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    1. Carlos ancelloti…he has wanted to be the arsenal manafer for the longest time.hear wwhat i am saying.he wants to manage arsenal!!he is a serial winner.bags of experience.loved by his players for his modern and calm approach to coaching.has coached and won in all the top leagues incl the prem so he knws whats what over here!also did i mention that he wants to coach the gooners???.. Ok sme nay sayers will say that he is not doing too well at napoli at the moment..but thats cause the napoli owner is a dick! Kinda…go and get carlos in.please.hebis the only manager out there who wld cme in and have an instant positive impact.and torerra wld def stay and i suspect bth auba and laca wld want to stay also..and finally.he wants to manage the arse!!start a movemnt now and be the voice of reason and logic…

  1. guys i have question…ever heard of a guy who supports arsenal and chelsea both and is ok with all other clubs, except “manhole.”
    and when arsenal and chelsea play againts each other he supports the better team.for eg .in the last derby he supported arsenal for he felt that they played better.what would u regard him as…???

  2. A northern club, who play in the obscure Europa league, have not denied the report that their manager`s real name, is `the hon Carstairs-Curuthers. It seems his friend, our brave leader – one B£are and his accountant, Rattrap, decided to award/sell him a title. They faced a problem. They employed only persons of the north Country. So, they went for the complete makeover. He was made manager of – Absrdare – or something – Gordon Strachen was apointed his language coach assisted by Charlie Nicholas. To ensure that he would be totally unintellible to the rest of the world, he attended the renouned Scotspeak school and was coached to perfection by Kenny Dalgleish. Now able to join the vast army of foreign football managers, he took over an established young team and appointed a Brazilian to coach these lad. In just five short years of utter failure, a team emerged and he was knighted for his outstanding contribution for red-nosed unfortunates and to the chewing gum industry – at this skill he is entirely self taught.

  3. Such fuss over the simple matter of replacing some players who are resting for Christmas! For instance, AW wants a FB. OK – AW knows exactly the sort we need. He will just check a few details and problem solved. He`d want a FB for either l or r, an attacker or defender, fit now or later, English? injury prone? Sexual orientatation? aged internatio nal or prospect, wouldcome to us, would take wage cut(important); would cost very little(very important); hasn`t screwed a Gunner`s wife; loan or buy; is he French; has he played recently and why are they prepared to unload him? I accept that a striker might present slight additional information. Long-term or for now and to partner RvP or replace him. Thinking of McDonald/Radford and Smith/wright ,among others; it might help to know the pairing would work. Ford and Shackleton, two great individuals, played on alternative weeks. I won`t touch on MFs. – and leave himself to decide lf we need a DMF:AMF;MF/W; HoldingMF and l or r etc. Or he could simply sign Vertonghen and free three defeders to attack while providing the best defensive cover in Europe for some five positions beside DMF.

  4. M. AW may have much to answer for if he upsets me this month. Thierry, Robert and Patrick had helped him create a fresh image of their homeland for me, in recent years. I shared with most us, I believe, the mental picture of a Country that we either whacked or rescued for a thousand years, Crecy, Agincourt and Potiers, plus Canada and India for instance. My views changed with arrival of the aforementioned. If AW does not make the signings, so desperately needed, I fear I will think of that fair land only to recall, that they revere that great, all-time loser Napoleon.

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