Defensive midfielder to begin Arsenal trial on Monday


The time has now come for Atletico Nacional’s Sebastián Pérez to catch Arsenal’s eye and the Colombian will officially begin his trial with the club on August 5.

The midfielder was deemed as a scouting target for the Gunners earlier this month after participating with the Colombian youth side during this summer’s Under-20 FIFA World Cup in Turkey.

Atletico Nacional’s president Juan Carlos de la Cuesta has already admitted that Perez may seal a London move if he impresses the Gunners while his £5 million valuation is met.

And with unfamiliar names often Arsene Wenger’s preference in the transfer market, being smart enough to have a crack at the UK football betting odds over this potential deal could win you a fortune because to be fair, Perez may well follow Sanogo as Arsenal’s next discount deal for the future should he make the cut.

At 20 years old, Sebastián Pérez is more than qualified to be named in the first-team squad – even with work permit requirements involved – should he impress Arsenal officials after a senior member of the club confirmed that his assessment will begin this coming Monday.

The youngster broke into the Atlético Nacional first team only two years ago and was part of the side which conquered the Colombian league in his debut season.

Sebastián is recognized in his homeland as a box-to-box talent even though he usually favours shielding the back-four in a defensive midfield role.

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80 thoughts on “Defensive midfielder to begin Arsenal trial on Monday

  1. ha ha ha ha ha, Paulhino or some nobody!!! ha ha ha ha ha

    Mugged off by the board and the man you all trust 😀

  2. With no major signings,
    I guess, we have to be hopeful that this perez turns out to be a class act.

  3. Another player who if he becomes an Arsenal player will be consigned to the furthest hinterlands of the Arsenal System.
    He will join Myachi, Park, Vela and many more who’s names escape me that will not be given a chance to prove themselves in the first team and I don’t mean the Carling Cup.
    Arsenal have signed enough so called star players (Gervinho ha, ha) since 2005 to field several international teams and still not won anything.
    This younger players seemed to be bought, to be loaned out then sold at a modest profit 4 years or so later.
    This does nothing of course to our chances of winning something.
    Sign a brilliant left footed midfield player.

  4. I stopped going to the Emirates the summer Arsenal sold Fabregas. I have lost all respect for Wenger now, the man seems to be in a world of his own to the detriment of Arsenal football club

  5. Pls pls pls to me oooo AW didn’t ready to buy any player to squar he believs on his own phylosophy dat what these man wanted to prove for the fan.if care is not take arsenal will not win any medal this season any.l will beg the fan not allow this man to ruin these club for us let drove him and stan kroen away.

    1. Agreed wi th some people quotation, currently if Arsenal’s boss refuse to sign any first class player like that of RVP, CESC, FILLEINI of everton we will never win anything this coming summer.

      1. I didn’t agree with you at first. I personally thought that you should really have backed up why Wenger deserved respect for stringing us all along this whole window. Now you’ve thrown swearwords into the mix I agree with your point and it makes you seem really intelligent too. Definitely not devoid of a vocabulary!

      2. Wenger rights, stop living in the last, this prik dont have a scooby just read henrys biography! Champions league final! Dat prik didnt even analayze barcelona before the game! Joke wengerout

  6. Maybe the people making comments should be at school in English class rather than commenting here?

  7. Na madness na dey wenger brain.xo na small small pikin na he won give trial nd we need world class players nt pikin…….wenger ur head no correct

  8. Hmmmm, am tire of dis wenger idea buy a player if u want 2 buy stop fool people, u wl end up top six If u wenger don’t buy sharp striker dat d team nid

  9. lumpen wenger is jst playing on our minds, he is waiting 4 another 8goals and then he rushes to the market. f am not wrng i remember this fool posting one week bac that on friday benard the brazilian youngster was coming 4 trials.

  10. Should we be going after a trial players every year? lnstead of Wenger to buy an established players, that mean we have to be at a loss every season, before l use to be an admirer of Wenger because of the way we play flowing football, but it is time we the fan call Wenger’s bluff and boycott the Emirate for him. He has proved us right that he and his bunch board members headed by Stan are interested in profit making only n did not take cognizance of the players’ labour on the pitch. ENOUGH is ENOUGH Please.

