Chamakh’s impression of Arsenal and message to gooners

While Marouane Chamakh was excelling in his final season at Girondins Bordeaux last season, the Morrocan had another eye on how Arsenal were faring in England.

And according to Chamakh, the Gunners’ 2009/10 campaign was derailed by tough luck.

“We finished third and got an automatic place in the Champions League. Unfortunately, we fell short in the Premier League to Chelsea. And there were ups and downs during the season.” Chamakh said

“I am a bit disappointed because we deserved better. But because of bad luck in injuries, we lost Gallas, Fabregas, Van Persie – some high profile players and that was damaging for the team.”

The 26-year-old insists Wenger’s men could have done even better had the old foe not stood in their way.

“The injuries were a result of bad luck and I think we could have done something better than third place if we had less injuries.” the Morrocan international said.

Chamakh was the catalyst of an adventurous Champions League run by Bordeaux last season and despite enhancing his reputation with his tally, the 6’2 striker feels the Premier League will be stage of improvement for him.

“I am not at the prime of my career. I believe I still have room for improvement. I have not yet acquired all the qualities to progress in another league.”

“I hope to improve in other fields of my game and we will see what it will give me.” Chamakh said.

So what is Arsenal’s No. 29’s message to all gooners for the 2010/11 season?

“My message to the Arsenal fans is that, I will give my best for the club – the club that I love and used to support. I will give all that I have to win us a trophy.” he said.

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17 thoughts on “Chamakh’s impression of Arsenal and message to gooners

  1. we need more players who want to be at Arsenal. Players who are stepping up from smaller teams to giant clubs like Arsenal. Not players stepping down from teams that have just won trophies and aren’t hungry for winning.

    I like his attitude. Let’s hope that he can back it up with 20 goals next season! ha

  2. Wegner looks tired as hell in that picture. Hopefully he’s up late getting signings!

  3. i like the way chamakh already says “we”, hes a true gooner and we need more like him 🙂

  4. some dude said tired as hell from being up late getting signings. :L more like tired of trying to keep the one person, who he’s been building this team around, from walking out the door. I honestly feel that there are only 3 players in the world who can replace him, Gourcuff, sneijder and possibly arteta . But wenger will most likely go for an unproven 22 year from the back end of nowhere…. Steven Defour springs to mind.

    1. Does ne one know how goes the rehab of Ramsey. He def has the potential to become as good as Cesc. Hope to see more of him in next campaign!!!

  5. I agree AW looks really tired. It could be a long season, coupled with the disappointment that Fab wants to go. So for some wild ass guesses – maybe if Barca can only afford 30 mil in cash there are player exchanges to work out. These could even be 3 ways ie player sold to another club to realize more cash or a different player exchange. That’ll keep you up all night. I don’t think we’ll get YaYa – he’s already said he’s not interested. I hope Fab doesn’t go but I think Arsene’s body language tells different. And the timing of Chamahk’s launch seems to indicate bad news ahead.

  6. ive got a very good feeling about him, and his attitude is spot on, i also noticed the way he was saying we about arsenal, it was touchin! he’s gonna give his all 4 this club, he’s got a lot of qualities and he’s going to succeed and i cant wait, ive read a lot of negative shit from arsenal fans slagging him off, he aint even kicked a ball and sum people are on his back, but i, along with a lot more have total faith in him and i cant wait 4 him 2 start bangin in the goals.

  7. Great news about Chamakh we needed a striker like him, shame all i can think about is Cesc allegedly leaving and his potential replacement.
    What about Wiltshire? Same age as Cesc when he started for us, and up there in terms of skill and dedication, Ramsey is also good but after seeing what happened to Eduardo after his injury i will wont be to hasty in predicting big things from him. Wiltshire’s passing ability is also incredible.

  8. Between them Ramsey and Wilshere are the heirs to Fabregas, but they will not be needed to step in for another three years. Fabregas is staying.

  9. Wenger looks tired because he’s jetlagged from his holiday! Ignore all of this Fabregas speculation.

  10. What the fuck is Wenger wearing? He looks like a pensioner about to head down to the shops to pick up some milk.

  11. Wow,

    Can’t wait for next season, we will have arshavin, walcott and chamakh all running at defenders now.
    Expect teams to play very deep against us and we have someone in chamakh who has top top class heading ability!
    now we just need to fill in a few more gaps and we will have a great season! even now, our team is top 3. we just need a slightly stronger backbone in the team and then the epl is ours!
    Ps fab is going nowhere. The media are up to their usual rubbish. Screw em

  12. i confirm that fabregas will not leave arsenal because arsenal playing unique football and such as van persie he always to stand with arsenal team eventhougt that are many rumour that Van Persie will move to another club…about gallas i think he demand a lot of salary…my opinion that true gunner never give up and the player that is campbell.Campbell do not care about salary to being cut off because he ages… but the important thing that she like football….

  13. Liking this guy already. Its nice to hear a player say those things about The Gunners. Im ready to accept Fab going…i think Fabs got too big for his boots – he always knew we would let him go to Barca one day but on our terms and after Arsenes faith in him put him where he is now. After all he could of gone somewhere else at 16 and wouldnt have 250 games behind him and the Captains arm band of our great club. I really hope we hold out and make both Cesc and Barca sweat it out. If Cesc stays for one more season i say take the captains arm band off him and give it to RVP and make TV vice captain.

    1. I absolutely agree! This is nail-on right!

      Indeed, RVP and TV are more of physical leaders than Cesc. They can actually scream at their teammates or clap them on while Cesc does his talking with his football (which is not bad) but is often too shy and relaxed.

      Even so, taking away the armband from Cesc next season does more harm than good.

  14. Robin Van Persie taking over the armband in the absence of Fabregas sounds interesting indeed.

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