Bendtner: Nothing has changed without Adebayor you assumed Nicklas Bendtner will find a berth among Wenger’s first choices handily after Emmanuel Adebayor’s departure, then the man himself does not think it will be that easy.

The Dane is not expecting to step up as Adebayor’s like-for-like replacement without making an impression on Wenger again next season.

Bendtner who scored 15 goals last term – just one less than Adebayor – will not take his chances for granted and intends to maintain his hardworking ethics.

That is quite an attitude from a man who has just seen the back of a colleague he often had to share elbow room with.

“I don’t know really. It is still the same situation of having to fight for my place because there are still options out there for the manager.” He told Arsenal TV

And with the capability of other strikers among Wenger’s options and the possibility of a new addition, Bendtner admits having more work to do.

“But it is all up to me to work hard to earn my place”


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19 thoughts on “Bendtner: Nothing has changed without Adebayor

  1. I like bedntner to be his replacement but he have to face off the competition with eduardo cause hes a great striker too and still i would like one striker to come in !

  2. i dont mind bendtner as ades replacement but i would prefer huntelaar.. is it true that we have been lining up in a 4-3-3 formation? if so, how does it look?

  3. yeah we have been playing a 4-3-3.and we play a lot better that way.have watched all the pre sesion games.its just the defending thats letting us down big time.

  4. yeah whave been in the 4-3-3 formation and its actually turning out to be pretty good
    vs Hannover:



    Song-Cesc-Denilson (with cesc being the high point of the midfielde three, but they all rotate)

    Nick B- RVP- Arshavin (They also roam amongst themselves)

  5. Nothing has changed-except that Plan B now depends on that lumbering Danish lumox who’s first touch is actually worse than that of Adebayor!Back to full dependence on Plan A-Walking the ball into the net!!!Meanwhile I will cling to the forlorn HOPE that Hunterlaar will be signed…Hope!…Bob Hope!!

  6. I like his attitude and I love the 3 up top formation. look at what it did for Barca

    RVP, Arshavin, Nicky
    Nasri Vierra

    I’d be happy with that!

  7. Best formation:

    Van Persie Arshavin Eduardo
    Nasri Veloso
    Clichy Vermaelen Hangeland Sagna

  8. Seeing people putting Nasri in that defensive role, whats all your opinions on his repositioning? Anyone else think he’s wasted there?






    The substitutes could be



    SONG in for VIEIRA.

    Then the next much would see AW bring in

    The next match AW could offer DIABEY, VELA, GIBBS etc etc chances.
    Such balancing, depending on the day’s much could protect all the players from burnouts, and reduce injuries.

      1. Vieira is an arsenal legend.
        and i agree with you that he has no place in the current squad.
        no chance AW brings him back.

    1. I’d love to see Vieira back at Arsenal in some capacity in the future, but not as a player. His legs are gone and, as you said, has no place.

  10. the 4,3,3 worked well for the first half against hannover , in the second rvp became more and more isolated ( and frustrated ) nearly getting sent off before making way for eduardo .
    and because it works for barca in spain , does not mean it will work for us in england. the truth of the matter is most teams that come up against the arsenal play with 5 in midfield, this does not happen in spain. would barca really out number there midfield 5 to 3 week in week out ?? i truly doubt it, a decent plan b maybe not to be used every week for us !!

  11. come on pink boots, break out season and quiet all the naysayers. i know you got it in you!

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