  11. I think that the bottom line is this;- If the club’s top people had not come out and said what they did about having all this money to spend and how we could afford the likes of Rooney etc, then there would not be so many angry fans making these comments. The board have really brought this all on themselves. Nothing wrong with searching for bargains and we would of accepted that but they said they could afford just about anyone.

    1. they said they had money and could afford wages for the likes of Rooney – never did they say they were going to spend it….

      1. Don’t blame the board for making fund available. Blame dithering Wenger for being completely devoid of ideas. When will people realise he is destroying Arsenal.

  12. Wenger is playing on the fans’ intellegence by announcing of a trial of kids footballer to arrive the Emirate again, Wenger quit and give fresh hands with fresh idea to lead the team to a winning line, l observe that you have lost idea and focus because of your old age. Go, go, and go because wenger is an expired product to the team, most of us in Nigeria haa lost faith in you. With Wenger still at the helm of affairs, there is no doubt we would struggle for 6th position next season. A word is enough please

  13. perfect Mr stupid wenger,now all we need to sign iz ebouez cousin, your grandson and sme unemployed reject thn the title iz guesin the 70million waz a bounced check

  14. wenger! Wenger! Wenger!,why is it dat u dis france man hav been giving me nd my fellow gunnax fans B.P with all dis ur transfer saga’s any time dat we enter net?

  15. it seems to me that, wenger has lost his managerian IQ. His becoming too old for this job. Or may be someone is engineering him to bringing arsenal fc reputations down. Which ever one please and please on behalve of nigeria gunner’s fan, we need a wel-known striker, fellani. And we say kudos to him.

  16. Guys I understand ur grievances. But the earlier we realise that arsenal fc and their board are out there making their money the better for us. U guys have to zero ur minds on the issue of arsenal making world class signings or not, bcos their main objective is to make money. Does arsenal fc pay any of us, let alone the players? Arsenal fc is a money making club. So let us not kill the palm tree in the name of taping palm wine! Tanx guys.

  17. perez wil hv much 2 do but only if he can prove 2 d gunners fans and officials dat he can challenge 4 title race in d mid field.

  18. I think all arsenal fans are confused and stupid today it is noise of big name signing and tomorrow the noise of give ryo,zelalem,aneke chance in the first team not capital one pls tell me what do you want higuian or akpom,jovetic or eisfied ,cesar or scz,fellaini or coq,navas or ryo or gnabrym

  19. Like that its said, he is box to box but prefers the defensive side. We just had a culling so naturally we are going to replenish with some youth, lets hope we get a few future stars and this lad if bought… along with Sanogo will be two from said stars.
    In Wenger I Trust, Cos He knows Best

  20. @Ettebogu A.
    You cant bring age into it when all you have to do is look to Fergie and B Munichs awsome achievements/displays just last season. You know with age comes wisdom, especially with an intellegent man.

  21. Wenger i don;t understand you, we want quality players who will help Arsenal to wine trophy, not trials players

  22. We are Arsenal fans, we need trophies, we are tired,we don’t have good players, Wenger please help us.

  23. Funny indeed! Clubs like Man City n Chelsea are busy buying players they need but Arsenal is busy ‘trying’ players. We obviously need established striker, CDM and a CD. Dilly-dallying and (certainly later) panic-buying will do more harm than good(if any).
    Wenger is an idealist and is living in an ideal world. Please get real and realistic else, because of your inability to adapt, you will become extinct like the dinausaur

  24. Hello, Gazidis,all these low paid players will not take us to nowhere. Pls do something reasonable now.up gooners

  25. People do not seem to remember that Cesc,RVP,Nasri,Henry to name a few did not come to Arsenal as world class players Arsenal & Arsene made them into ones.Rember your history and how arsenal do things before clamerring for big name signings??????

