Ashley Cole would love to see Arsenal suffer former Gunner Ashley Cole has expressed his desire to witness Arsenal fall out of the top four.

Chelsea’s left-back who sensationally swapped north London for west in 2006 is keen to jump back on the bad side of the Arsenal faithful after speaking his mind to the Daily Mail yesterday.

Cashley – as he is dubbed by gooners – still maintains ill feelings towards his old club whom he served since his teenage years.

Cole has now chosen to put fond memories at Arsenal and respect for his former employers aside to retaliate the majority in north London who wish the worst for him.

The 28-year-old has lingering hopes that Manchester City can replace Arsenal in the Premier League’s top four next season.

He said: “It’s going to be hard for them but they could do it.

“The players they’re buying are good and they might gel, click straight away and it’s magic.

But you can’t really say until we see them play. I hope they do because I have friends there. I hope they do really well and finish above Arsenal.”


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13 thoughts on “Ashley Cole would love to see Arsenal suffer

  1. thank you cashly, assly, cuntly cole.
    i hope you get hit by a bus. or, better yet, “your” girl cheryl rips off your dick and shoves it down your idiotic, flapper of a pie hole. you fucking twat.

    there. that was good for me.

  2. insuferable little prick!those comments well come back to choke him v.soon-especially if the ARSENAL somehow win the title against the odds & megabucks MANURE,CITEH & CHAVS…..

  3. wouldnt it be great to see him eat his own words when chelsea fall out of the top for by the hands or Manciteh, and even better at the same time Arsenal are lifting the trophy

  4. Ashley cole is the biggest traitor football has sever seen ..
    ani I hope his team falls out of the big 4..

  5. I heard from a mate who lived in the same development that Ashley got fucked by Duncan from Blue when they lived in North London. Didnt want to believe it at the time coz he was a gooner- but now Duncan came out of the closet- maybe it was true afterall?!

  6. just stopping by again to say what an utter clown you are, jackassly cole.
    I seriously doubt that showmethecashly, i-have-my-head-two-yards-up-my-assly cole trolls a blog like this one. but if you do, sir, please understand that we – and I think I speak for all of us – we wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

  7. why is this bloody blog ues black in background? It would only damaged our eyes after we close this window. Stupid usage of color

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