Injury update on Kierran Gibbs Gibbs’ time on the sidelines will continue.

The Arsenal left-back has been sitting out of action since the 3-1 victory at West Ham a month ago when he limped off with a thigh injury and ahead of Saturday’s meeting with Fulham, Gibbs has been ruled out yet again.

The return of the English international would have been much welcomed after the terrible form of his deputy Andre Santos forced the Brazilian to be dropped to the bench for Thomas Vermaelen against Schalke 04 on Tuesday night.

Gibbs, who only turned 23 in September, has seen his Arsenal career blighted by constant injury problems season after season, but he has filled the gap at left-back solidly when available and that has earned him a call-up for England on a couple of occasions.

The former Wimbledon boy is still requiring more weeks to recover from his thigh problem, and with Arsenal short of options, Vermaelen is likely to continue being deployed at left-back.

Arsene Wenger could also welcome back his first-choice goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny, who has been back in training for two weeks now following a spell out with injury. But the Arsenal boss insists that a return of the Pole will not leave him in a dilemma over whether to drop Vito Mannone to the bench or not.

“We’ll see. I don’t look too much for coming problems. In my job you don’t miss problems.” Wenger said.

“You miss more solutions, that (goalkeeper selection) at the moment is not a big problem. Mannone had a good game, he had a good game in Manchester for me as well. It is good, very interesting. His confidence gets better in every game.”

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36 thoughts on “Injury update on Kierran Gibbs

  1. Believe me gooners Wenger is going to bench Vito and Jenkinson till they are out of form he is not good at rotating players… He did that to Chamakh, Arshavin and the rest I dont see why he is benching the Russian when he seemed to have found his form

    1. I do agree with you about Arshavin. If you look at the form of Podolski lately then why not use Arshavin it might put some pressure on Pod and also give him a little rest. Even though Arshavin does sometimes loose the ball he provite killer passes very often, something that should be good for a team that are struggling to score goals.
      I also question why on earth he has not been given change in the hole lately.
      What do you think about the subtitutions in the Shalke game or say lack of it?
      It was clear to everyone that Wilshire was totally wasted after 60 minutes so why did Wenger not sub. him with Cog? It was clear that we lost the midfield when Wilshire run out of gas.

      1. Arshavin is a clever player but lacks stamena, so the coach should be wise where and when to use him. He does well when he comes in on the second half against tired legs but don’t play him as awinger, he fits much better in the central mid-field as a sub for Cazorla. I believe he will be excellent in that position but only for 20 minites of the second half. Podolsky has strong shots but the position he plays now does not allow him to use his left foot, I would play him on the right wing.

  2. Rotation should keep the First Team Players on their toes. There should be a competition among them, nobody is automatic to be selected.

  3. There is no need 4 wenger 2 drop mannone 4 syzceny, he should let syzneny be on bench so d competition among dem will be intense and it will good 4 d club 2?

    1. Amen to that!! Keep Schzney on the bench where he belongs, he should learn how to kick the ball clear of the mid-line before competing for the first team. Keep Mannone permanently.

  4. I seriously hope he doesnt bench Vito, his been pretty solid inbetween the sticks. Agree with all the comments regarding Arshavin and rotation. WTF is wrong with Wenger????

  5. Dat’s Y i love The red face man..wenger certainly dnt knw how to use players..HOPE I WONT BE WRONG TO SAY WENGER IS THE ONE MAKING MOST OF OUR PLAYERS FLOP?.

    1. Kind of agree with you, a player will have one or two bad games and he benches them for the rest of their days at Arsenal. Playing the same players into the ground week in and week out.

    2. I agree with your statement that Wenger’s selection of players’ positions was awful lately. His polisy of keeping a player to one position forever is totally wrong. For example, Santos is excellent playing Left wing up front, his trickery and precise pass is much better than most players in the team; Vermalen plays much better on the left back position, he has good stamina to go forward to help the attack, Gibbs with all his speed he has not matured as a player, his passes and crosses getting worst. Arteta is out of place in holding mid field position, he has no speed or strength just awful.

      1. In a way I have to agree that lately both Wenger and Bould have been lacking something in tactics and player management. For example Steve Bould when he took charge in the champions league did not react to the games, to me he was just sticking to plans Wenger gave him pre match.

