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Today’s topic is: are your best and worst Arsenal moments of 2011?

The year of 2011 which began with Arsenal almost neck-and-neck with Manchester United in the title race will be ending with the Gunners begging to mingle with the red devils in the top four.

Such is the extent of the different circumstances which occurred during this calendar year at Arsenal Football Club. There were ‘highs’ like that night against Barcelona at the Emirates and ‘lows’ like losing to Birmingham in the Carling Cup final. ‘Highs’ like securing five signings on transfer deadline day and ‘lows’ like losing star players in the summer. ‘Highs’ like storming Stamford Bridge with a scarce win and of course, ‘lows’ like the 8-2 humbling at Old Trafford.

The Gunners are still picking up the pieces to their once turbulent season as we enter the new year. Yes, there is one more game to go this year (QPR clash on Saturday) but look back at the past 12 months and pick the moments (bad and good) which will be lingering in your memory.

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