Cesc to return in April + video of Alonso tackle

By Randy Osae

Captain on his knees in pain
Captain on his knees in pain

No wonder why there was such hefty anxiety in wait for the after-math of an injury that only saw Arsenal’s captain limp off in pain on Sunday.

It was much worse, so dreadful of an injury that Cesc Fabregas – if Wenger’s estimation is anything to go by – will be out for a colossal four months at most.

The challenge with fellow Spaniard Xabi Alonso that has resulted in this lengthy lay-off was fairly not the most vital of all. In a move to win back possession and force an Arsenal surge, a clash with his country-man caused a partial rupture of Fabregas’ medial knee ligament – a very horrendous wound to the knee.

Wenger’s words in disclosing the news during his pre-match press conference were with anguish over that split-second event but maintained his blind optimism as to Arsenal’s contention for success without the skipper.

“The news is not good because it is a partial rupture of the medial knee ligament which is taking three to four months injury time,” revealed Wenger at his pre-match press conference. “We count four, we know he will be working very hard to come back earlier but I count four months.

“How much [we will miss him] is difficult to say, the only thing we can say for sure is that we will miss him of course. We have to find a way to compensate for the fact he will not be on the pitch, and give everybody a bit more. I am sure we can deal with it. When he comes back he can help us to get over the line in the final months.

“The challenge [by Alonso] was fair and honest, I have no problem with it. It is exactly what I have said many times, it is the kind of thing you accept in the game that can happen. I don’t feel there was any intention to hurt, it was purely accidental.

“It is a blow [to lose him] of course, but we can show we have the strengths to deal with it. Of course it is a blow to lose Fabregas in the middle of the season – for four months – but it is a good opportunity to show we can deal with it and have the needed strengths.”

Below is a video of Alonso’s tackle that ended in this woeful injury blow.


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7 thoughts on “Cesc to return in April + video of Alonso tackle

  1. I know, this is some heavy news to carry….I just hope Ramsey can do well there or Diaby and Denilson can partner up.

    Both possibilities are not really solid options to strive for success if Wenger will only dig from his quad and neglect the buying theory.

  2. Ramsey will get some chances but he’ll not be the solution at the moment. I think Arsenal is going to play differently. Diaby will play in a more advanced midfield position, just behind RVP. Eboue will be back to the right wing, Nasri retains the left. SOng and Denilson to the center.

    Randy…Do you have any news regarding Theo?

  3. wenger says he’s gonna buy ashravin(striker).
    sum1 tell him to buy a CM who can play for cesc and afterwards alongside cesc.
    let bendtner go u a**hole.
    great theo,eduardo,rosicky and fabregas injured.Cannot be better than this.
    how are we gonna play in the uefa cup against as roma(they have beaten chelsea this season 3-1)
    i would be happy we arsenal finish in the top 4 this season.

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