Hector Bellerin has recalled how he made the transition from football in Catalonia to football in north London.

The 22-year-old joined the Gunners in the summer of 2011 as a teenager after spending much of his childhood at the Barcelona youth academy.

Bellerin has grown into one of the household names in football over the past couple of seasons and he owes much of that progress to what he has learned at Arsenal.

According to Bellerin, playing in England has not been similar at all to how things are in his homeland.

“Everything is much more professional in England, at an early age,” the right-back said

“I remember doing hydration tests, body fat tests, mobility tests, looking at the data after the games, during training sessions – everything.

“When I was at Barcelona it was all about the football. It was a completely different mentality. Also the league was way different in Spain. You play against the other teams in your region.

“For us that meant Catalonia and we only had a couple of games each season that were difficult for us. That was against Espanyol, the other top division team in the city.

“But here playing for Arsenal we used to play all around England against other Premier League teams. So the difference was really big in loads of senses.”

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