Atletico were in for Eboue

Has had much stick from fans this season

By Randy Osae

Believe it or not, the much-maligned Emmanuel Eboue is a very wanted man elsewhere.

Indeed, according to the player’s representative, Spanish giants Atletico Madrid were eager to sign the Ivorian recently and had an undisclosed bid declined by Arsenal.

It has been no secret the relationship between a majority of the Arsenal faithful and the 25-year-old this season, but whatever the case, it’s apparent there are others craving the versatile defender/midfielder’s services.

Arsenal’s rejection of Atletico’s offer should come as a positive and confidence restoring news for both Eboue and his critics. He DOES have a meaning to the club after all.

Franjo Vranjkovic, Eboue’s agent, said:

‘We received an official request from Atletico Madrid which was passed to Arsenal.

‘I have the fax from director Ken Friar who wrote to me to say they are not interested in the offer.

‘Then I received a call from Arsene Wenger, who invited me to go to England to start negotiations over a renewal.

‘I see no possibility that the player will leave Arsenal.’

What should be acknowledged now is Eboue’s hard toil – at least – when in the red and white for Arsenal.

Only good players attract good clubs.

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10 thoughts on “Atletico were in for Eboue

  1. sigh, the thought of getting money AND having eboue off our books is such a good thought. sadly wenger is far too stubborn regardless of the fact eboue’s only put in a handful of good performances over the entire past 18 months. he might b ‘experienced’ but he doesn’t play like it. he’s more of a liability than a kid like wilshere would be. we’re actually weaker with him on the field than off it, i honestly think that. with 10 men we conentrate more and play more intelligently rather than letting emannuel pass to the opposite team every 5 minutes, half the time in his own half.

  2. Sorry guys, there’s a reason why arsene wenger is the coach and we are not. I think wenger deserves more credit than he gets for the work he’s doing.

    Eboue is a very versatile player and people like that are hard to come by.

    Ac milan is not in this years champions league, but nobody has discounted them as a force to reckon with in italy or even questioned their coach about his vision for the club, but any thing wenger does is questionable.

    Yet arsene wenger was ranked the 3rd best coach in the world after ferguson and lipi, but people still question his judgement. Very pathetic I’d say.

  3. Citygunner, bro, it is the right, and privelage of the fans to question the judgement of the manager.
    Yes, I know Arsene is much more of a footballing genious than i am.
    But, I am an Arsenal fan and I have my opinions about the team, and i like to share them with my fellow fans.
    No message board would exist if that weren’t the case.
    And I say Eboue is NOT Arsenal quality, and I think we should have sold him.
    It would be disastorous for us to miss out on the UCL because we don’t have a rich ownership, only a board of owners.
    WE. NEED. THAT. MONEY. Because in case you haven’t noticed, our team is injury prone and sometimes lacks depth.

  4. Hurry Up and signn the guy for another two years if you cant sign him on for 2 more years sell him. cant allow what happened last year with flatuso happen agen with eboue

  5. The season is only nearing half way mark and there are still plenty to play for. Our squad is not as big as we hope for. Injuries and suspensions may happen. We need all the players available to compete. Eboue is useful and versatile to make cover for any of the defenders.

  6. Ars, shouldn’t be selling any players-i hear get rid of Denilson/Eboue but the club doesn’t often buy so ther unlikely 2 be replaced-(by better star players) injuries r expected &happen often! We have Theo & this 1 &that 1 you say-but where r they now.

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