        It was clear to us all that Santos was struggling against Schalke at home, an estute man would have taken him off for Koscielny or Jenkinson at half time, or even tell Coqulen to stay back and cover the left side to help Santos out. Bould did neither, eventually costing us.

        The next league match verses Man Utd, nothing changed Santos was not taken out the firing line again he was awful. I dont blame the player any more as he has constantly proved that he is not a good defender, the manager took longer than anyone to see this.

        Fergie always has special plans v arsenal, (this time Rooney man marking Arteta), I really believed Wenger would throw a few surprises in the team, maybe even throw in a change in formation. But again Arsenal were flat and Wenger did nothing to change this from the bench.

        Wilshere a player who has not played for 14 months was asked to play more than he should have. Fergie saw that Cleverly made a foul when on a yellow and took him off, Wenger saw a foul by Wilshere and took off Ramsey. That was a mistake, as at the moment he took off Ramsey, he had just made two decent runs into the Man Utd half. It cost Wilshere to get a ban and us to play with 10 men.

        The latest in line of some bad decisions came against Schalke away, here it was clear the players were tiring and that if something didnt change they would get the equaliser. It took Wenger until 92 mins to make this change, not only tiring out all the players but allowing Schalke to control the match.

        Im not saying Wenger should go, but I just think that he needs another ideas man, because Bould does not seem to giving much different to his own thoughts, or he doesnt trust him.

  6. This is a good news am happy that Gibs and woJciech are back to training,I pray Gibs will be free from injury becouse we have crucial matches that we need to get some points.UP GUNNERS

    1. Pls Arsen winger sign mbwa from mutipiler to help gibbs, and fenado lourient to help olive G. Rember to play Ashavin for podosik when he is tired. Stop making changes when it is late manager.

    1. While Wenger’s patience on players’ poor performance is his quality, I belive he takes it too far to a point where the player loses his reputation and when that happen, no club would dare to buy that player, that is the case with most of our flap players, Wenger couldn’t get peanut for them and that will be the case for Ramsey, he had been game spoiler for so long at Arsenal, I would be surprised if there is any market for him, Wenger should sale him now, so both the team and the player benefit. Look at Park, Wenger snatched him from the hands of Lille and he didn’t even gave him chance to play, I still believe Park is an excellent attck player than Wenger made us believe, what a waste of talent but that is Wenger’s way. I say allow players to play or sale them.

  7. Arsenal formation against shalker 04 was great, our captain can play 3 pending when gibbs will be ok. Also the goalkeeper is trying and i know arsenal is not missing the polish keeper.

    1. Good observation, I agree with your comment that Wenger did make the right choce of team formation for that ghame, regardless of the outcome, I wish we kept our 2-0 lead to the finish. Wenger did an excellent choice with the players he had available. The only comment I might add was he could sub Cazorla a little earlier and he should have taken out Arteta at the half. Arteta was absent in the game, as a holding mid-fielder we expect a lot more, you could count the number of times he touched the ball. I know that is not his usual position but the team needs Diaby soon,.

  8. good news that the guys are back,vito should continue but santos should be dropped and made to play with the reserves for him to become sharp before coming into the squad. arshavin has shown quality and i was dissapointed with the way wenger made such late subs with no arshavin. true i think the manager has lost his touch of motivating and using players effectively, on top of that he is too predictable hence we suffered at norwich,man u and schalk at home.we are better than how we have been playing

    1. I disagree with your comment regarding Santos and here is why, Santos is one of the players in the team with excelent skills, he can dribble the ball well, he can shoot the ball where he wants it, I am afraid we can’t say the same for some of the players we have, and he finds the ball in the box area he is capable of scoring. On top of that Santos on of the players in the team who could cover different positions, just because we did not use him in the ideal position that does not make him a bad player. I think Santos is an exceptional player.

  9. The problem i observed with wenger is that if he has not used one playar till he becomes useless, he will never change him. The man is becoming stubborn year after year bcos of his past achievements. The board also, birds of the same feather.Finally, the manager has reached his peak. As simple as that.

