Fan: ‘Don’t let Coquelin become RVP or Nasri’

Every week, we manage to bring you some of the best post-match reactions from all sorts of Gooners courtesy of Arsenal Fan TV.

And this segment features an Arsenal fan who is becoming concerned over the situation of Francis Coquelin.

Following a break-through season in 2008, a young Mathieu Flamini snubbed a new Arsenal deal to join AC Milan for free while Samir Nasri and Robin van Persie notoriously said goodbye to the Gunners during the final year of their contract.

As it stands, time is running out on Coquelin’s current contract which will expire at the end of season, but there has been no news of the Frenchman extending his deal at the club just yet.

The Arsenal camp remains confident that Coquelin – who had been a bit-part player in the squad until recently – will put pen to paper on a new deal.

But the Gooner below is ordering that Wenger takes no chances…


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9 thoughts on “Fan: ‘Don’t let Coquelin become RVP or Nasri’

  1. Can have no complaints if he doesnt sign and leaves. He’s only been drafted in because of injuries, he never took his chance before – and he was given chances because Wenger got rid of Frimpong and opened the door for Coquelin but he never impressed when he played (8-2 at United anyone?), so if he decides to go, so be it. Arsenal HAVE to sign at least one World Class DM in the summer, so no assurances can be given to him if he leaves. We would be stupid to say we’d prefer Coquelin in midfield instead of Schnederlein or Khedira etc.,

    1. At Old Trafford he wasn’t bad at all. In fact he made tackles was energetic put in a shift. He was subbed and especially from then on we went downhill. There wasn’t any Arsenal player on the pitch who could be bothered going into challanges, it was Coquelin alone who showed character that day. So you say until the last three games he never impressed. Many people woul disagree with you including myself. But it is true there’s a good chance he won’t sign. But again, Khedira, Schneiderlin – the usual bandwagon

  2. It would be stupid not to keep him. That does not mean don’t sign another top DM, it means don’t waste a guy we have developed and need like we did Song. If anything can be taken from Wenger’s nonsense the last few years it is have more than ONE good player per position FFS. Remember Arshavin at CF? CB’s at fullback and FBs at CB?

    Wenger has lost any idea he had about developing young players, he never has rated Coq even when he was playing well for us as emergency LB and DM at 20. Wenger blundered into him again simply because of injuries, he never should have been loaned out this year to start with..instead we had Arteta and Flamini playing like shite. And WTF is Jenkinson doing at West Ham helping those fooks try to beat us out of the CL?

    Frimpog? The guy was never rated and was never even second division material.

    Blaming Coq for the 8-2 is utterly stupid. It was everyone playing like shit and insane Wenger tactics.

  3. me i have been consdsering him a great player but wenger has been keeping on loan ever as doing on campbell

  4. Every good player on the books is valuable to Arsenal. Le Coq is a very good player. Pay him the wage he deserves and keep him.

  5. Wenger should venture not make the mistake in letting Coquellin to leave the Emirate, the young lad has in stock a lion’s heart in dealing with stubborn attackers who comes across his part of play.

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