst in free from nowhere to score. I think that was a turning point in the game.” Arshavin said.

“When we went 3-0 up in the second-half, it was logical that the game had ended.

What I liked today was that even at half-time, we felt we could see out this win. There were no nervous looks from the team. Internally, we sensed that this opponent would not be able to equalize, and so we won.”

20 thoughts on “Arshavin: We knew Spurs were dead and burried

  1. yah they were. but from my point of view, you need to work extra hard Arshavin. with the return of Nasri and hopefully Rosicky, you need to work on your performance that has gone down somehow.

  2. ashavin like theo and gael like too generate their own media headlines off the pitch,nobody is interested in the rubbish they right on their blogs, much better too have the media writing about them and the fantastic game they played in an arsenal shirt

  3. Yes, the writing is indeed on the wall that Spurs would perish at the Emirates. They were gunned down to pieces by the Gunners.

  4. Cant wait for Nasri!! he seem almost the most improved player this season from the carling cup game, second is song, third denilson talking bout regular starters. Diaby has worsen. He’s really shit, i nv knew player of such young age can grow worse, cant imagine his stats in fifa10, 80-75

  5. Thank u Arshavin ,indeed the team played well but what has actually gone wrong with you coz u are not performing as were especting you have dropped so pliz note that (NASRI & ROSICK ARE BACK) and some of us will not feel happy when you start sitting on the bench

  6. Dont dis Diaby, he had a brilliant second half on Sat. and also he is great at breaking up play even though his passing is off at times. He is an immense talent and its just a matter of time before he gets the consistency needed to be a great.

    AA was not too impressive mind you, but he still requires much attention therefore leaving space for others.

    We have a great team, the most talented in the PL by miles!

  7. Sometimes Arshavin may be slightly off color in certain matches but his very name and presence creates fear in opposing teams.

  8. excuse me, Diaby does break up the opponents attack sometimes, but more often he breaks up our attack. Partner him with Arshavin n Arshavin almost never gets the ball, that’s why people start to talk about Arshavin’s decrease in form, but i’ll just blame Diaby.

  9. Yes.. diaby is the weakest link. Even though he runs from box to box (like what some others said), he almost never does anything productive. He breaks up pur pwn play with his slow and inaccurate passing. He cant attack and defend properly.

    This guy is young and is useless. Players for arsenals (attackers only) usually play very well during their early 20s. E.g., Nasri, Fabregas, Denilson, Song, Bendtner, Clichy, RvP. Even those younger than Diaby (Ramsey, Wilshere, Merida, Vela, Walcott) are performing better than he is. Its a shame that wenger keeps playing him.

    It is a disgrace to compare the great vieira with diaby. Diaby still has the audacity to said that he is more technical than vieira. I would say technical my ass.

    We need to play a more passing game. Look at how cesc does it, by passing to the wingers, the full backs. All diaby does is take the ball look up and start to hold onto the ball and dribble his way out. If he ever passes, it would either be mispassed or overhit. Abou Diaby just sucks like mad.

    Seriously, with Abou Diaby in the team, our team still look very vulnerable. If we replaces him with denilson or nasri, I would say that the team is perfect.

    With nasri, arshavin, rosicky, fabregas providing the passes and creativity and rvp providing the goals. Denilson alongside song would be good, if we need to have more defense.

    I would rather have someone that reads the game better, make better passes, play with more aggression, and commitment (denilson and nasri) than someone that looks larger (but not as physical) and taller (but does not know how to use his height) and this is diaby.

    I can believe that someone that tall is useless when it comes to attacking aerial balls. Seldom do I see him fight for the ball by jumping. It is always, RvP and Bendtner that does that. Even in defense he does not help much. He scored own goal with his head. And during another match (i forgotten against who), he almost scored another one, but this time it just misses the cross bar by inches.

    Seriously, though wenger is a fantastic coach, but his insistence to keep playing diaby makes me sick.

    Therefore, if you agree to what I said about diaby, give me a thumb up.

  10. Lastly for those siding with abou diaby…

    I will tell you, this guy will not make it at arsenal or any or the top 6 clubs in EPL. He is just an ordinary player, that have potential but does not realise it.

    He will not be a vieira, not even a gilberto. He will not be flamini as well. Even ray palour is better than him. Gilles Grimandi is even better than diaby is.

    Trust me, I will give him until he is 36, and he will not make it in the France national team, and will only play if he signs for an average team.

    I am sad to say, but he would not even be in Spurs starting 11.

  11. I wonder if this is the mentality that the boys have had with West Ham and Alza? You know the team is finished so why not kill them off and finish them off in the 90th minute?

    Good win and glad to see these boys are flying high.

    My prediction of going unbeated up to the Chelsea matchs is looking pretty good. Need to win two more games and stay healthy going into Chelsea in a few weeks.

    Can’t wait! Things are coming up for us but we can’t say anything till the end of the term.