  10. Its ok looking at individuals on the park and saying he is playing better than him etc but a good manager picks from the last game. But that hasnt been Wengers luxury this year like so many in the past seven !! he has had to pick from the training ground during the week !! as i mean who is available not injured !!
    If Wenger was God almighty he would have the answers, but he is only human..
    In reference to Santos he is never going to be good enough for Arsenal !! he has no positioning sense at all and always comes in to defend and ;leaves so much space out wide in doing so which he cant stop an old man with walking sticks from crossing !!
    Gibbs being out has killed the team fact everything comes down the left side as they know it is the weakest part of the team just watch the games and you will see this clearly gibbs and podolski work together one goes the other stays it great to see !! and makes us a threat !! on the right Sagna isnt at his best clearly needs more time but jenkinson has been amazing in Sagna’s absence !! I personally would play Jenkinson over Sagna and gibbs all day long on the left !! with walcott right wing at the moment until the ox is fit and then i would switch to a 4-1-3-2 and play giourd and walcott together upfront..with the ox on the right podolski on right with wilshere/Arteta or Arteta/Carzola. the two center backs well you have Mertersacker vermalean and konscielny. Goal keepers Scvzney and mannone to pick from me personally i prefer Scvzney as he is better at commanding his back line that is the one thing Mannone needs is presence !! bar that he is quality and getting better with every game !!!

    1. Well, I agree with you in picking Jenkinsen over Sagna, Jenkinsen has better passes and he help the offense much better than sagna; here is wher I disagree with your comment regarding Santos, Santos way better than most player we have in every catagory, he may not be very quick but he compensate that with skills and timing; Schzeney will be the last person I would pick as agolly, the guy is reckless, does dumb things time and time again and cost the team games; Arteta is awful in the holding mid-field position, he has no strength or speed, attacking players walk all over him, he is the weakest link at arsena right now.

  11. Arshavin to me is a hot or cold player never starts good but comes off the bench well…
    Theo use to be the same player an impact player and Wenger uses him correctly until this season where he has shown he can start just as good . Arshavin isnt a left sided player really he likes to go through the middle, so he isnt being played in his best position and it clearly shows !! He needs to be sold asap..
    Chamakh well what can i say started brilliantly but as soon as Gay Man Van come back he idnt have the belief and just failed … He needs to go no use keeping dead wood.
    Santos should never of come !! worse player ever i wasnt a lover of grimandi but this is far worse…
    Then you have a matter of how is holding in midfeild !! One player only Arteta all the time !! in football the game determines the amount of tightness in the middle of the park not your formation you start with as that is suicide.. Arsenal need two holding players one player maker not all play makers playing in the middle Arteta has been outstanding considering he was brought into to give experience and be the play maker !! as he was for Everton… Ok Diaby was the plan after wenger let Song go but wow what a massively bad decision that has turned out to be !!! why wait forever for a player when you could get another to do the job !! Beyond me !! but i really do not think it is Wenger its the board that has said we need the money !! if it wasnt then i am surprised !!
    Wenger is a man of his word Simple as that !! the board never speak truth and need to go !! we need money in this world of football and we have it there ready for us in Usmanov he said he would clear Arsenals bet still keep the values of the club he supports and loves bring through youth as normal but he will pay what it takes to be the best !! £400 million war chest !! for new players only,,,, FFP will never work as if iut does then chelski and UTD even City wouldnt be able to go the champions league as the balances stand at the end of every year as do Barcelona and Real Madrid !! and Ac milan Juventus and so on !! So you really believe that fifa will say ok you lots are out of it and reading sunderland and Arsenal champions league then team like real socidade and others in the champions league never in a month of sundays…. ask Usmanov on the board get David back and just watch us grow into what we should already be !!! the best in the world !!!

  12. Arsene really need 2 rotate diz players. They all are good except of course dat man 4rm Cyprus,nt Brazil who in my opinion had never been good with hjis job except 2 be in d news 4 all d wrong reasons. Sorry Bro,maybe u nid 2 try ur trade in some other league nt in d great premier league.

  13. I think the injuries to Diaby and Gibbs have hit Arsenal hard. Since they have been injured we have not been as good. Tomorrow is a massive game, Fulham are a hard team to play, and they are playing decent at the moment.

    What is worse for us is that Cazorla will be playing a meaningless friendly in Panama next week returning on Friday morning/lunch. This gives him no rest/training time before the North London Derby. A bit of a piss take.

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