Campbell ‘will play’ against Spurs Wenger has confirmed Sol Campbell is likely to be handed a start against Tottenham on Wednesday.

The 35-year-old sat out Arsenal’s last outing at Barcelona due to a fitness concern but he should be fit for tomorrow’s North London derby.

Wenger also confirmed Van Persie will be named in the squad to face Spurs during his press-conference on Tuesday while Campbell is now set to take on the hostility of White Hart Lane again.

“I can tell you he will play. He’s been good for us, he can handle it, I didn’t think he’d play as many games” Wenger said. Subscribe to feed


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18 thoughts on “Campbell ‘will play’ against Spurs

  1. Sol need no added motivation playing against his former club. I believe whatever hostility Sol might face at White Hart Lane, he will be up for it cos’ he has the character and experience to deal with it.

  2. Robin Van Persie, (clapping)
    Robin Van Persie, (clapping)
    Robin Van Persie, (clapping)
    Robin Van Persie, (clapping)…lol

    Welcome Back RVP!

    Eboue and Theo to start! No BS and let’s cut Spurscum deeper this time! RVP comes in with 20min remaining. I hope we can be in the drivers seat by halftime. We have to be careful, though. Let’s charge for the title!!!!

    Let’s go Bolton!!!!

  3. Hey Loft, Robin Van Persie, (clapping)3x..ha..ha..that’s very original of you. Looks like your posting is getting more and more interesting.

    1. Haha. Thanks, kidz. I guess I got carried away with RVP coming back the past couple of days! It’s confirmed today that he will be in for Spurscum game.

  4. i dont know…it still worries me that we dont have 3 of our main players…cesc,bill,arshavin,…spurs is gonna be one tough nut to crack..especially after their fa cup exit..
    ….by the way loft,really nice support for rvp,but it takes time for strikers to settle in,especially about 1-2 weeks…so i dont expect alot from rvp…but i DO EXPECT few guys to step up..NASRI,DIABY,WALCOTT,ROSICKY…if we dont win today,i dont see the title on the horizon…frankly,we have made too many mistakes and excuses,got to win today… IF ARSENAL ARE A TOP-CLUB THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO SHOW US THIS THAN WINNING THE NORTH-LONDON DERBY…ITS GOOD TO HEAR THAT SOL IS STARTING..UP THE GUNS

    1. Hearing RVP back even if on the bench is really good news! I’m excited about his return what can I say. I’m just happy to be hearing he is physically fit again! I don’t expect much from someone who has been out for the past 5 months. However, knowing his competitive ability he won’t be walking around whistling while looking up at the sky. He’ll def have some sort of contribution if he comes in. You never know, he’s been training his ass off!

  5. You are correct DKD by saying that one can’t expect too much from RVP since he has just return from injury.I hope that his presence will in itself lift the morale of the squad especially having lost Fabregas.

  6. Good to have RVP back. Give him a super sub spot at 60mins. I think Campbell will have some words of wisdom for the lads before the game. He’s been a good leader and has shown a lot of heart these last couple of games. If you look whenever we score he’s the first one there pumping up the crowd. Gotta love that!

    God I would love nothing more than a Chelsea tie and a Gunner Win today. We can do it…

    Up the Guns.

  7. you also have to figure in all the injuries and suspensions for the Spurs too.

    This is going to be like a cup final. I expect a chippy, rough game.


  8. dkd – i think youre right that this derby is going to be a tough one.

    whats the deal with song, is he going to miss?

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