    Up the Gunners

  12. shame we didn’t apply the same half time chat at west ham as for diaby the sooner we get rid of him and the cheating diving eboue the better.Both of them are preventing younger more talented players coming through

  13. wow…I get frustrated at Diaby and every other Arsenal player…but damn guys!!!! Do you all really like Arsenal? How can you even talk about a young player like that? and he is an Arsenal player. sometimes you just have to support these young men to bring the best out of them. that is the same treatment Song had from so many of you guys some months ago..look at him today….and he is still growing and improving!
    common guys!!!!

  14. Song is a differnt player and I have always liked him. Diaby has been inconsistant for far to long. Most players have turned it around ie. Eboue, Song, Denilson, Bendtner but Diaby hasn’t grown in this role.

    It’s time that Wegner look to give Ramsey some starts and bringing him along for that spot.

    In the Window me need to go out and get another Verminantor, one that can play the CDM. Maybe a big German, or someone from a league where they are physical and tough.

    I love this team and love what the gaffer has done. Love how he has proven that he doesn’t need to purchase so many people. Although it would be nice to get some back ups just in case someone goes down like Nicky just did.

  15. All I have to say is that, Keane and company were destroyed and were lucky not to have conceded more goals (would’ve been worse)! We were generous!

    The Spurs were buried alive at The Emirates on Saturday! Now, let’s win the rest of our games before the Chelsea match because a win vs. them could bring us to the top!

    R.I.P. Spurs!

  16. i never really had much against any Arsenal players but Diaby is really an outstanding case.. SERIOUSLY!!! HE SUCKS SO BAD!!! Even Eboue we can get all the laugh from his often screw ups but he he is smart still abit from his intelligent dribbling making good use of the space around. Sometimes you can really see the determination and focus on Eboue’s face to contribute to his beloved team. But seriously, Diaby, he’s just one tall ugly fuck!! So many times during an Arsenal counter attack, when Diaby receives the pass, u know what he does? he loses it…. OR RATHER, to make it worse, waits for 2 seconds before back passing it.. HE DOES IT SO OFTEN!! FUCKK!!! When i complain bout that tall donkey i get so furious.. Diaby seems much better 2 years ago then nowadays. Unlike Song and Denilson n Nasri, which from my eyes have improved tremendously.
    Hey to me, I wouldnt count on Denilson to play Defensively, especially against teams like Chelsea, he seems to be pushed off the ball often, though foul is given, but only 2 out of 3 times. Sometimes all i notice bout Denilson’s game is him getting pushed off the ball. it sucks, if he was just abit bigger size i bet he would have been world class.

  17. I might get blasted for this, but something happened to me last nigt after thinking about the, Diaby situation everyone seems so concerned about…

    Well, I’m a patient person. I do not consider, Diaby a good player thus far. However, he does have moments of greatness. Yes, I said it! Diaby, does have a lot of potential to become a very good footballer. There is something that he is lacking which I’m still puzzled about. He has skills, but he is missing something. Perhaps, confidene! He has great movement with the ball and can leave defenders wondering at times. He has a good shot at goal which we have seen. That header he missed over the weekend would’ve been something! Arsene, for some reason is giving him a chance. Yes, Arsene knows best!

    What happened last season with, Bendtner? Everyone bashed on him that he needed to be sold and was not good enough for Arsenal! He seems to have improved some, right? Right!

    Diaby, could very well be the next, Viera, but he is miles away from that. I want, Diaby to make a name for himself and go out there and try his best and prove some of our fans wrong! Diaby, knows he isn’t playing well and is probably surprised that he is starting. But everything happens for a reason and I’m positive that he will rise to the occasion very soon!

    Diaby, will improve and I have faith that he will! Just wait and see.

    Love my Arsenal team!

  18. Loft…I dont know if you will be blasted but you have one supporter in me. I am not as patient as you are; believe me I get angry at all arsenal players sometime. I get angry even at Cesc. Diaby will grow in confidence and maybe you are scared of saying it…the kid is an excellent finnisher for a midfielder. he will improve and I am sure he will change the minds of most !!!
    Gooner for lyfe!!!

  19. Hey Carlos, thanks man!

    Trust me during matches I get heated, as well! Yes, even at our capitan and The Boss at times!

    Diaby, what he needs is support of the fans and players to get him off that negative patch he is on! Trust me with consistency/ confidence he will def. have a concrete spot on the starting 11!!!

    Diaby, is an excellent player, but it’s up to him to bring that out. I’m sure he will in time. He better hurry beause, Nasri, TR7 and Denilson are on his tail! Those guys are very good and consistent players!

    Go Gunners!

  20. Loft and Carlos, very sensible comments.

    Again I say Diaby had a brilliant 2nd half on Sat. Those who cannot see his contribution and immense talent, to me dont really know much about football.

    Song is the smae situtaion but many Arsenal fans never learn to be patient in support and shut up about our players.


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