Cesc backs Ramsey to be his deputy

By Randy Osae

Two gifted midfielders
Two gifted midfielders

They are two men with similar traits of clever vision and gentle composure when playing football. And the injured Cesc Fabregas is convinced 18-year-old teammate Aaron Ramsey has the capability to deputize him in his lengthy absence.

Ramsey’s on-pitch movement resembles that of Arsenal’s skipper, and the Welsh youngster has shown more than glimpses of that caliber when handed starts.

Fabregas has now heaped praise on Arsenal’s summer signing from Cardiff and acknowledged his performance against Plymouth recently.

“I thought Aaron did well in the last round of the [FA] cup against Plymouth. He is a very, very good player and I’m sure he will be getting more chances over the next few weeks because of my injury.

“He will get the opportunities and it’s up to him to make the most of them. He’s a very dedicated guy, you can see that in the way he trains and plays. He always gives his best, always gives 100 per cent, so I’m sure he will do really well because he really loves football.

Arsenal’s wounded captain also expressed hopes of seeing Ramsey maintain his key role in the club’s FA Cup tilt – especially in the next round at home club Cardiff City.

Cesc said, “I’m sure he was pleased with the draw for the fourth round, to go back to his old team Cardiff. It will be good to see that, he will be really up for it.

“I know all the players will be up for it too because the FA Cup is a big target for us this year, as it is every season. We would love to get to the final this season and play at Wembley.”

Ramsey can provide a more clinical and mobile structure from midfield – with his notable threat from free-kicks – and that, aided by some needed experience soon will undoubtedly take the Welshman to similar or even higher heights than his Spanish colleague.

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9 thoughts on “Cesc backs Ramsey to be his deputy

  1. Lol, Ramsey is hot prospect, but I dont think that he will become better then Fabregas, but hé, you’ll never know 😛

  2. lolol u did good mr. publisher until the last paragraph but as far as higher heights than the his spanish colleague LOL no no no cesc will only get better ramsey is still young but at the same time i have faith that he will become a truly great player COME ON MIGHT GUNNERS !!!!!!

  3. I for one don’t see anything out of place with the d last paragraph, its just the simple truth. Fabregas is not a God like many take him to be. He’s just an exceptional player like many others.

    Who is to say that ramsey will not grow up to become a better player. The kid is already playing great at a very young age and has just began his career. With his vision and technical abilities, the sky is his limit.

    Who would ever think that the likes of cr7, messi, kaka would become what they are today after we’ve had the ronaldo’s, ronaldinhos, zidane, et al.

    It always feels like the end of the world when a super star emerges but things change with time

  4. Randy, real arsenal fans know that cesc is not all that he is projected to be. When we argue with other fans, yeah we lift him to high heavens but in reality, a lil overrated.

    He recieved a lot of accolades because of his exceptional skills at a very young age, but he’s come of age and when compared to other great midfielders, he’s doesnt quite measure up, and that explains the reason why he is usually on the bench for spain, and also the reason why wenger is looking to buy arshavin to add more creativity to a midfield that has lacked creativity and let the arsenal fans down all season.

    That midfield has been led by fabregas all season long.

    And I’m not saying we dont need him, but he needs to work his socks off in training to repay the faith bestowed on him by wenger and the fans. Ade, rvp, gallas, and jens lehman were all criticised when they underperformed and same should go for cesc. I for one was not happy with him getting the armband when the likes of rvp, toure and clichy are available for selection. Still love the kid though

    Fabregas has failed to live up to expectation this season and deserves every bit of criticism. I tell you what, his absence will not be felt either, u watch.

  5. without cesc in the midfield we have no through balls to ade if u watch the matches he doesnt play in. The only other person that does this i would say is nasri but that was only for the chelsea goal. yes compared to last season he hasnt played as well but thats because he has not had the assurance of having flamini or gilberto behind him who he knows he can rely on. Instead he has diaby, denilson who arnt really defensive minded players so cesc tends to stay behind them sometimes.
    well thats how i feel it is.

  6. Jamesss, you just made my point when u said he has not replicated his form from last season and dont tell me its because of no flamini or gilberto as that would mean they’ve been doing the work we’ve been giving cesc credit for.

    Denilson has been working his butt off as has improved tremendously I must say.

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