  26. Your comments are. Worthy of praIse but we fail to understand the fact that it is not the matter of one man alone in decision taking in Arsenal. Our (the fans) focus should be “support” for the clubs project (youth development). Big names are not what matters but the rightful people to mount those positions. Other club sides are only striving to please not to build. For me I concur to their philosophy because football without focus on the youth would eventually become straw tomorrow. Gunners’ for life.

  27. The once great Arsenal football club is officially fucked. The t shirt I used 2 buy year on year is now worthless, not worth my hard earned money at least.

  28. Let Wenger go and sleep infact he should change his medication cos its more likely his brain is deluded. If he knows what people go through in the name of supporting Arsenal, he will drop that stupid ego and show some appreciation to the fans who have stood by him all the years. My guess is that this will be his last season at Arsenal should he fail to succeed…and by that i mean ‘win something’…

  29. The problem comes from the board. Asene has no blame here, if they really wants trophy and to be ranked among the Big Clubs all they need to do is take the transfers off wenger and bring in players they know that can make a big difference in Arsenal not all this toddlers Asene brings to the Club. It seems you have forgotten the white washing Man United gave you two Seasons Ago. There will be a Recap of that again.

  30. After the Emirate cup is gone, you stil give a negative stand with the priceless young players. Please Wenger sign player which are more trophy based. I will never like this word ECONOMY.

  31. You do all realise that we can give trials to young prospects and still chase other, bigger, transfer targets, right? Just because we’re looking at one player does not mean that we have given up on anyone else. More than 1 person works at the club, and each person can talk to more than 1 other person in a day.

    1. Free signings and trials seem to happen really quickly at Arsene f all but decent signings costing money drag on and on and on and on, much like Whingers whining.

  32. The way to force change at Arsenal is for a grass roots movement to campaign outside the Emirates stadium with megaphones & leaflets. Telling the Wenger lovers that we intend to take back our club. Telling fans to come to all home games, but to not enter the stadium. To join in the protest outside of the Emirates stadium until either Wenger goes, Wenger & the board goes, The board goes, they start buying players that WE want at the club, including English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish. The club is handed over to the fans, i.e. Barcelona, Real Madrid. All it would take is 5 home games of a stadium holding just away fans & we would get our way. The boycott would be headlining on the news around the world, in the papers, on the radio, on the net etc… I believe it will force our club to change for the better. Are you ready Arsenal soldiers for change & success is the question though?. The season has not started yet, but we are not winning anything with this RUBBISH team EVER!. I know it, you know it, the players know it, other teams & other fans know it. Chelsea are humiliating us. Soon so will Tottenham. We are the Newcastle of the south. Big stadium but no trophies. Be a soldier & start the boycott. Black scarf movement leaders?, where are you?. True gooners?, where are you?. Destroy this Jewish robbery of ordinary fans. RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!.

  33. that perez will taken by another team just like mata,lukaku,higuan,david villa,david silva,jovetic,jesus navas,and others but AW work is to sell better player,keep on loaning young talented players till sold and show other good clubs good players!!!

  34. Please Arsen nd Arsenal managment we need alread developed nd exprienced players to help us qualify for the champions league, Failain,williams nd Jurioul ciza ar among my list, this tim around we need a trophy its to much. Give liverpol 50 nd suarez he is a good striker. Nd finally this is a lesson tought to u nd the way you sold vp at only twenty something learn to hald on to….we dont to the crub to lose funs….

  35. Accually Arsenal need a deffensive midfelder. Beecause since Alex Song left we’re sufferng in that position.

  36. Wenger is a brilliant manager the best get rid ov stan kronk board money suckers sell the club to usmonov to compete this day and age u need a billionare owner behind ur club or forget winning anything

  37. Perez is for the future.why we urgently need defensive midfielder to shield the back four. Arsene Wenger should search deeply in order to get perfect player. He should not make panic buyings.

  38. Perez is for the future.while we urgently need defensive midfielder to shield the back four. Arsene Wenger should search deeply in order to get perfect player. He should not make panic buyings.

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