Did you know what the above images really had in common?

On both occasions Arsenal surrendered a seemingly unassailable lead. Yes.

On both occasions three points seemed well in the bag as early as by half-time. Yes.

But also, on both occasions Phil Dowd was the referee.

Yes, Phil was the man in charge during that 2-3 loss to Tottenham back in Novermber. He also was the man who chose to award Spurs that penalty (for Fabregas’ unwitting handball) which encouraged their comeback.

Review what he did today and decide whether there is a trend here.

Very rarely do I make any remarks over referee decisions in the aftermath of games because it is a waste of time to dwell on something so irreversible, and it also can be seen as simple excuses or just picking a scapegoat for a disappointing result, but today’s circumstances begged for a little perspective on how questionable some referees’ rulings can be.

All this talk will not prompt the FA to replay our fixture with Newcastle or hand Arsenal all three points for Saturday’s show, but when something happens twice in such sickening and suspicious fashion, you can only fume.

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