City confirm capture as Wenger bids farewell to Adebayor

Emmanuel Adebayor is to become a Manchester City player this weekend and Arsene Wenger will join many who are willing to say goodbye to the Togolese.

City have confirmed on their official twitter page (read fourth post from top) that Adebayor is due to complete his move this afternoon while Mark Hughes also approved the news earlier today.

Arsene Wenger also affirmed that the lanky striker is very likely to become a blue in his post-match interview following the preseason encounter with Barnet.

He said: “Yes. He is up at Manchester City having a medical and we will see what comes out of it.

“If the medical is positive and he agrees personal terms then it could happen.

Arsenal’s boss went on to acknowledge the fact that the25-year-old will be missed, but maintained adamant that Adebayor is not a loss with the boosting returns of Rosicky and Eduardo.

“We’ll miss him, but of course we want to focus on the players that are with us at the moment.

“We want to wish him well and thank him for everything he has done for the club.

“I wish him well, I am sure he will give something special to Man City.

“On our side we have Tomas Rosicky back and Eduardo back on Monday in full training. We have lost a big striker but gained one offensive player and one striker.”

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6 thoughts on “City confirm capture as Wenger bids farewell to Adebayor

  1. I have reliable sources that states that the proceeds from Adebayor’ sale is Wenger’ to spend, BUT HE NOW SAYS HE WILL NOT SPEND IT AS HE HAS A BIG SQUAD.

    Surely this is now proof that it is Mr Professor that is wrecking Arsenal rather than the board. We need a strong experienced DM and a big CB like Hangaland. Our short defenders will be killed in the air this coming season once again. This time Wenger should take responsibility and stop blaming the board or lack of funds if he fails again. HE HAS BEEN WARNED. His impotence in the transfer market (which Fabregas must have noted) is mindboggling.

  2. Joe Gunner, dont be a muppet. The transfer window is not closed yet. Usually, Arsene and arsenal choose their words carefully when discussing new recruits to avoid being had easy in the transfer market. So, he would rather present a less desparate slant than a desparate one. If you have been following arsenal, this should be obvious to you. Do you remember his initial coments on AA? He publicly stated that he didnt think AA could make it in the EPL .. this while scheming to get the player, and eventually getting him

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